The man was on a business trip for 3 months, his wife was pregnant unexpectedly, but the man was worried when he knew it.

Jiang Mei and Su Chun have been married for 3 years, but they have never conceived their children. For this reason, their family members are very anxious.In particular, parents often urged the two to go to the hospital to check their bodies. After going to the hospital to check their bodies, the couple did not have any big problems, but they could not be pregnant, which made the doctor unable to start.

There are two children who are married in the same year. Whenever they see others holding children on the street, Jiang Mei always casts envious eyes. After all, she really likes children, and she also hopes to have as soon as possible to have as soon as possible to own as soon as possible.My child.

Su Chun works in a state -owned enterprise. He is not busy working every day, but occasionally travels.Although there are no children for 3 years when the couple have been married, this does not affect the relationship between their husband and wife.

As the so -called Xiaobi Sheng is newly married, every time Su Village comes back on a business trip, he will be lingering with his wife Jiang Mei.

In fact, the regular life of couples is very helpful for the relationship between husband and wife.If a person doesn’t love you, he will not touch you at all.Although everyone has physiological needs, not every man can be loved as Su Chun and Jiang Mei.

Sometimes it is necessary to pay attention to fate. When Jiang Mei and Su Chun got married on the 3rd anniversary, Jiang Mei accidentally became pregnant.sad.

Three months ago, Su Chun received the task sent by the company to go to the province for three months, and Su Chun had a habit. He would lingering with Jiang Mei before each business trip.Month, unlike before, you can come back in ten and a half months.

For Su Chun’s habit, Jiang Mei has already seen it. According to the reason, if a woman is not in the same room during the safety period, the chance of pregnancy will be relatively high.

One month after the same room, he will find whether he is pregnant, but Jiang Mei discovered that he was pregnant unexpectedly in the third month of Su Chun’s business trip.And this explanation is also unreasonable, so Su Chun is worried about his wife’s pregnancy.

In fact, it is not difficult to understand. For a husband and wife who have not had children for 3 years, how long they eager for small lives.Although Su Chun discovered that his wife was pregnant for three months, it was also a normal phenomenon.

After all, Su Chun would have a room with Jiang Mei before the business trip, but now Su Chun suspects that Jiang Mei has done something sorry for himself.But because there is no evidence, it is not easy to pick it up. After all, if this kind of thing is not good, it will also affect each other’s feelings.

And in these 3 months, except for her husband, she did not touch other men, and Jiang Mei knew that Su Chun’s concerns.So she took the initiative to find Su Chun’s explanation. Finally, after Jiang Mei’s explanation was clear, Su Chun’s knot was opened, and the two returned to the appearance of the past.

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