The National CDC released the 13th "World Hepatitis Day" publicity theme

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On July 10, the number of people’s medical insurance participants in the country, and the State Medical Insurance Administration issued the statistical bulletin of the national medical security industry in 2022.As of the end of 2022, the number of employees participating in the insured of employees was 362.43 million, an increase of 8.13 million over the previous year, an increase of 2.3%. Among them, 26.604 million working employees, an increase of 1.9%over the previous year.3.4%.

The State Drug Administration has approved 217 innovative medical device products on July 10. On July 10, the State Drug Administration held a report on innovative medical device to show the results of the reform of the innovation and development and review and approval system of my country’s medical device industry.The meeting pointed out that as of now, the State Drug Administration has approved 217 innovative medical device products, covering many high -end medical devices such as severe ion therapy system, proton therapy system, surgery robot, artificial blood vessels, etc. It was blank in related fields in my country.

The theme of the "World Hepatitis Day" this year is to adhere to early prevention of early prevention. On July 11, the General Department of the State CDC issued a notice on the theme publicity activities of the "World Hepatitis Day" in 2023.The notice pointed out that July 28th is the 13th "World Hepatitis Day". This year, my country’s publicity theme is "Persist in early prevention, strengthen testing and discover, and standardize antiviral treatment."

In July, 18 provincial and municipalities implemented the Eighth Batch of National People’s Daily Health Clients. According to the information of the Medical Insurance Bureau, as of July 11, 18 provinces (districts and cities) in Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Jiangxi, Henan, Tibet, Qinghai, etc.In July, the eighth batch of national organizational drug concentration and volume procurement was implemented.

Henan is strictly forbidden to count the surgery unrelated inspection items in the hospitalization expenses on July 11. The "Yu Health" of the Henan Medical Service Guidance Center "Yu Health" issued a notice to further promote the daily surgery work in Henan Province and reduce the burden on the cost of insured personnel.The notice pointed out that medical institutions should clarify the day surgical unit setting standards, medical personnel access conditions, surgical diseases and surgical indications, main risks, comprehensive evaluation of patients, general expenses, etc.Cost in hospitalization.

Xinjiang’s elderly friendly medical institutions reached 57 on July 11. The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Health and Health Commission determined that 35 medical institutions including Xinjiang Medical University First Affiliated Hospital and Urumqi Youai Hospital were the second batch of friendly medical institutions in Xinjiang.So far, Xinjiang has raised 57 old -age friendly medical institutions.According to the application score, the elderly friendly medical institutions are divided into three levels of A, B, and C, which is valid for 3 years.


Zhejiang University First Hospital completed the first domestic ROSA robotic spine surgery on July 11. According to the official official of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College, recently, the orthopedic department of the First Hospital of Zhejiang University launched the first spine surgery under the assistance of ROSA robotics, forA 58 -year -old lumbar detachment patient has stabilized the spine again.

The orthopedic team of the First Hospital of Zhejiang University used ROSA robots to perform spine fixed surgery for patients.Zhejiang University First Hospital Map

Huang Ruizhong served as Secretary of the Party Committee of the First Affiliated Hospital of Gannan Medical College. On July 11, the First Affiliated Hospital of the Gannan Medical College and the First Clinical Medical College held a meeting to announce the meeting.Secretary of the Party Committee of Hospital and Party Committee Secretary of the First Clinical Medical College.

Tencent Micro Insurance Union Ping An Health Insurance and other new products launched medical insurance on July 11. On July 11, Tencent Micro Insurance United Ping An Health Insurance and other insurance companies launched new tax medical insurance products.As of June this year, Tencent Micro Insurance has provided inclusive medical insurance services for more than 70 provinces and cities across the country, and health insurance categories represented by "micro -medical insurance" have provided health security services for more than 17 million users.

The new packaging and other matters of the Olin Biological Adsorption Wind Wind Vaccine was approved on July 11. On July 11, the Olin Biological Announcement received the "Notice of Application for the Application of Drug Supplement Application" approved by the State Drug Administration, and agreedBased on the form of packaging, "pre -irrigation" packaging and other matters are added.Adsorbing tetanus vaccine is used to prevent tetanus. The target of vaccination is mainly people with more trauma opportunities. Women in pregnancy during pregnancy can prevent maternal and newborn tetanus.

Calcium folic acid was approved by FDA to be listed on July 11 with calcium folic acid injection. The company announced that the company recently received the approval notice from the injection issued by the American Food and Drug Administration.Calcium folic acid is mainly used as a detoxifying agent for folic acid antagonists, which can prevent severe toxic effects caused by excessive treatment of methotrexate, and can also be used for the treatment of giant red blood cell anemia caused by folic acid deficiency.

