The man was ligated for 4 months, but his wife found pregnant!What exactly is going on?

It is said that things are two -sided, and pregnancy is no exception.

This is a surprise for those who want a baby, and for those who do not want a baby, it is a kind of scared.

Mr. Liu in Sichuan had encountered such a "frightening" not long ago: After 4 months of ligation, his wife even found pregnant!

The husband was ligated, but his wife was pregnant. It looked like a family ethical drama.

However, the truth of the matter is not as expected.

It turned out that in July last year, Mr. Liu spent more than 7,000 yuan in ligation surgery locally. The doctor after surgery said very well.

Since then, Mr. Liu has also strictly followed the postoperative process and strict contraception.

Two months later, he went to the hospital for a review, and the results of the examination were "sperm occasionally."

Because the hospital was off work, he did not find a doctor to interpret the report, thinking that the operation was successful.

As a result, he did not do contraception in his sexual life later.

However, on October 19, when Mr. Liu went to the hospital for a second review, he was informed that the ligation operation failed.

One week later, his wife was found to be pregnant.

Mr. Liu’s wife’s B -ultrasound checklist

At this point, the truth is already white -because Mr. Liu’s ligation of the operation failed, his wife was pregnant by accident.

As soon as this news came out, it attracted the attention of many netizens.

Some people said that they admired Mr. Liu’s courage, dared to ligate, and others questioned the reliability of ligation.

So, is male ligation, is it reliable?Will it affect sexual function?

Below, let’s let me talk about what is going on with men’s ligation ~

Many people think that the ligation is "from the palace", and when it comes down, "click" Ding Ding is gone.

I have to say that this brain hole is too big!If this is the case, ligation cannot be a legal surgery.

In fact, the male ligation is neither an egg nor Tintin, but a vasia.

Venture pipes, as the name suggests, are the pipelines that transport sperm.Ligation of the vascular tube is actually the only channel that blocks the sperm, so as to achieve the purpose of contraception.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about being "not a complete man" at all.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about finishing the kung fu on the bed in the bed.

So far, there is no evidence that the ligation will have a negative impact on men’s erectile function and sexual life satisfaction.

Men’s sexual desire requirements, sexual excitement, and erectile abilities are mainly the result ofrogens.

Ligation is just a small vasal tube surgery, just to block sperm, it does not affect the secretion ofrogens.

After finishing, there will still be the majesty, and the experience may even be better, because it can be in the vacuum, and the trouble of contraception.

After ligation, where did Xiao Yan go?Can you ejaculate?

After ligation, the testicles will continue to generate small tadpoles.

Many people are curious:

How can I put the pipes that Xiaoyu went out, how should these small tadpoles stay at home (testicles)?

Will the more small tadpoles be braised the testicles?

rest assured!The body’s self -regulation ability is much stronger than you think ~

Those small tadpoles that are not discharged will be dissolved and absorbed in the epididymal tube.

You know, tens of thousands of cells die every day in the human body, and sperm of death can’t count.

Some people are worried that the sperm will be blocked after the ligation surgery, and the sperm cannot be ejaculated in the future.

It has no effect at all!After the ligation, you can still "biu ~ biu ~ biu" happily in the future!

Because men’s semen came out of BIU when men reached the peak, the sperm inside only accounted for a small part, about 5%, and the remaining 95%were other liquids, such as prostate liquid, seminal vessels, epididymia, etc.

The demented tube ligations are blocked by the sperm out of the sperm. Other pipes are unblocked, and the semen can still be shot unimpeded, but there is no longer sperm.

If the surgery is successful, the effect of 100%contraception can be achieved.

But if the operation is unsuccessful, then it is another matter. For example, in the news, Mr. Liu, the ligation surgery failed, and his wife was pregnant.

However, this is not the problem of ligation itself, but a technical problem for surgery.

Mr. Liu’s ligation failed because the hospital did not have a permit for ligation surgery.The hospital also said that the related business that has never been carried out for ligation surgery. This surgery is completely a doctor’s personal behavior, and the hospital does not know.

Therefore, you must choose a hospital with ligation to ensure the success of the surgery.

Male ligation is performed on the surface of the scrotum. Through the scrotum small wound, cut off the vastery tube, and then ligates both ends of the broken mouth to block the sperm into semen.

This is a simple, low -risk surgery, and the wound is also very small, only 0.5 mm.

The operation time is about 15-20 minutes, and you can go home for about 1 hour after finishing.

Therefore, recovery is also relatively fast, and usually you can live in 2 weeks.

However, we must pay attention to wearing a set of contraceptives, because some sperm may have reached the seminal vesicles, vasal tubular belly before ligation.

The sperm that remains here may survive for 2 to 3 months.At this time, there may be sperm in the sperm sperm, which will cause unexpected pregnancy.

Therefore, after ligation, it should still be contraceptive for a while (only 2 months), and then do a semen examination. Only when the sperm is not found, the sperm can not be found.

Mr. Liu in the news was greatly cared for. When the first review was detected in semen, he should take contraceptive measures.

However, wearing a sleeve is not just for contraception, but also for safety and preventing sexual transmission.

Therefore, after ligation, you still need to wear a sleeve to prevent the disease from being infected.

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