The old ancestor reminds that it is reasonable to go to bed after getting the certificate.

Pre -marital sex must be taken to take a good measure, and it still makes sense to go to bed after receiving the certificate.Is there so many love in this world?It is too much to make a matter of the body alone, and there is no protection measures. The price is too great.Women must learn to protect themselves, because women are often harmed most.

Ms. Liu was 30 years old. A few months ago, she met a man on the Internet. At first sight, the two quickly established a love relationship.Not long ago, Ms. Liu found that she was pregnant and told the man that she knew that the man was married and asked her to kill her child.Today, Ms. Liu also had a dispute due to compensation due to the influence of the tubation on one side of the extra -centered pregnancy.

It is possible to fall in love, and the passion overnight is OK. These are all premise, and it must be under the premise of ensuring your safety.The most basic, the most important thing must be worn.Abortion advertising news is full of daylight, and sexual education is a big problem.The social environment cannot represent the family environment. Parents must educate their children positively, instill the concept of correctness, and educate children how to protect themselves in intimate relations.

Some women’s needs are only scammers that can be met.So for such a thing, I usually sit and watch and watch.This is a few things that can be determined:

1. Whether giving birth is the right to girls, so whether to kill the child is also a right of the girl itself.

2. This incident is just a moral level, and there is no illegal, so it is not necessary to talk about compensation.

3. Do not take measures when sexual behavior, and do not require measures to be wrong in itself.

Now there is a set of these men’s cheating. Some who have just been out of the school are held by the old fritters. They say that they do n’t investigate what they believe. It is easy to be deceived.What uncle is popular for a while, why do you want to find a girlfriend in his peers to find you this little white rabbit in his peers?

Women must protect themselves outside, especially women who have emotional demands for men often look at men with filters. Naturally, your distinguishing mind does not exist., I still recommend that women must make a profit in their relationship. A man who is willing to spend money for you may not love you, but a man who is not willing to spend money for you will not love you.If you have a lot of love debts in the past, you will also treat the scumbag as a treasure. Women with many love debts like to listen to men’s sweet words.The probability of this kind of man who is born with a cold and warm is a scumbag. The man who really lives is not good at these things.

First condemn the man, this is necessary, and it must be compensated for losses.Secondly, girls remind girls that they must polish their eyes and protect them.To tell the truth, no matter how much money is, the loss of your physical and mental loss cannot be returned.

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