The mother who prepare for pregnancy must know that the same room is the technique, and the ovulation time must be calculated

An article related to the temperature of mother’s body temperature during pregnancy.

In the past, people had a natural attitude towards pregnancy. No one would deliberately prepare for pregnancy, and there are few concepts of pregnancy.

Now, there are more and more deformed children, and pregnancy has to be valued.As we all know, it is important for women to prepare for pregnancy. Many people do not know when they come to ovulation. Even if they are preparing for several months, their bodies are normal, but they are still not pregnant. Let’s take a look at the ovulation period of women first.Essence

The method we often use is follicle monitoring, which is a very accurate method.

You can directly see the size of the follicles through the B -ultrasound. Monitoring ovulation can not only be used to find ovulation days, but also can be used to discover the strangeness of the reproductive system. Early detection and early treatment.

But because it is necessary to run the hospital frequently, it is difficult for most friends to persist.

There is also a method that can detect ovulation self -test, that is, measure the basal body temperature.

The principle is that after ovulation, the ovaries will produce progesterone. Wilderness has an impact on the body temperature regulating center, which can increase the basal body temperature by 0.3 to 0.5 ° C. According to the rise of the body temperature, it can be roughly determined that the ovulation is ovulation.

PS: In fact, only about 39%of people will ovulation day on the day when the temperature is the lowest. The lowest 2 days before and after the lowest temperature may be ovulation days. It is best to confirm the ovulation test test paper.

Basic body temperature, called BBT for short, the doctor said that your BBT will not listen to BB machines.BBT refers to the body temperature in the state of quietness and no severe exercise state.

In the menstrual cycle, with the different amounts of female and progesterone secretion, the BBT is periodic changes. By measuring, it can help you understand your ovulation function.

Pay attention to the following points when measuring the BBT:

1. Tools

To choose the most common mercury temperature gauge, do not use the electronic temperature meter.Some patients were measured with these two thermometers at the same time, and found that the gap between the two was very large, the electronic watch was not stable, and the fluctuation was large.

2. Preparation

Clean the thermometer on the night before, throw the scale below 35 ° C, and put it at the place where the bedside can reach.

3. Measurement site

Put it under the mouth of the mouth and close your mouth tightly.Do not measure the temperature of the underarm.

4, time

After waking up every day, do not move, do not get up, do not speak, put the thermometer prepared in advance into the mouth, measure for 3 to 5 minutes.The daily measurement time is preferably fixed within 1 hour, otherwise it will affect the accuracy.If you wake up and go to a toilet, it is interrupted and it is not accurate.

5. Record

After measurement, it is best to record the daily temperature on the small square paper, with the horizontal coordinates as the date, each small grid is one day, the vertical coordinates are the temperature, each small grid is 0.1 ° C, it is best to draw one per cycle of one to one cycle one to draw one in one cycle.The picture can also be drawn together.

6. If there are many rooms, leucorrhea, insomnia, night sleep, cold, etc., you must record at the corresponding time.Those who last night shifts should be measured after 6 to 8 hours of sleep, and "Night Class" is indicated in the record.

After ovulation, the basal body temperature can rise by 0.3 to 0.5 ° C, forming a two -phase body temperature at the front and rear high.

The typical bilateral temperature has the following characteristics:

① The time from low temperature to high temperature does not exceed 2 days;

② The change from low temperature to high temperature exceeds 0.3 ° C;

③ The high temperature phase fluctuates does not exceed 0.2 ° C;

④ The high temperature phase lasted for 12 to 16 days.

When a typical double -phase body temperature appears, it is prompted to ovulate this cycle, and the luteal function after ovulation is also better.

▷ Follicular dysplasia, poor luteal function:

If the body temperature is two -phase, but the change from low temperature to high temperature is slow, and it rises slopes, as shown in Figure ↓

It is also possible that the temperature changes are relatively large ↓

Or the duration of high temperature is less than 12 days; or the body temperature increases low, less than 0.3 ° C, or the body temperature drops slowly after menstruation, such changes occur

▷ Single -phase body temperature

If the body temperature does not change at high and low temperature, it is called a single -phase body temperature. As shown in the figure, most of the prompts have no ovulation, but there is also the possibility of conceivement of basic body temperature orders.

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