The phenomenon of pregnancy of college students is frequent.

Before students go to college, many parents will strictly require students to prevent any factors that may affect the performance of students. For example, early love, but many parents ignore the reason that things must be reversed.

Many students go to college. Without the restraint of parents and teachers, they are like birds who have just come out. Some students secretly fall in love with their parents as soon as they go to college, and even conceive their children.

After the students enter college, they do not need to study and write all day. There are many free time to dominate, and most colleges and universities will not set up class teachers. Only counselors, usually not too many discipline students. Many things look at it.The students’ own thoughts.In addition to learning, students can also choose to participate in their favorite communities, go out to play with roommates or friends.

However, after college, the first idea of many students is to talk about campus in the field. Whether it is a TV series, movie or novels, the campus romance presented is very sweet, which makes many students yearn for.

Most parents understand the children’s thoughts. They often open their eyes and close their eyes for their children’s love. Some parents may mind that their children are in love during school.Parents are difficult to find by parents.

At the moment, students are relatively advanced. It is very common to be in trouble in the process of falling in love. This has led to more and more pregnant college students.

I believe that many netizens have read articles in the dormitory of college students. The girl originally thought that after the end of the final exam, she did not expect to suddenly occur during the review. The roommate hurriedly played 120 to help the students. The main thing was that the college student was no longer the first.There was a child at once.

Many netizens do n’t understand. If so, students are used to raise fetuses and have children. Why do you have time to study carefully? So why does this phenomenon appear?The senior sister said the reason.

The first point is that girls are relatively simple. Many girls are busy studying in high school. They do n’t have time to fall in love at all. Their experience in love is basically no. It is easy to be fascinated by love with love.

Some girls do n’t know how to refuse. When they encounter confession, they can only agree with their face, and even some girls will become love brains during love.Live.

The second point is that most girls are more emotional. I believe that people are very clear. When many girls think about problems, they will have feelings, and sometimes it is easy to be soft -hearted.

For example, the boys were caught by mistake, and appropriately served soft or apologized. Some girls would choose to forgive and believe they would correct their rhetoric.

The third point is vanity and comparison. Many students see their friends or roommates who find their favorite person, and they will naturally be envious of their hearts. Even some students may still give birth.Essence

Some girls are better to find a tool for looking for their faces, and usually buy things for themselves to meet and materialize their material needs.Of course, not all girls are for these reasons, but students still have to distinguish their priority.

When you go to school yourself, you are not in love. The focus is still on learning. Do not indulge in the words of boys, or have the ability to distinguish, otherwise it is likely to hurt.

The first point of influence must not be said, that is, affecting academic studies. Many students feel that they will not delay learning during pregnancy, but the actual situation is very clear that it will definitely affect.Students are likely to delay graduation.

The second point is whether to prepare for the establishment of a family. Many students may be hot or careless, but have you really prepared for the establishment of a family?College students are really sweet when they fall in love, mainly because there is no need to consider money.

However, forming a family is different. Basic life needs to make two people earn. If boys do not advance, the future life can be imagined, so it is still more cautious.

The third point is likely to affect their future employment. When many companies recruit, they do not like to find girls with families and children. I think there willWhat high salary work.

All in all, it is their own thing to fall in love during college, but it is better not to get pregnant, otherwise the impact may be greater.

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