The US FDA allows to increase the import of Qilu Pharmaceutical injection from China on July 11. Bloomberg News, the US regulatory agency allows imported a anticancer drug from China to obtain additional supply. The current drug is currently in the United States.A spokesman for the US Food and Drug Administration said the agency has approved the distribution application of ten batches of cisplatin products in Qilu Pharmaceutical.

An Tian Shengshi completed the 10 million level PREA+Rotation financing on July 11. Suzhou Antian Shengshi Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. completed the 10 million yuan PREA+round of financing. This round of financing was invested by Hechuang Investment SCA3 Industrial Fund.At the same time, the company announced that it would cooperate with the Care Center of Beijing Penguin House Ceremony with Patients with Wastene Washing Dislays to China to conduct cooperation to accelerate the development and clinical research of rare diseases.

Kangpeng Technology opened the IPO purchase and issuance price of 8.66 yuan. On July 11, Kangpeng Technology opened a purchase. The issuance price was 8.66 yuan/share, and the purchase limit was 17,500 shares.Exclusive sponsor.Kangpeng Technology is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of fine chemicals. The products are mainly new materials and medicine and pesticide chemicals.

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In June 2023, there was the hottest June July 10 since the record. The World Meteorological Organization issued a report saying that according to preliminary data, the world has just experienced the hottest week since the record.In addition, the hottest June has just been recorded in June just in the past. The temperature of the sea surface reached a new high, and the area of Antarctic sea ice was hit for a record low.

Air China responded to the "severe bumpy bumps during flight flights" on July 11. On July 11, China International Airlines officially stated that on July 10, Air China flight CA1524 (Shanghai-Beijing) encountered a clear sky bump during the flight.He was injured with a flight attendant.The flight is normal, and a special person has been arranged to accompany the injured passengers and flight attendants to the hospital for treatment.

The elderly abandoned twin baby girls on the streets. On July 11, according to the "Jialing Public Security", on July 10, the Jialing District Branch of the Nanchong Public Security Bureau received a public alarm and a baby was abandoned by the road.After investigation, Zhang Moucai put the baby on the road due to conflict with his son and daughter -in -law. At present, Zhang Moucai was detained by administration according to law for threatening others.Two baby girls are in good health.

1 meter 58 men practiced embroidery to 680,000 Changsha Wangcheng District. The guy Jiang Tongwan caused leg disability due to pediatric paralysis, and he was only 1.58 meters tall.If the legs are inconvenient, he uses his hand. In 2010, he was admitted to Xiangxiu specialty. He practiced embroidery for 13 years, and about 70 works were embroidered. Among them, the most expensive work sold 680,000 works.EssenceHe said that now he has supported himself by embroidery, and he will always persist in the future to inherit Hunan embroidery.

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The wife’s pregnancy let the Chinese medicine husband put the pulse on July 10, Jilin Changchun, the woman learned that she wanted to surprise her husband after she was pregnant, pretending that her husband was unwell to let her husband take the pulse.Her husband speculated that his wife was pregnant.Netizen: So happy.

After entering the regions of North China, Jiangnan and other regions, it is very easy to appear in heatstroke weather on July 11, which means that the hottest time of the year has arrived.During this year, high temperatures in the North China Plain and other plains will be reduced first, and some areas in the south will maintain a large -scale high -temperature and sultry weather pattern, and sauna is long standby.During this year, the areas that are more likely to heat up of heat stroke are mainly concentrated in the North China Plain area, Jiangnan South China, and Xinjiang.

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When Sanfu Tian is a good time to lose weight, the human body yang is the most prosperous and the fastest metabolism, coupled with the weather of the weather, people’s appetite decreases, and the diet is irregular. To a certain extent, it may bring weight loss.The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital introduced in the Health Number of the People’s Daily that Sanfu Tian can eat more bitter foods, as well as foods that clear heat and heat and relieve spleen, such as mung bean soup, lotus leaf, lotus seeds, barley kernels, etc.

Eating wild bacteria first pay attention to the shape and smell of the year, and the season of eating wild bacteria for a while. Yunnan Provincial Yi Medical Hospital issued a document in the Health Number of the People’s Daily reminded that before eating wild bacteria, the shape must be observed first.The bacteria are bright, and the bacteria umbrella is mostly red -purple, yellow, or mixed color spots.The fungus wearing a hat (lid), waist -like skirts (fungus rings), and feet (fungus support) are poisonous.Smelling the smell, poisonous bacteria often have spicy, bad odor and bitter smell. Edible bacteria have the inherent aroma of bacteria and no odor.

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