The official announcement acknowledged pregnancy, and netizens were sad and happy: Is this the best news this year?

Congratulations, Jay Chou official Xuan Kun Ling Huai three babies!

Jaylen’s text: "I originally wanted to say that I was born again.

The fans got rid of joy and said with a smile: happier than getting a new album!IntersectionIntersection

The children are all in full, and they will usher in a tiger baby. The old Monday family is really happy.

Some netizens said: Actively respond to the three -child policy, followed with the advancement of Shengwa army, and Jaylen could not find the reason for the album.

Mobilization and ridicule, blessings in the comment area, but envy everyone …


Dream wedding …

Many people said that Kun Ling married the Galaxy before he married Zhou Tianwang.

Regarding the title of Tian Wang, Kun Ling said: I won’t pay special attention to this matter. At the beginning, there would be pressure, because I was still young at the time, but after all, he was my husband. Why should he open it with him?

Speaking of the emotional experience of the two, there is also no shortage of turns.

In 2010, Kun Ling, who was only 16 years old, came to work in a tide shop for life.Occasionally, Jay Chou remembered this migrant girl.

Soon after, Jay Chou picked Kun Ling among the many beautiful girls for the MV "How You" and made her the heroine of the MV.

Almost everyone said that she was Cinderella.

In the next three years, Jay Chou did not admit Kun Ling. The 18 -year -old Kun Ling also understood Jay Chou’s inverse scale. She was quietly accompanied by him. Except for care and care, Kun Ling did not do much.Smile.

In 2015, Jay Chou and Kun Ling held a century wedding.

Like the prince and princess who came in the dream ancient castle, satisfied all the fantasy of a girl’s sense of ritual …

Zhou Dong carefully compiled the marriage of marriage, which is simply the ceiling of a romantic suitor. The sense of atmosphere is full!

It’s like a dream, waking up is still very moved.

After marriage, the young couple was very loving. Jaylen had to bring his wife everywhere, accompany her to participate in the fashion show, and hit the word of the pet wife on the public screen.

Even social dynamics cannot have a sense of participation.

Later, the two had the eldest daughter Hathaway, and the second son, Romeo, made a good word.

Kun Ling once revealed that he had the willingness to have three babies: I think it is my personal idea, I think there are two babies, and I think they are quite moved to get along, and I think it is okay if I add another one.

The couple’s love is even better, there is no itch for seven years, only three children in eight years.

Lao Zhou’s gradually plump figure is the legendary happiness.

In addition to Ji (JI) Mu (DU) and blessings, I am also feeling that the new song is far away …


The male and female lead of romance drama.

Last night, I received the cherry -flavored dog food from Tang Yixin …

She said sugar on the show: I received a cherry tree.

Zhang Ruohuan knew that Tang Yixin liked to eat cherries, so he planted a tree!

The memo specially written down: Be her land, protect her, understand her, love her … What kind of fairy love is this?

Look at that cherry tree!

Cherry cherries that are irrigated with love are different.

The crystal clear fruits are probably so sweet.

In the interview, Li Yitong talked greatly: This bowl of dog food was supported!

Once she and Zhang Ruohuan and Tang Yixin attended the event.

But Zhang Ruohuan always stared at Tang Yixin alone.

Li Yitong received a crit at that time at the time!

The two often show love, and their love is almost overflowing the screen.

The love of Tang Yixin and Zhang Ruohuan seems to be a romance novel, and they have gained each other.

Two people who love to laugh and make trouble are together, and their lives are full of fun.

Zhang Ruohuan is a very emotional boyfriend,

As he said to Tang Yixin’s poems:

If it was not a movie theater on a rainy day full of hawthorn trees;

If it was not because the detective who returned home in the morning did not want to return to the arms of wine after dark;

If it wasn’t here, there was a gas station that made me on the road;

There is just a red light that stops you;

If it’s not my anxious barbaric, you are indifferent and stubborn,

I will not be like a follower in heavy rain,

Like a group of Mustang, anxious,

Let the wind fill the ears and let the rain wet the eyes,

But when I say I keep up with me, you can keep up with me.

Be careful,

Two people became a group.

Under the traffic lights, there are pet dogs together, and they travel to the north and south of the river together.

The young ignorance, the impulsive breakup did not let them go, but let the two hearts get closer and closer …

She became the weakest place in his heart, and only belonged to his laughter girl.

"You are the cutest", I said too much when I said, and after thinking, I still said that.

In 2019, Tang Yixin and Zhang Ruohuan married in Ireland.

Why must it be Irish?

Because Ireland is a country that only gets married and is not allowed to divorce.

At the wedding, the two laughed sweetly, and it was a happy thing to see that and the beloved who was a dependent.

The two -way love is really beautiful.

Each frame is the best look of you and me …


Remember some time ago, Ying Caier broke the news on the show: "Spring brother only play with dogs."

At that time, Chen Xiaochun filmed on the island. Many actresses on the island were wearing bikinis and running, but Chen Xiaochun didn’t watch at a glance and teased the dog aside.

The staff couldn’t help but say: Brother Chun is really great!

Chen Xiaochun and Ying Caier have also been happy for many years. This version of love sugar has exceeded the standard.

Chen Xiaochun’s pheasant brother is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Instead of saying that the pheasant has achieved Chen Xiaochun, it is better to say that the pheasant is himself.

The haze of childhood made Chen Xiaochun silent, his temper was poor, and he never expressed his inner feelings.

But after seeing Ying Caier, everything changed.

Chen Xiaochun once said: I saw her at first glance, and I was thinking, how could there be such a girl who loved it?Her smile was so shiny that the whole world brightened!

At that moment, Chen Xiaochun’s heart also illuminated. He put down the protective color of his bad temper and became a man who only loved Ying Caier.

Love can really heal a person!

After marriage, Chen Xiaochun was often "bullyed" by Ying Caier, who was eaten by her, and was firmly controlled by her.

But Chen Xiaochun was willing to get used to her, spoil her, be her hardest armor, and always protect this laughing girl.

Ying Caier often asked, do you love me?

Brother Chun said every time: Love, love very much!

So you see, love is really beautiful …

Remember the feeling of like a person?When I first saw the mood of the deer randomly.

I think of a word: 秋 我 我 我, get up and fiber.Delong flowers are thin, thin sweat and light clothes.Seeing the guests come, the socks are sloppy.He walked back, looking back at the door, but smelled Qingmei.

You are here, not early, not late, just the moment you happen …

It’s so long for a lifetime, to love the one who wants to love and do what you want to do.

It ’s good to get married and have children or be alone. If you are safe, your eyes are sunny.


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