The post -90s mother gave birth to her daughter for only a month, but found that the advanced stomach of the gastric cancer was found.

Original title: Zhejiang’s post -90s second -child mother gave birth to her daughter for only a month, but found the advanced stages of gastric cancer!Be careful during pregnancy with this symptom

Xiao Jiang was a post -90s, and he gave birth to a second baby in May this year.From the perspective of outsiders, her children and daughters are dungeon, her husband is intimate, and she also has a stable job.

However, when the husband and wife were immersed in joy, the bad luck came.The recovery of Xiao Jiang’s pregnancy does not seem to be smooth. Some nausea and vomiting symptoms are more serious during pregnancy, the appetite is getting worse, the weight continues to decline, and people look pale.Not to mention breastfeeding, even daily life seems to be powerless.

After giving birth to a child for a month, the unreasonable husband took her to the hospital for examination. As a result, the thunderbolt was sunny: the gastroscopy reminded the gastric body of nearly 8cm ulcers, and the pathological report diagnosed gastric cancer.What is worse is that further examination found that Xiao Jiang’s abdominal cavity has obvious effusion and large ommelona film. The doctor distressedly told her that the tumor in her stomach was likely to spread and metastasized to the entire abdominal cavity.

In simple terms, Xiao Jiang is the advanced gastric cancer, and there is no chance of surgical resection. It is expected that the survival time is only about half a year.

When I was pregnant for seven or eight months, nausea and vomiting did not take it seriously.

Okay, why is it the advanced gastric cancer? Is there no sign of the original?

In retrospect, Xiao Jiang’s husband regretted it.In fact, when Xiao Jiang was checked in the first child, he found gastritis. At that time, the two were paying great attention to it.

In the second child, the two thought they had some experience and relaxed their vigilance.Husband said that as early as pregnancy, Xiao Jiang often vomited nausea, especially in the seventy -eight months, the symptoms were even more obvious.The two thought they were normal pregnancy reactions, for fear of affecting the fetus, and no examination and treatment.

After production, Xiao Jiang’s weight dropped more than 10 pounds. Eating would be faintly bloated. Both of the couple felt that it was normal after giving birth.

After learning that she was sick, Xiao Jiang was like a knife. Her biggest dream was a happy family. This ideal was so close, but now it is so out of reach.

Why is it at the advanced stage of gastric cancer?

In half a year of survival, Xiao Jiang couldn’t imagine that he could not see the two children grow up healthy and happy.At the suggestion of the local doctor, Xiao Jiang came to the Cancer Hospital of the University of China (Zhejiang Cancer Hospital) to find Professor Cheng Xiangdong’s team. The team’s deputy chief physician of Xu Zhiyuan visited Xiao Jiang.

Photo of Xu Zhiyuan Courtyard: Photo by Zhou Chenxi

"It is not uncommon for women to find gastric cancer during pregnancy or postpartum women," Xu Zhiyuan introduced that many women may have symptoms of nausea and vomiting in the early pregnancy.Most of the signs of gastric cancer will not pay attention to this, thinking that it is normal for pregnancy. "In addition, he is afraid of affecting the fetus or breastfeeding. A large number of patients have delayed the illness during pregnancy.

Professor Cheng Xiangdong talked: "Gastric cancer is a common tumor in my country. In recent years, the age of onset of illness has become younger. Especially prefers young women. One of the important features of young women’s gastric cancer are high degree of malignant. Betal carcinoma often has no typical symptoms, it is difficult to find in the early days, and it is easy to cause abdominal planting metastasis. "

Xu Zhiyuan arranged some special examinations for Xiao Jiang, including PET-CT and laparoscopic detection and inspection of the whole body, and conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the condition.The main indicator of the severity of gastric cancer’s abdominal planting is the PCI score. The full score is 39 points, and Xiao Jiang is about 15 points. Therefore, according to the situation of Xiao Jiang, Xu Zhiyuan decided to formulate the most active treatment plan for her.The abdominal cavity is chemotherapy, and then 3 cycles of systemic chemotherapy plus abdomen chemotherapy, and then according to the evaluation results, decide whether to do radical surgical treatment. Only in this way can she have the first -line vitality of long -term survival.

Professor Cheng Xiangdong said that the treatment of advanced gastric cancer is the difficulty of current treatment. The traditional method treatment effect is not ideal. Through comprehensive treatment, some patients have achieved better results.Essence

Photo of Cheng Cheng to Cheng: Photo by Zhou Chenxi

Step by step receiving treatment little by little

In the next two months, Xiao Jiang received treatment step by step, and the process was smooth.Usually you can take care of your children at home. The only difference is that you have to run in Hangzhou every three weeks, but because you can make an appointment in advance, you can complete the treatment and return home the next day.

After the three courses were over, early this month, Xiao Jiang’s family came to the hospital according to an appointment.The husband said: "Bring all the daily necessities for a while, and we have confidence in the early effect of Xiao Jiang’s early stage, and hope that we can do cure surgery in the next."

The results of the review are also optimistic, the abdominal effusion has completely disappeared, and gastric tumors have narrowed significantly.Xu Zhiyuan said that in the advanced abdominal microscopy, if the metastases of the abdominal cavity disappear, the "culprit" and "residual" of the tumor can be further removed.

On November 2, Xiao Jiang was pushed into the operating room.Because the abdominal metastases have completely disappeared, the tumor cells have not been found in the examination of the abdominal irrigation solution, and the tumor has been significantly reduced. Therefore, Xu Zhiyuan performed a cure gastric cancer resection for her.Essence

After surgery, Xiao Jiang immediately accepted the abdominal heat infusion chemotherapy twice.Early after the operation, it is the window period when gastric cancer cells are easy to plant again. For high -risk patients, it is usually recommended to immediately add abdominal heat perfusion chemotherapy to reduce the risk of abdominal recurrence. Generally, it is completed within one week after surgery.A week later, Xiao Jiang returned to discharge.

On November 21st, Xiao Jiang was arranged to be admitted to the hospital again, and the doctor arranged the postoperative postoperative auxiliary treatment plan.In this regard, Professor Zhong Haijun, Director of the Department of Internal Medicine of the hospital’s abdominal tumor, said that although he was undergoing treatment, Xiao Jiang’s situation still belongs to the high -risk group of recurrence in the abdominal cavity after surgery.She formulated an individualized treatment plan because the surgery was well recovered well, and she decided to start peritone chemotherapy plus the heat therapy of the external field 2-3 days after surgery.

At present, Xiao Jiang is still receiving subsequent consolidation treatment. The treatment of more than half a month has injected a sun in the sky of her haze.Perhaps the path of recovery will be very difficult, but the progress of modern medicine will bring her more and more hope.

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