The newlywed wife argued during the day and night, and the husband couldn’t bear it. Fortunately, the reason was found early.


My name is Liu Xiaoming. I am 28 years old and is an ordinary advertising company office worker.Half a year ago, my wife Zhang Ni and I married.

We are college classmates. After 8 years of acquaintance, we finally entered the marriage hall.Zhang Ni’s family is relatively rich. Parents run a five -star hotel in the provincial capital. They are well -known successful merchants in the local area.

My family is relatively ordinary, and my parents are small staff members, and I can raise me adults by saving diligence.Zhang Ni has always been loved by the family, and her personality is a bit willful, but she is gentle and considerate when I encounter me.

After we graduated, we worked in the city together and experienced the first secular training of life.During that time, each other depended more on each other, and the feelings became more firm under the baptism of life.

I always feel that I can meet a girl like Zhang Ni who has both family and knowledgeable, and I am so lucky.So after finding a stable job, I had the courage to propose to Zhang Ni, and got the sincerity of her parents.

We were busy in the days after marriage.I run around every day, while Zhang Ni is busy with the company.After get off work, we will eat and chat together and share the interesting things during the day.

On the weekend, he took the kitchen to the supermarket to purchase Zhang Ni’s house, and then showed his skills together. The cooking debut allowed the other party’s favorite food and snacks to bring a food feast.Such a leisurely and comfortable life makes me feel how warm marriage is.

I did not expect that the other side of life after marriage made me caught off guard.


Zhang Niping is gentle and generous in the next day, giving people a traditional good woman.But every night, she wants to try to satisfy her in different ways.

At the beginning, I thought it was a new wedding Yaner, and it didn’t matter if it was playing and playing.In the first two months we just got married, life was relatively normal. I thought it was just Zhang Ni’s current little interest, and it was easy to agree.

However, after the honeymoon period, this gameplay intensified every day, and Zhang Ni’s requests were becoming more and more outrageous, and I was gradually restless.She asked more rude and shameful movements and languages, and sometimes played on the balcony, making me sleepy.

I understand that people’s beds’ preferences are diverse, but Zhang Ni’s request is beyond my scope of acceptance. I worry that it will hurt my feelings like this.

Several times, I carefully raised Zhang Ni with Zhang Ni, hoping that we could find a more gentle way and enjoy the normal bed life.But Zhang Ni is always a victim’s posture, saying that I do not think that it does not hurt her, and asked me to accept all her requirements.

I’m really embarrassed, and I can’t bear to hurt her. I can only resist sometimes.In my heart, I became more and more alienated and helpless.

Where did we just go to such a sweet and warm relationship at the beginning? How did life become so bizarre and morbid? I love Zhang Ni deeply, but my current life is terrible.

I started to regret why I didn’t notice Zhang Ni’s side at first, whether we were too young, and not enough to know each other.What is the true meaning of marriage life? Can I not face it, is it destined to go on like this? All the problems come one after another and disrupt my heart.


I tried to communicate with Zhang Ni. She was silent for a long time, and finally nodded: "Also, we are still young, don’t worry about seeking achievement, you can explore slowly." I was relieved, holding my wife’s shoulder, and looking at her shameful face.

Later, I found that Zhang Ni’s bizarre demands did not stop, and sometimes even intensified.Once, she almost didn’t let me sleep all night. I was exhausted and couldn’t continue.

I was really worried, so I confessed to Zhang Ni that this has exceeded my ability. We must go to the hospital for examination to see if my problem is my problem.

At the beginning of Zhang Ni, Zhang Ni was a little resistant, but finally agreed to let me take her to the hospital.After a series of examinations, the doctor diagnosed Zhang Ni’s pituitary gland secretion disorders, causing hormones to be somewhat disordered.The doctor prescribed the medicine for treatment, and we finally relieved.

After a month of treatment, Zhang Ni’s needs gradually returned to normal.She started to be shy and often told me: "I didn’t know what happened at that time. It was always so strong. I was also troubled. Now I finally don’t have to be so excited, it’s really embarrassing!"

I held her hand and comforted her softly: "It’s over, we now understand the reason, this is just a minor illness, and it will be cured soon."

I finally understand that what we have encountered only a medical small problem.Fortunately, my patience and understanding made our feelings not hurt too much.

Zhang Ni was also pregnant quickly after the treatment, all of which made me feel so wonderful and incredible.

This story has become a small secret between us. From time to time, we will take it out to tease each other. Seeing her ashamed, I can’t laugh.

The end

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