The must -have knowledge of prospective dad, teach you how to budget his wife’s due date

Hey in January, guy, you have to be a dad

Wife’s change: In strict sense, at this time, it is only during the conception. Your wife may be busy calculating the ovulation period and waiting for the baby.

Growth of the baby: The baby has not even had a shadow. When the sperm and the egg met the fertilized eggs, after continuous cell division, it turned into a spherical cell group (bubble) and tied the camp in the uterus (bed).


In order to draw the final conclusion of "whether to conceive", it also needs to rely on modern medicine for more accurate testing.

Generally speaking, your wife will first discover some changes in yourself, and then cause suspicion of getting pregnant.If you are careful enough, you may notice some changes in her.Want to take advantage of your detective fantasies?You can find the following clues.

Men without menstruation.It is not easy to detect such details. If your wife accidentally says that the menstrual period is delayed, you must pay special attention.

Lack of appetite.You may find that your wife eats rarely for each meal. Even if the food she has loved in the past, I can’t mention any interest. Don’t simply think she wants to lose weight.

feel sick and vomit.Regarding this, it is easy to detect that nausea and vomiting are experiences that most pregnant women will have, and may happen at any time of the day.

What do pregnant mothers think

Although men contribute half of the contribution during conception, you only have 10%of your speech on whether you are conceived.

"Listening to the friends around me said that pregnancy is a prelude to" Yellow Face Po ". Coupled with childbirth, she is really worried and I don’t want to have a baby so soon."

"Thinking of the small seeds of life slowly rooting in the abdomen, I am really happy. I want to enjoy the joy with my husband as soon as possible."

In the physiological class of the student days, the teacher spit on the ins and outs of fertilization. You flushed with a blushing face, hanging your head shyly, dare not look directly at the teacher, dare not look directly at your friends, and even dare to look directly at the blackboard.If you have no peace of mind, you want to understand how the pregnancy process starts. You have to re -understand the two "protagonists" -sperm and eggs.

From a teenager, your testicles will be a part called sperm tube inside the scrotum every month to create about 12 billion sperm. Subsequently, these sperm will enter the epididymis at the top of the testicles.When the penis is erected and the signal of "preparing ejaculation" is given, the sperm is extracted from the epididymis and mixed with semen (so that they can go further), and every time you ejaculateAbout 300 million sperm "sprayed out".

When each girl was born, there were as many as 450,000 eggs in the ovaries. As the girl grew up day by day, the number of eggs was steadily decreasing. When the girl reached the age of childbirth (your wife is now in the current stage), the girl is now (your wife is currently),, your wife is now in the current stage).There are only about 4,000 remaining eggs.Each month (usually in the middle of each menstrual cycle), 1 to 3 eggs are mature in the ovaries, and the most richer and perfect one will soon be sucked into the fallopian tube.

Usually, the eggs can survive for 12 to 24 hours after excretion. If the sperm is lucky enough, it can successfully "meet the teacher" with the egg during this time, then you and your wife will successfully "make people".


The frequency of sexual life is too high, which will lead to decreased semen and decrease in sperm density, which will significantly decrease sperm activity and survival rate.Normal sexual life should be 2 to 4 times a week, and it should be carried out in the case of a happy mood.

It should not be used to pregnancy during contraceptives

Ideally, after stopping taking oral contraceptives, at least once a normal physiological cycle is trying to get pregnant.- "Heidi Pregnancy Encyclopedia"

Whether your wife uses topical contraceptives or oral contraceptives, once concerted during use, it will adversely affect the fertilized eggs.The probability of congenital malformations increased after the failure of contraceptives, and the maturity, weight, growth and development speed of birth at birth, etc. are also different from babies born in normal conception.

It is not advisable to conceive immediately after discontinuation of contraceptives.Contraceptives have the effect of inhibiting ovulation and interfere with endometrial growth and development.If your wife takes a long -term oral contraceptive, it is best to consider the baby after half a year.


Before the diagnosis, you should treat your wife as a pregnant woman, and constantly remind her to be careful in her life.

In the early stages of pregnancy, because the signs of physical signs are not very obvious, some women often neglect their careers to cause miscarriage.In fact, in the early stages of pregnancy, there will be some subtle reactions in the body. As long as you know this with her, you can avoid adverse consequences.At the same time, it is necessary to learn more about pregnancy testing.

Basic body temperature

After women’s pregnancy, the luteal production is elevated, which stimulates the temperature center of the body, making the basal body temperature of about 0.5 ° C.If you get up in the morning to feel that your wife’s temperature is relatively high, and it lasts for more than 21 days, and there is no other abnormal response, and menstruation is not tide, then you can let your wife test whether you are pregnant.

Early pregnancy test strip and pregnancy test stick

When your wife noticed the change of the body, she would first detect whether to get pregnant by self -testing at home.If your wife takes you in front of you (now, some pregnancy test sticks will even directly display the word "positive"), then, she is likely to be pregnant with her babyEssenceOf course, you also need to take your wife to the hospital for further examination to determine the results.

Urine test

Going to the hospital for urine tests is a professional test that professional test doctors often do.This method is performed 7 to 10 days after fertilization, and the accuracy rate is almost 100 %.

Blood test method

A more mature blood test 1 week after pregnancy, you can test whether your wife is pregnant 100%. According to the content of HCG in the blood, it can even help you calculate the exact date of pregnancy. Many doctors will refer to urine tests and blood tests.Two results to confirm the diagnosis.

B ultrasound

B -ultrasound is the most accurate and reliable method.At the earliest 5 weeks of pregnancy, that is, when the monthly period was 1 week, through the B -ultrasound detection, there was a circular aura in the uterus on the display screen, also known as the pregnancy ring.You can also see the rhythmic fetal heart beating.


Once your wife is pregnant, your next question must be "when will my baby be born?"When is the baby’s due date, this problem is simple, and it can be calculated through the following methods.

The last menstrual computing algorithm

The expected date of birth of the baby is calculated from the first day of the last menstruation, for a total of 280 days (40 weeks).Whether this date is accurate depends on whether your wife’s menstrual cycle complies with the law of 28 days and one cycle.If the menstrual cycle is short or longer, her childbirth date may be pushed in advance or pushing back.

Under normal circumstances, most baby babies are born before or after the due date.

Simple algorithm for due date

During the expected period: the last menstrual month -3 (or +9)

Date of due date: The last menstrual date +7

(If the calculated date is greater than 30, it needs -30, corresponding +1 month)

Fertility Daily

If you already know the fertilization day, it will be due to 266 days on this day.

Ultrasonic detection method

It is uncertain about the last day of menstruation. You can observe the size of the fetus and the diameter of the top bone on both sides of the fetal head through the ultrasonic detection to calculate the number of pregnancy weeks and due date.

In addition to the above methods, the number of pregnancy weeks can also be measured according to the height of the uterine bottom.

Too early and too late pregnancy testing can make the test results incorrect. After 10 days of successful conception, pregnancy testing is high.

The last menstruation of his wife started on January 16, so the baby’s due date is October 23 this year.

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