The peak of marriage registration is coming!Before receiving your certificate, don’t forget to have a free marriage check

In recent years, more and more wedding young people have chosen to get a sweet new life on Valentine’s Day, Qixi Festival, 5.20 and other special days.Right now, another peak period of marriage registration is coming.Xiaobu warmly reminds that before registering to get married, don’t forget to do a free pre -marital examination!

13 marriage checkpoints have been prepared

It is understood that in order to welcome this special wedding inspection day on February 14, 13 wedding checkpoints in 11 counties (cities, districts) in Wenzhou have been prepared for the relevant preparations, formulated a corresponding emergency plan, and sent people to work overtime.Speed up the service process to ensure that every new couple can complete the marriage inspection on the same day.

Most wedding inspection units will also carry out some special activities of Valentine’s Day, such as–

The wedding checkpoint in Lucheng District will give the newcomer the exquisite glass that means "lifetime" as a gift;

Longwan District wedding inspection unit launched the "Golden Pig Holding Home" raffle on the WeChat public platform;

The wedding checkpoint in Ouhai District will distribute some small gifts such as roses, chocolates.

While distributed small gifts, many wedding inspection units also said that they will conduct new wedding knowledge lectures on the same day, and issue some promotional materials for eugenics, such as "Reading of New Wedding and New Breeding Knowledge", etc., to increase related knowledge such as sexual health care, eugenics and education and other related knowledgeInfiltration and guidance.

Wenzhou wedding checkpoint address

Note: Bring ★ Wedding registration, marriage examination, and pre -pregnancy eugenics testing is the same address

Last year’s marriage examination disease was fatty liver

The marriage check is the first line of defense to prevent birth defects, and the marriage examination is not only for a healthy baby, but also for the other person.Xiaobu learned from the Wenzhou Maternal and Child Health Institute that in 2018, the city’s marriage inspection rate reached 92.80%, of which more than 10,000 people detected the disease, the detection rate of men was 29.11%, and the detection rate of women was 18.92%.Among them, the detection rate of internal medicine system has the top five types of diseases, accounting for more than 70 % of the detection of diseases.The top three of the disease were fatty liver, hepatitis B and anemia.

In addition, 760 of the newcomers who had a marriage inspection last year detected had kidney stones, including 514 prospective grooms and 246 prospective bride, which was mainly related to the reasons for physiological structure, eating habits, and sex hormones.The diagnosis is obesity, which is related to the increase in high protein in their daily diet and the increase in high salt intake.In this regard, the doctor reminded that in order to health, you must control your mouth, open your legs, learn to eat reasonably, eat more vegetables, avoid high -salt diets, and drink less.

Warm reminder

1. The marriage check must be carried by the original ID card of both parties

2. You can participate in the marriage inspection in advance to avoid tie the peak date

3. Do not drink the day before the marriage check. Do not take light food. Do not take drugs that are damaged to liver and kidney function.

4. Pay attention to rest the day before the marriage inspection, avoid strenuous exercise and emotional excitement, and ensure adequate sleep

5. The woman is preparing to be pregnant or already pregnant, do not check the radiology section such as thoracic threshold

Source: Wenzhou Published

Data: Municipal Maternal and Child Health Institute

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