The position of the baby’s "snoring" during pregnancy can probably judge the fetal position.

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The feeling of pregnancy is very wonderful. A small life in the stomach can be felt by the pregnant mother.Regardless of the fetal movement of the small test, or the "snoring" of swallowing amniotic fluid.

Yes, you read it right. The baby is also snoring. If the pregnant mother touches her hands, it will feel "elastic" regularly, and it will be calm in a few minutes. Don’t be too cute.

Snoring is known as "hiccup" in medicine. Medical science means that qi reverses from the stomach and the throat makes a short and rapid sound. It is a very normal physiological phenomenon.Essence

This phenomenon will also appear on the unborn fetus. When the pregnant woman is pregnant for about 28 weeks, the fetus will exercise the breathing ability of her lungs by swallowing amniotic fluid, and the alveoli will gradually grow in amniotic fluid.This is actually a development process. When the fetus is boring, this action will be done.

From a variety of perspectives, this is the same as adults when eating. In continuous swallowing, there will be a thick muscle film called "diaphragm muscle", which separates the fetal chest and abdominal cavity on both sides.

The diaphragm is the same as other organs in the human body. There are blood and nervous systems distributed on it. Once a snoring inducement occurs, the diaphragm will be transmitted to the brain.As the saying goes, snoring.

In medical perspective, although the fetus has not been born, snoring is like an adult, which is a normal phenomenon.As the previous question introduced, the fetus in pregnant women can continue to swallow the amniotic fluid in the body in order to breathe like an adult. This is a process of exercising breathing ability and lung development.

From this point of view, Bao Ma does not have to worry about the problem of hiccups in the fetus.This is just the baby’s breathing ability to improve the lungs. If there is a snoring phenomenon, just touch it with your hands a few times.

Rumor: Bao Ma’s two views about the hiccup of the fetus

1. Is the fetal snoring related to a full meal?

Some Baoma thinks that she eats too much, and the expansion of the stomach compresss the fetal space, causing the fetus to hypoxic, which causes snoring.

2. Do fetal snoring represent their own living habits unhealthy?

There are also some Baoma who thinks that the living habits in a certain aspect are unhealthy, so they are worried that the fetus will snore.

In fact, the fetal snoring has nothing to do with these two situations. Some mothers who are good at observing will find that occasionally the fetus will snoring in the middle of the night.If this phenomenon occurs shortly after the meal, it may be related to eating too much, but the meal in the middle of the night has been digested long ago.

Just as adults have to eat and sleep every day, snoring is a normal daily phenomenon for the fetus.This is a growth process of the fetus, so Baoma has no need to worry about it.

According to medical research, when pregnant women’s abdominal walls appear 3-5 times a day, each time is about 3-15 minutes each time, and a regular or regular jump of 15-30 times per minute indicates that the fetus is snoring.

Many Baoma will mistakenly attribute it to fetal movement, but the movement of the fetus is very regular. As long as the Baoma observe carefully, it will find that the mysteries are subtle.

Maybe many people can’t imagine that the hiccups of the fetus and the changes in fetal position are also related.If the pregnant woman feels the left and right lower abdomen of the abdominal wall, a regular beating appears, and the fetal position should be the head.

If the beating part is found suddenly, it is likely that the fetal position is abnormal. You need to correct the position under the guidance of the doctor. If the fetal position is declining a few days later, it means that the fetal position is normal and no need to go to the hospital.

Of course, it is not to be ignored. Different from person to person. Due to the physical differences between different pregnant women and the fetus, the abdominal wall beating of pregnant women is also different. It is impossible to fix the specific situation through specific descriptions.

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