The middle ear pus, the hearing decrease, and the dizziness of the headache may be that there may be a "time bomb" hidden in the ears

The middle ear pus and hearing decreased, don’t be improper, this may be caused by the "timing bomb" in the ears -gallbal tumor.Bilinoma is a type of chronic otitis media, also known as cholecosky otitis media.Although gallbladin is called tumor, it is not a tumor in the real sense, but a benign lesion, which mostly occurs in the outer ear and middle ear.

Popular science expert: Yan Zhanfeng, deputy chief physician of the Department of Eurryngine, Nose and Nose, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yan Zhanfeng

Bilinoma is divided into congenital and acquired nature.Congenital cholecyroma may be affected by factors such as genetic and abnormal development, and lesions have occurred during the fetal period; acquired gallbladin is divided into primary and secondary.

The primary gallbladder of the day after tomorrow means that the patient had no history of otitis media before. It is because the middle ear pressure caused by a cold or the obstruction of the eustachian tube is low.It can induce cholecystroma; the acquired biliary tumors are common in patients with chronic purulent otitis media, drum membrane perforated patients and other people.Bilinoma will not only affect hearing, but ear pain, headache, and villain pus flowing out of the ear.

Once people have a cold, the ears are blocked, the ears are repeatedly pus, the hearing decreases, and the symptoms of ear pain, headache, dizziness, and other symptoms, should go to the hospital for hearing and imaging examination in time.

For the prevention of gallstinoma, expert reminders:

① Women should quit smoking and alcohol during pregnancy to avoid using ototoxic drugs and stay away from noise;

② Strengthen daily exercise, clean the ears in time after swimming, and avoid the ears of water, enter foreign bodies, etc.;

③ Do not pull your ears at will, so as not to destroy the skin of the outer ear canal, destroy the protective barrier of the 耵聍, damage the skin infection and cause gallsticks;

④ Light diet, eat less cold and spicy, easy to get angry;

⑤ Pay attention to keep warm and avoid colds. Patients with allergic rhinitis should be treated in time before the rhinitis session;

⑥ Children with allergic rhinitis and children with adenoid hypertrophy are more likely to occur in gallstinoma, and they should seek medical treatment in a timely manner in time.

Beijing News reporter Zhang Zhaohui

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