The net red panda Menglan breeder derailed sleeping powder during the marriage.


The current fan culture is really incomprehensible. The breeder suspected to be a red panda Menglan can also be burst out of sleeping powder and let the other party get pregnant.It’s just that the parties who have made any response have made any response. The truth is not clear, and no evaluation is made first.

It is reported that the parties in the incident were suspected to be the breeder of the Internet celebrity panda Menglan, and was called "head hoop grandma" Zhang Yue by many netizens.The breeder was very detailed and took care of the giant panda. He also became a famous Internet celebrity through the popularity of the panda.

There are a lot of praise for this grandmother on the Internet, calling him the patron saint of the giant panda, and the best bridge between humans and pandas.But with the news of the netizen "Mei Show", the image of the "Internet Red Grandma" is different.

According to the description of "Mei Shi Meow", the "net red dad" has long been married and has children, but still flows outside.From the chat records of the woman, they learned that the two met in May and did not take a long time, and the two had a sexual relationship.

In the process, the woman knew that the other party had a family and repeatedly asked him if he thought about it.The suspected "Internet celebrity dad" gave a positive answer and urged the other party to come quickly.

The content of the two of them was very easy, and the "Internet celebrity dad" also ridiculed that they looked like a panda.He is also very intimate for how girls science from Hong Kong to Macau to the Mainland.

However, the development of the incident made the woman unexpected. After the two had a relationship, the "Internet Red Grand Dad" began to do not recognize the account.The woman asked him if he liked himself, and he said that spending time was too short.The meaning of words, I believe everyone is very clear, but it is physical relationship, but for the woman, she feels that she has been deceived.

A few months after the two were unhappy, the woman found her pregnancy, and she didn’t know what to do. She chose to let it go.She thought about finding a "net red daddy", but the other party was hidden.

With the voice of this female netizen, more netizens joined the news, saying that "Internet celebrity dad" was a habitual criminal. She sent a message to a panda fan in the middle of the night and invited her to see the training panda.

Not to mention, the "Internet celebrity dad" was also revealed that during his wife’s pregnancy, he went to Japan with fans, and took people into the interior when he went out to violate the rules.

Judging from the current information, the behavior of these two parties is very unyielding.One is a married person, and the other is aware of the three, and the unpleasant point is a moral and noble person, which is quite destroyed.

After the incident was exposed, the Weibo account of "Daddy Daddy" was canceled. As for whether he would come forward to respond, it is unknown.

Many people are a bit uncomfortable with this matter. I really do n’t understand what fans think. Why do they have such a large filter to panda breeders? Is it because of professional worship?

Does the girl chasing the stars now have no ability to distinguish it?When the Internet celebrated Ding really came out, there was news that Ding Zhen was sleeping fans, and fans took the initiative to post it.Not only will these villagers bring live gifts, send red envelopes, and buy agricultural products, but also rush to Litang to open a "offline meeting."

Such irrational behaviors have always been stored. Not only are the influencers, there are many entertainment circles.The star chase lost Li Zhi, so that some fans were deceived money, deceived, and called flexion in the end, but who can help them?

I have reminded countless times that the stars must be rational, and we must keep a distance from their idols or celebrities I like, so that the distance can produce beauty.Girls should not love their brains, don’t be coaxed, improve their ability to discern, and don’t wait until they suffer.

As for whether the "head hoop milk dad" has done such immoral things, I can only wait for the parties to explain themselves.

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