The orchard pest of the "Men and Women" becomes a national treasure -level dish in France?This cow cannot be blown up

There is such a "cow" in the countryside, and its name is snail.

For most rural areas, this is a very common pest in rural areas.

Snails are very common in rural orchards, and snails are very annoying for many fruit farmers.After the rain is sunny, many snails of small and small are often emerged on various fruit trees.

Snails are omnivorous animals and eat everything.In the production of fruit, snails can endanger fruit trees such as apples, citrus, pear and grapes, eat the leaves and fruits of these fruit trees, and bring serious economic losses to the orchard.In most cases, fruit farmers have to spend financial resources and energy to deal with snails in the orchard.

But it is such a disgusting orchard pest. I don’t know when many people are said to be a "national treasure" luxury dish in France.

It is true that the French really like to eat snails. After cooking the snails and cooking, the French make it into French snails, onion fried snails, stewed snails, slippery egg snails … French snails have also passed on the world, and French foie grasFrench truffles are tied as France’s three major stream dishes.

Although my country has also cultivated a lot of snails that can be edible, snails are still not a popular dish in our country.

On the one hand is the orchard pest, and on the other hand, it is French national treasure dish, which sounds funny. Why can the common pests in the orchard become a national treasure -level dish for French people?

In fact, it is said that the orchard pests have become a French national treasure dish, which is a kind of "bragging" behavior.

The snail is not a cow, and this cow cannot be used to blow it.

Whether the snail is a national treasure or orchard, it is changed by person.The worm snail in the orchard is not comparable to the edible snails.

First of all, the snails eaten by the French are not the same snails in our orchard.

There are about 25,000 snails worldwide. They are divided into edible and non -edible snails. There are only dozens of snails that can be used for food and large -scale breeding.Essence

French snails are commonly used in French snails, garden snails and agate snails. They are about 40-50mm. The head is suitable and the meat is tender and soft.

French snail refers to a snail of a large snail. After artificial breeding, the meat is large and delicious, which can be used for consumption.

If you eat snails, you must eat artificial breeding, and wild snails cannot be eaten.

Of course, before being developed, the French snail is also a pest in an orchard, but it only becomes the current edible snail after gradually developing and breeding, which requires a process.

There are also snails that can be eaten in my country. "The Hometown of Chinese Snails" is Yuxin Town, Nanhu District, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang. There are a lot of snails there. Like the "Chinese white jade snail" selected in my country Essence

Chinese white jade snail is a variant of brown cloud agate snails. What is the brown cloud agate snail?It has another name called "African Snails", which are native to the area along the coast of East Africa to Balta and Benba Island.

Chinese white jade snail is a edible and commercially cultivated snail variety selected from brown cloud agate snails. It can grow to adult fists. The size is large and brittle.Elegant, its flesh characteristics are not suitable for the cooking method of French snails, but it is suitable for Chinese traditional dishes.

It is emphasized that artificially cultivated French snails and Chinese white jade snails can be edible snails, but non -artificial breeding or other non -food snails. Don’t eat it easily!

No matter what snail is, it was originally a pest, but after the human "induction", it changed its purpose, and some pests became luxurious ingredients.

Why can snails become luxury ingredients in France?

Mainly because of people!

In addition to the French snail meat, many people may not know that France has developed eggs produced after the breeding of French snails into a luxury dish.

Snail egg

During the reproduction period, because the snail belongs to her male and female, it can directly "push" it without considering the gender difference when encountering the same kind.

That’s right, both snails that mate can become pregnant.

Generally, after 10 days of conception, the snail can lay eggs, and the little snail can hatch out after 8 days.

Once mating, the birth of the two sides seems to be very efficient in the breeding of snails, but it is actually to make up for the fact that the snail is "too slow".

Snails are not only slow in action, but their mating process is also very long. The mating time of snails is generally 2-3 hours, and the longest can reach 6 hours. If it is not a male and female, it is a bit threatened to the survival of the race with this "efficiency" …Mowing

It is also because snails are not easy to lay eggs. The snail’s eggs are more luxurious. Its price has made many consumers discouraged.

Snail eggs can be used as low -key luxurious "caviar" like cattle seedlings.However, because the snail eggs are white, the French often call the snail as "white caviar" or "snail pearl".

However, it should be noted that "white fish sauce" is not a fresh snail egg, but a product that is mature after processing (fresh snail eggs cannot be eaten!).There are related reports that the one -kilogram of the edible French snail eggs is sold to 4,500 francs, which is equivalent to about 30,000 yuan/jin.

Whether it is the white jade Chinese snail or the French snail, there is no great reputation in my country.But there is another "snail" in my country.

This snail is called "Tianluo" exactly.

Why is snails a snail?

In fact, snails do not refer to a certain species alone, it is a broad vocabulary.In our country, most of the time, snails refer to all types of insects in the abdominal land.

But in Western languages, regardless of the aquatic or land, all types of insects in the abdominal feet seem to be called a snail.

Whether it is a aquatic field snail or a terrestrial snail, it is called "snail". It is strange to see the French people eating snails, but if you think about the Tianluo, you may not be surprised. They are all abdominal footage.The differences in insects are mainly land and aquatic.

Tian Luo has become a hot snack in my country, which is too hot than the Chinese white jade snail.

In fact, the method of stir -fried cooking can make the crispy and tender meat of Tian snails or Chinese white jade snails fully play.

In the cooking of snails, because the snail shells are more crispy than the field snail shell, the snail shell can be broken and removed. Take out the snail beef (can also pick the snail with the shell and pick it out).Add soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, ginger, pepper, perilla, and spiced powder.

The fried snail beef is more tender and pale than the traditional stir -fry meat.

In general, the domestic snails or white jade snails are more Chinese -style cooking, and the French snail has taken the high -end route of French food.

Regardless of the French snail frying, in China, the "snail beef" of the aquatic "snail beef has already occupied the dominant position in the catering. If it wants to get angry again, it is not so easy to get angry.

In the end, what do you think of the terrestrial snail?Do you think domestic snails can become a food like France?

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