The more beautiful the couple, the more stupid the other party?Scientific research tells you the answer, will you be pregnant?

Love makes people stupid, it is true!

And the better the object, the more stupid, and the more stupid the couple getting along, the easier it is to go to the end.

It is said that people in love will become blind, that is, become stupid. By observing the 51 couples, American scientists have found that they have obvious cognitive control state in love.Deep, the larger the level of cognitive control level, the greater the more compliance of the partner.Like the fire, he firmly believes that you are not wrong, and try to prove that you are right with action, a bit like being pua.

If the object looks better, the easier the other half will be trapped in it.

In addition, researchers in Australia have found that couples will overestimate their IQ, and both sides will feel that the other party’s IQ is high, but the facts are often cruel, and they also find that the gap between couples between couples and actual IQ values, the greater the difference in the value of IQ.Then the happier this couple is. In other words, the more silly couples get along with each other, the easier it is to go to the end.

In addition to normal love, pregnancy is also true.

Studies have found that the material dopamine, which makes couples feel happy, can also inhibit the memory retrieval of the brain, which makes it easy to forget things and become slow, which is stupid.

For example, always forget the other party’s explanation, or make some wrong judgments.

Being stupid is the fate that every couple cannot escape, especially after girls are pregnant, a silly silly three years is scientific.

Earlier, Spain’s scientists scanned the brain of pregnant women before and after pregnancy, and found that the pregnant women after pregnancy involved memory, muscle control, sensory organs, emotions, speech, decision -making, and self -controlled brain gray quality was obvious.Reduce the phenomenon, and in general, pregnant women need at least two years to make the brain gray back to the value before pregnancy.

They call this phenomenon "infant brain phenomenon" and use it to refer to pregnant women during pregnancy to control themselves like babies.

In addition, during pregnancy, pregnant women’s body hormones will still change more obviously. They will drop to the trough after production, causing the mothers to lose their emotions, be unhappy, and perform more stupidly.

In addition, there are many research on couples. For example, the longer the couple gets along, the more husband and wife will be.

In fact, it may be the cause of genes.

Scientists of the National Academy of Sciences have paid attention to this issue. They analyzed the genome of more than 800 white couples and found that the genes of these couples have a certain degree of similarity.As his own partner, this can also explain why couples often look similar, and this situation is also called hereditary marriage pairing.

Secondly, the admiration and imitation between couples are also a major reason. Couples or couples will be consistent to a certain extent in terms of living habits. At the same time, they will start to imitate each other or learn some of the opponent’s movements or ways to speak.Let the two people’s style, temperament, temper, etc. further merge to form the husband and wife we are talking about.

In addition, research found that people live in different flora in the human body. These flora will affect their skin, face value and body to a certain extent. When couples live or contact intimate contact, the flora will circulate in both sides in both sides.After ten seconds of kissing, thousands of flora can be exchanged, which causes this phenomenon for certain reasons.

However, as for girls or boys, they need to see the mode of getting along.

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