The pain in the same room may be the "early signal" of gynecological diseases

A survey of survey showed that 42.9%of women will suffer from different degrees of "same room pain" in sex!It not only affects the relationship between husband and wife, but also life -threatening even in some cases. This is really not alarmist.

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After 95, the little girl Xiao Xu, after the same room with her boyfriend, suffered severe pain in her lower abdomen.When I went to the hospital for examination, I suspected that it was luteum rupture.At the B -ultrasound, the abdomen was bleeding in large quantities, and the blood pressure kept falling down. The doctor hurriedly surgery.As soon as the surgery was investigated, there was a "blood sea" in the abdomen.

Why do this?

Under normal circumstances, healthy women do not have pain in routine life, but many girls are obviously uncomfortable and hold on.

Dr. Xu needs to remind you of one thing: in addition to excluding the lack of popping skills (omitted 10,000 words here, please experience it by yourself), the pain in the same room may be a signal from some gynecological diseases.


Gynecological inflammation

Data show that up to 70%of the cause of the same room pain is various gynecological inflammation, which includes pelvic inflammatory diseases and inflammation of the inflammation of the genitalism.

Due to vulvar vaginitis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory diseases, etc., the reproductive tract and pelvic congestion edema, inflammatory cells are infiltrated, and the inflammation is aggravated in the same room, and severe pain is severe.


If the vulva skin is abnormal and abnormal, such as yellow, bean residue secretions, and smell of smell, the vulva and vaginal redness and tingling, the bloating of the lower abdomen, and the pain in the same room. These symptoms should consider gynecological inflammation.

Sexual intercourse pain caused by gynecological diseases usually has a severe degree and a longer duration. Each sexual intercourse will occur or worsen for a period of time.



Because the endometrium is planted in the pelvic cavity, it will form adhesion, local fibrosis, limited or fixed uterine activity, which destroys the normal physiological structure. It will cause serious pain when impacting and pulling to lesions in the same room.And even unbearable.

In addition, patients with internal disease may have severe dysmenorrhea, and 30-50%of patients will still be "infertile".


There is usually a history of endometriosis and uterine adenomia disease. You can choose drugs and surgical treatment to improve symptoms according to the condition.


Her estrogen level is low

After menopause or because of premature ovarian failure, estrogen in the body decreases, vaginal vaginal atrophy, vaginal secretions decrease, vaginal dryness, lack of secretions in the same room, causing the same room pain.


This situation can be improved using lubricants. If there is still no improvement, you need to go to the hospital for treatment.


Luteal rupture

After ovulation ovulation, the follicle wall collapsed, and under the action of hormones, it evolved into a cell group. When it was fresh, it was yellow, and it was called luteal.The luteal will continue to grow, reaching its peak 7-8 days after ovulation, there are also rich capillaries, and there will be some bleeding. If there are more bleeding, it will break spontaneously.

Therefore, if the popping is too intense, it will cause female luteum cysts to rupture and bleed, suddenly severe abdominal pain, sometimes it will be accompanied by nausea and vomiting, and then it may turn into sustainable faint pain.


First of all, you must be gentle when you are popping. If this happens, you must seek medical treatment in time to avoid causing a lot of bleeding in the abdominal cavity and endangering life safety.


Hydramal tumor

When the uterus is combined with diseases such as uterine fibroids, adenomiasis, and uterine adenomia, the swing after the increase in uterine in sexual life will cause pain, especially uterine adenomia, which will not only have obvious room pain in the same roomThere will also be severe dysmenorrhea.


Patients with mild symptoms, fertility requirements, and nearest menstrual periods can relieve symptoms through drug treatment. For those who have severe symptoms, non -fertility requirements or invalid drug treatment, surgery can be selected.

In addition, such as reproductive tract deformity, ectopic pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy), ovarian cyst twisting or rupture, pelvic venous congestion syndrome, etc., can cause sexual intercourse pain, so if your situation is serious, you must go to the hospital in timeExamine, symptomatic treatment.


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