The menstrual flow is small and the color is dark?Doctor: Most of them are related to 5 factors and need to be adjusted!

Women with fertility ability will be thickened autonomously every one month or so, and they will fall off. The periodic changes of bleeding are called menstruation.

Generally, the menstrual cycle is about 21 to 30 days, the bleeding time is 3 to 7 days, and the total amount of menstrual bleeding is between 30 and 50ml each time.However, there are also many women who have abnormal menstruation, such as shorter menstrual periods, and the color of menstrual blood is dark, which shows that there are some problems with women’s bodies.

So, when women have these problems, what are the causes?

What are the reasons for the black menstruation?

1. qi and blood deficiency

This is the main reason for the lack of menstruation and dark color. These patients have poor constitution, and they often have symptoms such as dizziness, panic, pale face, and whole body weakness. This is some manifestations of lack of qi and blood.

In addition, if there is bleeding during menstruation, the body will be weaker, so there will be a problem of small menstrual volume or purple. In severe cases, dysmenorrhea will occur.Patients need to increase nutrition and supplement qi and blood. Only when sufficient qi and blood can this change.

2. Premature ovarian failure

Women’s ovarian can play an important role in maintaining women’s menstruation and fertility. When premature ovarian failure occurs, it will cause abnormal ovulation, so it will cause irregular menstruation.

In addition to abnormal menstrual periods, patients will also be accompanied by symptoms such as low sexual desire, uterine atrophy, hot hot sweat, and even affecting conception. Patients should be admitted to the hospital for examination and can choose drug treatment or surgical treatment according to the condition.

3. Estrogen secretion is abnormal

The estrogen in women directly affects the physiological period of women. If the estrogen secretion in the body is insufficient, it will cause abnormal endometrium growth.Symptoms such as insomnia, stains, obesity.

If the diagnosis is confirmed, it must be actively treated, otherwise it will have a great impact on women’s uterus and body.

Fourth, malnutrition

Many women use the method of diet to lose weight to maintain their figures, such as not eating staple foods, not eating meat, but eating some fruits and vegetables. Such a weight loss method can cause malnutrition in the body, which directly affects menstruation and causes menstrual disorders.Therefore, you must pay attention to your own diet and not overdose.

Five, various diseases

Some diseases can lead to this situation, commonly include ovarian cysts, uterine developmental deformities, and uterine fibroids.

In addition, hyperthyroidism, nerve endocrine dysfunction, and various gynecological inflammation will affect menstruation, causing a decrease in menstrual flow and changes in menstrual colors.Patients need to be admitted to the hospital, do a series of examinations, and give corresponding treatment after confirmation.

What should I do if I have a small amount of darkens?

The first thing to note is that do not take the medicine by yourself. First go to the hospital for a series of examinations, eliminate the factors of the disease, and then use some drugs to use some drugs for conditioning and treatment under the advice of the doctor.

Women who are cold and Gonghan must pay attention to it. Do not be cold on weekdays, and do not eat some cold foods, which will lead to the worse cold in the body.

In diet, you must ensure sufficient nutrition and avoid cold, especially during the physiological period, avoid cold, and pay attention to personal hygiene.If you are accompanied by dysmenorrhea, you can use hot compresses to relieve it. In addition, you can eat some Chinese medicines such as Bazhen Yimu Pills, Ai Fu Nuangong Pills, Wuji Baifeng Pills for conditioning.

In summary, when women have a small amount of menstruation and dark color, most of them are related to some diseases. Timely admission to the hospital for a series of examinations can be used to diagnose the cause.

In diet, eat more warm food, avoid the intake of irritating foods such as cold, spicy, adjust your mentality, and avoid bad emotions.Massage and hot compresses can be used during the menstrual period to relieve discomfort, regular work, and avoid excessive fatigue, so as not to aggravate the disease and affect treatment.

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