The ovulation period and ovulation day, the two are clearly distinguished, and the chance of pregnancy will be greatly increased!

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The baby is the crystallization of love and the hope of the family. Many couples want to add a cute baby as soon as possible.When preparing for pregnancy, many people could not distinguish the ovulation period and ovulation day, and did not seize the best time when they were in the same room.If you can’t get pregnant for a long time, maybe you have not mastered the time, the ovulation day is not the best period.Do your homework for pregnancy, you can make you think about it as soon as possible.

The difference between ovulation and ovulation days

After the follicles in women are mature, egg cells will be discharged from the ovaries. This process is ovulation.The date of ovulation ovulation is usually about 14 days before the next menstrual period, and this day is called ovulation day.Five days before ovulation day, four days after the day, and on the day of ovulation, this stage is called the ovulation period.Women’s menstrual cycle can be divided into three stages: menstrual period, safety period and ovulation period.Husbands and wives are usually more likely to conceive in the same room during ovulation.

You can use the following methods to determine the first ovulation date first, and observe whether Bai brings to determine whether the ovulation date is approaching.When the amount of leucorrhea is large and a thin and transparent state, it is usually ovulate within 24 hours.But some people also have the possibility of ovulation in advance.Second, the ovulation day is determined by recording the method of basic body temperature.The basal body temperature before ovulation is about 36.5 ° C; the basal body temperature of the ovulation date will decrease, about 36 ° C; the basic body temperature will rise by about 0.5 ° C after ovulation, reaching about 37 ° C.By detecting the basic body temperature method, it is best to record the body temperature at the same time before getting up every morning.Basic body temperature will be affected by physical condition, sleep, disease, etc., and it is necessary to detect three cycles for continuous detection to find general rules.Third, using ovulation test strips to detect is the most convenient way.This method needs to be tested for many consecutive days. It is best to collect urine samples in the same time period to ensure the accuracy of the test results.It determines whether it is near ovulation by detecting the level of luteum hormone in urine.Fourth, female friends with irregular menstruation can monitor ovulation through B -ultrasound, and the results obtained are more accurate.Using B -ultrasound monitoring can not only measure the accurate ovulation day, but also measure the size of the follicles.But compared to the previous methods, it is more troublesome.

Learn to increase the chance of self -improvement

When many husbands and wives are preparing for pregnancy, they have not carefully studied how to increase the success rate of pregnancy, nor did they deliberately pay attention to when the two should be intimate.The eggs can survive in the fallopian tube for one to two days, and sperm can maintain the fertilization ability of two to three days. Therefore, during the ovulation period, if the husband and wife are close together, it is easier to conceive.

Whether you have to get a lot of factors for pregnancy, in addition to choosing the appropriate date of the same room, you should also pay attention to the appropriate time.According to research, between 5 o’clock and 11 pm, the physical condition of a person belongs to the peak period, and the secretion of hormones is more suitable, and the activity of sperm and eggs is also high, so this time is more suitable for conception.

Before preparing for pregnancy, it is best to do enough homework, quit smoking and alcohol, maintain sufficient sleep and joy, and strengthen nutrition. Both husband and wife must adjust their bodies to the best state in order to make a cute and smart and healthy baby.Prepare.The most likely day to conceive is not the day when the ovulation day, but the day before the ovulation day. The couple who prepare for pregnancy has mastered this tips.

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