The ovulation is normal but not pregnant. It turns out that this is the real reason

We all know that women will ovulation once a month, and we call the ovulation time of ovulation. The ten days before the first four and five days are called ovulation period. Generally, the ovulation period is in the same room.The rate of pregnancy will be greatly improved, so many girls will accurately find their own ovulation day and arrange the same room, but some women are ovulation normally, but they can’t be pregnant. What is going on?

1. There must be mature and normal sperm and eggs;

2. There are smooth reproductive roads;

3. There is a suitable childbirth environment, normal uterine cavity and normal endometrium, and changes in endometrium, which must be suitable for fertilized eggs;

4. There must be a suitable ejaculation timing.

Reason 1. Sperm is abnormal

If the woman’s eggs are healthy, but the man’s sperm is not vitality, or sperm death or spermatic disease.It will cause sperm and eggs to not be combined normally, causing the woman to ovulate but not pregnant.

Reason 2. There is a problem with the fallopian passage

Such as the woman’s fallopian tube blocking, kidney water, adhesion or fallopian tube malformation, peristalsis, etc.It will affect the normal combination of sperm and women’s eggs, hinder the normal passage of sperm, and affect direct conception, which will cause the woman to ovulate without pregnancy.

Reason three, uterine and cervical factors

Factors such as abnormal cervical development, chronic cervical inflammation, uterine dysplasia, and endometriosis can also lead to unhappy women.Once the above symptoms are found, it is best to go to the hospital for treatment in time.

Reason 4. Immune factors

It refers to the existence of anti -sperm antibodies in the female reproductive tract or serum, which causes sperm condensation, loss of vitality or death, which leads to infertility or infertility.In addition, some infertile women have antibody antibodies in serum, which can prevent sperm from penetrating into the egg and fertilize, and can also cause infertility.

Reason 5. Eggs are unhealthy

If the woman has a normal ovulation, she can discharge on time and the same room during ovulation, but the woman’s egg is not healthy enough, or the maturity is not enough, which will cause sperm and eggs to be unable to combine normally, which causes the woman to ovulate normally but cannot get pregnant.

The above is a few reasons for ovulation but inaccurate. I believe that everyone has understood it. If your ovulation is normal, but you are not pregnant, you must consider whether there are problems in these places.Treatment, so as to get pregnant as soon as possible.

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