The nipples are always itchy, be careful of these 10 reasons!

There will be many reasons that make your nipple itchy. In general, the problem is not serious, because the nipples are generally sensitive and prominent, so it may be stimulated due to friction, eczema, breastfeeding or pregnancy.

But in some cases, itchy nipples may be a sign of more serious diseases.In particular, if you have used non -prescription drugs by yourself, but itching does not disappear after a few weeks, then go to a doctor.

1. Dry weather

Cold and dry weather can cause severe itching of the entire body, including breasts and nipples.Pay attention to moisturizing.

2. Eczema

It may cause hard rash in the nipple and its surrounding parts, especially if you have eczema before.You can also use a thick moisturizing cream containing neuride, which helps skin healing.Local steroid creams such as hydrogenation can help eliminate swelling and itching.

3. Cleaning products

Your new soap, emulsion or laundry powder may cause itchy nipples.The chemicals in many clean products can cause rash, that is, contact dermatitis, and the symptoms are red plaques that appear itchy in the body.Replace it with low allergic, odorless, dye -free soap and detergent.

4. Clothing and friction

Your breasts and nipples may react with bras or dyes of bras or underwear, and contact dermatitis occurs, causing the skin area of the fabric to be red and itchy.If you wear new underwear recently, try to change back to see if itching disappears.

When you exercise or because the bra is too tight, the nipples are rubbed on the clothes, and the feeling is usually more painful than itching.Before the next exercise, you can apply some Vaselin to be stimulated and ensure that your bra’s size is appropriate.

5. Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, your nipples will itch.Because the breasts and nipples should be expanded at this time, prepare for breastfeeding babies, hormone changes and skin stretching cause itchy nipples.Apply cocoa, coconut oil or wool fat ointment can help you reduce itching.

6. breastfeeding

Breast milk residues, blocked milk pipes, and bite during feeding during feeding can cause itching or painful nipples.Keeping and drying the nipple area, use wool fat ointment and ice cushion pads to relieve discomfort.

7. Sneeper

If you are breastfeeding, and the nipples and surrounding areas are not only itchy, but also shiny or scales -shaped skin, and you feel severe pain during breastfeeding. Please go to a doctor.It was a goose sore, a signs of fungal infection.

8. Matters through menstruation

At this stage of life, your skin will be thinner, more dry, and more vulnerable to stimulation. This is to blame your hormones up and down and estrogen levels.As a result, the body secreted by the body is reduced, and the skin is more difficult to keep moisture.At this time, itching can almost occur in any part of the body, including vagina and nipples.You can also use mild cleaner to moisturize frequently and reduce hot water shower to relieve.

9. Peggi disease

This rare breast cancer starts with breast catheter and spreads to nipples and nearby areas.Its symptoms look like eczema: skin scabs, scales and itching.But it usually only affects one nipple, and you also see blood or yellow secretions.If it is not effective for eczema treatment, you may need to perform biopsy for tissue samples to determine whether there is Pigtit.

10. Natural tumor

Sometimes non -cancer tumors in breast ducts cause itching and scabs in the nipples.You may feel a small lump, or notice that the nipples have obvious or bloody secretions.At this time, it is best to go to a doctor for diagnosis.

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