The niece’s classmates, a 14 -year -old girl became pregnant

Two days ago, the niece told me that a 14 -year -old female classmate was pregnant. The object was the uncle of the other classmate in their class. She was 7 years older than her.The family is still very poor. It can be said that there is nothing to do. I don’t know what the female classmates see him.

After knowing this, the female classmate’s father was very angry and felt that the old face was lost, and she broke up with the boy, otherwise she would break her father -daughter relationship with her.

After the niece said, I asked: Do you have divorced your father’s father?

The niece widened his eyes: "How do you know?"

"If you have a mother by your mother, your female classmate will not have an unmarried first pregnancy. Now it will not only happen. The child’s father wants money and has no money.I can’t think of what else he can get?

In addition to drawing him, your female classmate can he draw him?

A person, if someone else treats her casually, she will do things that are not in line with age before they are unmarried, she should be a person who lacks love.

Most of the children who lack love live in divorced families.

You just said that her dad was so angry, but she didn’t mention her mother’s attitude. Presumably her mother should not be around?Even if it is, it is estimated that it is not a mother.

The most anxious thing about girls is often the mother."

After listening to my analysis, my niece looked at me with a look of worship.

I asked my niece: "You are the same as her situation, do you feel lacking in love?"

The niece answered without thinking: "No, although I have not felt motherly love since I was a child, and my father’s love was not much, I had grandparents, you, aunt, and uncle, and there were so many people who loved me.I feel very happy. "

I felt a sigh of relief inside and told her:

"You can think so, I am very pleased. Although you have not felt maternal love, and his father’s love is poor, but because of this, your grandparents, aunt and uncle, and me, they love you especially, and are teaching you.You are also attentive.

Looking at your brother again, although your parents love, we want to hurt him, but we can’t cross your parents, and because he has not been with us for many years, we also love it.

There is no shortage of love for his parents, but he has less love for us. Although your father’s love and mother love are missing, so many people love you.

Sometimes life is like this, it is impossible to do everything, and it is impossible to complete everything.

What we have to do is to put on our own mentality. Don’t be upset, disturbing or resentment, but to cherish and be grateful for what we have.

Looking at the problem with a healthy and optimistic attitude, we will feel happiness and happiness, and it is more likely to have a good life;

If everything goes into the horns, that person looks at it, and it is full of soreness. How can there be happiness at all?

Just like your female classmate, she has the current experience, although she has a lot to do with her native family, but her own mentality is the key to her choice.

There are more than her family who is divorced in your class. Why is there only such a thing that happened?"

I glanced at my niece and saw her seriously thinking about me, so I didn’t go down.

After a while, the niece said, "Aunt, I think you are right, and you really can’t see the problem like my female classmate, otherwise, it is self -destruction.

You said that she was pregnant in her teens. What should I do in my life?"

I smiled, "What can I do, I choose myself. Can anyone still live for her?

In the future, you have to pay attention. No matter what choices you have, you must prepare for the consequences."

After chatting with my niece, my heart was not calm for a long time.

When I think of themselves with them, they often complain about their parents’ quarrels for their busy life and three differences, complaining that they did not let themselves feel the warmth of the family.

Now think about how fortunately, even if the parents at that time, even if they quarreled, did not propose a divorce, giving our brothers and sisters a complete home.

At the same time, I was fortunate that I thought that the problem was a bit radical, but I didn’t do anything extraordinary.

Thinking about it this way, there was a little sympathy for the niece’s female classmates in her heart, hoping that her life would be a little more happy and less frustrated in the future.

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