The pelvis skew affects women’s fertility!Experts teach you 3 tricks "correct pelvic pelvis"

In order to make a good figure, you rejected milk tea, arranged fitness, and made a monster all the way, but he followed the "obesity" on the lower body.

Lying in front of the computer for a long time, not moving for a few hours

Put on 10cm high heels and take off instantly

Give up Erlang’s legs, and by the way, Ge You Lie

Always put the focus on a leg pose

… …

These "comfortable" postures are likely to crooked your pelvis unknowingly.

The pelvic skew not only affects the figure, but also has a fatal threat to women’s reproductive health."Life Times" invites experts to teach you to correct the crooked pelvis in daily life.

Interviewed expert

Huang Guozhi, Director of the Rehabilitation Medical Department of Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University

Wu Feng, deputy chief physician of the orthopedic department of the People’s Hospital of Liaoning Province

1. The length of the left and right feet is different when the feet are straight.

2. Unders the sole.

3. The height of the left and right shoulders is different.

4. The height of the left and right sides of the waist is different.

5. When hugging the knees, the center point of the knee is not in the center of the body.

6. When hugging his knees, the height of your knees is different.

7. When lying on your back, if your legs are relaxed, the angle of the toes is different.

8. When wearing pants or skirts, you always turn to one side.

9. Walking with friends, friends complained that you always squeeze her.

10. When your hands are raised up, the height of the tip of your fingers is different.

11. When sitting with a picker, the height of the knee is different.

If it meets more than 5 items, there is a pelvic skew problem.

The pelvis consists of the sacrum, the tail and the two hip bones, connects the lumbar spine upper, and connects the thigh (hip joint) to the bottom to support the torso and protect the organs in the pelvic cavity.

The most common troubles in pelvis are "skewed".This is mainly due to the angle of the pelvis caused by the imbalance of muscle strength, not the skeleton itself.

Pelvic leaning

The body is manifested as the chest and hips protruding.In fact, the abdominal muscle strength is very weak, and it may be uncomfortable when bending back.

Pelvic back

People with pelvic leaning back can make people feel very unrestrained, giving people humpback and hanging their buttocks, and it is prone to neck and shoulder soreness.

The height of the pelvis is different

It may be manifested as "long and short legs".

Pelvic rotation

When the pelvic rotating person stands, the whole person is in a state of "twisting" in a specific direction.

For women, pelvis is a bone production channel for fetal delivery.The pelvis is skewed, it seems not painful and itchy, but it will bring a lot of health hazards to the body.

Caused spinal bending

The pelvis is high and one low. After a long time, the legs with height of the pelvis look shorter.

When the pelvis is skewed, in order to balance the body, the spine will bend the side of the height, which will appear on the side curve, and the shoulders will become high and low.

Causes varicose veins

The pelvic side pouring will make the hip joint tighter, affecting the blood circulation, which will lead to varicose veins.Some people also feel numb because of the pressure of the nerve line.

Affect reproductive system

The crooked pelvis will cause pressure on the pelvis, leading to poor blood circulation in the pelvic cavity, causing disorders of reproductive systems, and causing problems such as dysfunction, dysmenorrhea, and lower abdomen pain in women.

Therefore, women should pay more attention to the health of the pelvis.Pay attention to 4 points in daily life:

Berki Erlang’s legs

The pelvis is tilted when the legs are legs, and the lumbar spine is unevenly stamped. The spine arched while leaning forward at the same time, which can easily lead to spine strain, deformation and lumbar disc herniation.

The heel does not exceed 5 cm

Wearing high -heeled shoes to move the center of gravity too much, causing pelvic leaning forward.If you must wear high heels, it is best not to exceed 5 cm.

Shoulder the shoulder bag changing the back

To prevent the bag from falling, the shoulders will be unconsciously upward when you are backpack.It is recommended that the shoulders on both sides alternate or cross the back. If the road is far away, it is best to have a backpack.

Mattress hard

Sleep on a soft mattress, the back of the waist is trapped in the bed, the trunk is curved, and the pelvis will encounter resistance in all directions.

For people with poor pelvic stability and loose muscle ligaments such as pregnant women, it is easy to cause pelvic damage.

first step

Sit correctly

The center of gravity of the body is placed on the scallion, ensuring that the waist is straight, the shoulders are relaxed, the legs are slightly separated, and the calves are vertically on the ground.

Step 2


Usually, you can roll back and forth on the side of the pelvic height with multiple foam shafts, thereby relaxing the tense muscles on the side.

third step

Three actions often


Keep your sitting position, your feet are opposite, hold your feet with ten fingers, stretch your spine when inhaling, and lean forward when exhaling.

Those who are skewed on the knees will be high and low. At this time, more attention needs to be placed on the tight side of the muscle.

Noodle style

Both feet are overlapped, and the heels are pasted on the opposite hip, so that the knee is as straight as a straight line. When inhaling, the hands are stretched forward, sank the body, and tighten the abdomen when exhaling.

For those who often stitch Erlang’s legs, this action may be difficult. You can keep the upper body vertical on the ground without need to lean forward and practice step by step.

Triangular standing posture

Divide the feet about two to two half -shoulders width, the right foot exterior, and the left foot tip.When inhaling, the arm is flat on both sides. When exhaling, the upper body moves to the right, down, and let the right hand touch the ground.

Editor in this issue: Luo Rong action demonstration: Xu Menglian

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