The physical condition of "Meng Detective" is exposed. Seeing their condition clearly, it is not easy to know how much artists are.

In the entertainment industry, the physical health of the stars has increasingly attracted people’s attention. The popular variety show "Meng Discovery Case" also uses the opportunity of the script to cross to see the celebrities who participated in the recording.Essence

The adversarians have always been living in the show, thinking that there is no big problem in good health.Unexpectedly, under the diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine, each adorable detection has different degrees of health problems.

Although it is doing variety shows, the Chinese medicine invited by the program group is a traditional Chinese medicine medicine with the qualifications of medicine, so each diagnosis of Chinese medicine is based on the real physical condition of the stars.

Each schedule involved in the program recorded has the pulse of Chinese medicine. According to the pulse, Chinese medicine first told you the corresponding symptoms, and then wrote the specific symptoms on the paper, but the signature is not signed to let you admit that the leaders of the leading leads are respectively.Symptoms.

Because Yang Zi stood up with his eyes closed, he must have been diagnosed by Chinese medicine as "the cerebellum atrophy in advance". When Yang Zi claimed the list, he immediately found his own one.

The health problem of Yang Zi is far more than the atrophy of the cerebellum, but also calcium deficiency, vitamin D, and lung deficiency.When recording the program, Yang Zi attached great importance to the question of "cerebellar atrophy". He kept asking Chinese medicine to keep asking if there would be any problems. Traditional Chinese medicine had to promise Yang Zi to record the show in detail.

In the test of a single -footed stand stand, Yang Zi was overwhelmed by Yang Zi. After the Chinese medicine was pulled, he directly told Baby to suffer from serious sub -health. You must pay attention to do more exercise, balance work and rest time.

Knowing that I had severe sub -health, Baby’s big eyes stared even greater, and I didn’t seem to believe that my physical health had problems.

After many twists and turns, Huang Shengyi, who really belongs to his diagnosis, couldn’t believe that he was diagnosed with athletes, and he always refuted that he had no athletes.

Sun Honglei, who often made trouble on the show, was diagnosed with yin and yang dual deficiency. People with this symptoms have a slow response and moody.Seeing the accurate diagnosis of Chinese medicine, Sun Honglei himself praised himself.

On weekdays, Huang Zitao, who looks like a bloody gas and a very courageous, has been diagnosed with weak kidney qi, poor spleen and stomach metabolism, and often fart.After several adorable testimony, it was confirmed that Huang Zitao did let Song Yaxuan accompany him to the toilet.

Na Ying, who is full of qi, was diagnosed with qi and blood deficiency, manifested as irritability, insomnia and dreaming.As soon as Na Ying saw this diagnosis, he felt very consistent with herself. It was also highly consistent with her real physical health.

Sha Yi’s diagnosis was that the lack of guts caused the mental deficiency. The external manifestations were slow in action.Combined with Sha Yi’s guilty performance when lying, it can indeed be paired one by one.

Yang Di, who is thinner, is diagnosed with chest tightness and shortness of breath, stingy, and stingy. The specific external performance is to search for search.When seeing this diagnosis, Yang Di also said that he was very consistent with his symptoms.

Among the nine diagnosed artists, the best physical condition is Song Yaxuan, who is 17 -year -old.Because Song Yaxuan is just bloody and strong, there is no difference.

Although these nine celebrities cannot represent the status of the entire entertainment industry artists, the 9 star guests participating in the recording have problems with almost every guest health.In good health.

When artists are filming and recording programs, they often recording staying up late. In addition, if they are irregular, their health is easy to turn on the red light.

In the process of claiming the diagnostic form, Baby said that he often stayed up late, so the health problems that occurred after staying up late, BABY may have.

Huang Xiaoming lost 25 pounds a month for the role. In addition to losing weight through exercise, he also needs to die.In an interview, Huang Xiaoming did not advocate that everyone referred to his weight loss method, because Huang Xiaoming often felt palpitations and inexplicable panic after thinness.

Gao Yixiang, who suddenly died suddenly in the previous two years, was caused by continuous high -intensity work.Gao Yixiang often exercises his body. His body is still unable to accept continuous staying up late and high -intensity movements. It can be seen how important the regular rest is to maintain the normal operation of the human body.

Artists often work hard and work, because they are afraid that a little rest will be used by the latecomers, which ignores the physical health problem and causes frequent physical problems.This is actually a wrong concept of work. Even if you want to increase exposure and maintain popularity, you should not change your health.

It is not easy for each profession to succeed. The bright and beautiful artists in front of the camera can easily ignore the public’s difficulties behind them.The "Meng Ducting Case" revealed the real physical condition of the guests through the opportunity of recording the program. In addition to letting the public know the hardships of the artists, they also reminded the cute visitors in time.Also pay attention to your health.

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