The pharmacist takes you to understand the pharmaceutical manual

Author: Fang Yanyan, Department of Pharmacy, First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University

Chinese residents lack medical professional knowledge, which has caused frequent problems in drug use.Drugs instructions are important legal documents, providing important information for ensuring the health of the people’s lives and the correct and reasonable use of drug prevention and treatment.In order to help you understand the drug manual, the pharmacist will introduce how to follow the six steps.

There is only one main ingredient of a single medicine, such as the hydrochromic acid, the right Mishafen tablet contains only one ingredient (right Michafin); compound drugs usually consist of 2 or more drugs, such as compound hydroceroide, right Mishafin syrup syrup syrup syrup syrup syrup syrupContains the right mosphin and the more vitamin phenol gly glycerin, and the amino sensor tablet contains acetaminophen, pseudocetine, hydrocrosome, right mosphin, and macar acid chlorophenicamin.

Clarify the main ingredients in the drug, and can avoid the occurrence of adverse drug reactions when taking multiple drugs when taking multiple drugs.For example, the news often reports that a variety of cold medicines are taken at the same time that causes hyperthylinophenol to induce liver injury.

When choosing some over -the -counter drugs autonomously, you need to clear whether your symptoms are consistent with your symptoms and drug manuals.But the same symptoms may also be different diseases, such as cough, it may be caused by a cold, it may be caused by the drug, or it may be caused by heart failure. If the cause is not clearAsk your doctor or pharmacist.

Before using a drug, the first thing to confirm is whether this drug is taken oral or external.For oral drugs, some drugs are required to be taken before meals. Some drugs are required to be taken during or after meals. Some drugs are required to be taken in the morning. Some drugs are required to take it before going to bed. Some drugs are required to be three times a day.EssenceThe dosage should be calculated strictly according to age, weight, or body surface area.Different medication time, interval between medication, number of medication, medication methods, and dosage of medication depends on the characteristics of the drug. Taking medicines in strict accordance with the usage of the instructions can help the drug absorption and reduce the occurrence of adverse drug reactions.



Examples of drug types and varieties

Morning clothes

Morning service

Antidepressant: Flubuitine, Placetine.Anti -hypertension drugs: Pei Pully, ammonia ground.Diuretics: sarci, hydrochlorohia, scroke strain

Before meals

15-60 minutes before meal

Proton pump inhibitors: omeprazole, osoma.Smoothing and expectorant drugs: peach Jin Niang oil, eucalyptus ilis.Gastrointestinal dynamic pill: Dippelidone.


Take the medicine during the meal

A-gluticase inhibitors: Akapo candy, Fugliel candy.Assisting digestive: compound digestive enzyme.Gastrointestinal disorders and pain: peoltidium bromide

After meals

15-30 minutes after meals

Most drugs are irritating to gastric mucosa: iron sulfate, glucocorticoids, etc.

Empty stomach

1 hour before meal or 2 hours after meals

Treatment of osteoporosis drugs: sodium gal -acid.Anti -tuberculosis drugs: Lifu Ping, different smoke.Treatment of hepatitis B drug: Ensicavir


Take 15-30 minutes before going to bed

Anti -asthmatic medicine: Bingcatro, Meng Lu Ste sodium.Sleeping pills: Aiszolellen, winestrite.Anti -allergic drugs: chlorophenicamin, phenyllaming, Setolizine

"Disable" is absolutely not available; "avoid use" is to avoid use, unless the condition is urgently needed; "use" is to be used with caution, and it should be clearly explicitly beneficial to the disadvantages under the guidance of a doctor.Special groups such as children, elderly people, pregnant women, or breastfeeding women should pay more attention to the time when taking medicine.

Before using drugs, check its efficacy carefully, and you must not use expired drugs.

If the medicine indicates: the validity period until March 2022, it can be used on March 31, 2022;

If the drug indicates: the failure period until March 2022, it can be used on February 28, 2022;

If the drug indicates: the production date is March 2022, and the validity period is 1 year, it can be used on February 28, 2023;day

Some drugs have requirements for preservation conditions. They must be stored in accordance with the provisions of the instructions, otherwise it may cause the effectiveness of the drug to decrease or even fail.

(Add a form to indicate the specific meaning of different storage conditions, such as saving: refers to the storage of non -light containers; stored in the shade: refers to no more than 20 ° C, etc.)

Review expert: Director Wei Li, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University

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