The man took a pregnant wife to take drugs together.

Source: Henan

Recently, a couple in Shaanxi will hold their wedding.The wedding preparations were ready, and they all invited relatives and friends, but the couple were arrested and detained by the police.

On September 7, the five squadrons and relevant units of the Public Security Police Station of Baoji Jintai Public Security Shou Police Station cracked the case of illegal drugs of husband and wife, arrested two people, and seized nearly 40 grams of drugs.

It is understood that Li Moujun and his wife Fu Moule operated a small shop. Fu Moule had been pregnant for more than three months. This family originally planned to be married this month.In life, the couple often quarrel with trivial matters, unhappy, and the business is not smooth, and they are very depressed in their hearts.Li Moujun felt that drug use could relieve stress and relax. He even instructed his pregnant wife Fu to go to Guangxi to buy drugs. After his wife brought the drug back, Li Moujun not only sucked himself, but also let his wife follow the drug.

The couple of the Li Mou were eventually arrested by the police of the Jintai Public Security Bureau.The police seized nearly 40 grams of drug heroin in the bedroom wardrobe of the Li Moujun couple.

At present, Li Moujun was criminally detained for suspected illegal holding of drugs. His wife Fu Moule was given a bail pending trial for pregnancy, and the case was further digging.

Drugs, the plague of the world today and the tumor of society, the most vicious enemy of human society.It is just because of the unscrupulous life to achieve the so -called "relieving stress and relaxation" through drug use. This practice is actually destroying your life.If life is not smooth, it can be solved in other ways, and there is no need to embark on this way.

There are many hazards of drugs. There are three major categories of the most important hazards in summary:

Harm of physical and mental

(1) Drug toxic effect on the body: Toxic effect refers to a harmful effect on the body caused by excessive dosage or long medication time. It is usually accompanied by functional disorders of the body and tissue pathological changes.The main characteristics of poisoning are: lethargy, slow feeling, exercise disorders, hallucinations, delusions, orientation disorders, etc.

(2) Disproof response: It is a serious and potential and dangerous physical and mental damage caused by long -term drug use. It usually occurs after sudden stop taking medication or reduced dosage dosage.Many drug addicts have died of various complications caused by dying of severe physical abstinence when they have no economic source, or they died of severe body abstinence, or they committed suicide due to pain and unbearable.The abstinence reaction is also an important reason for the difficulty of abstinence.

(3) Psychological disorders: The most prominent mental disorders caused by drug abuse are hallucinations and thinking disorders.Their behavioral characteristics revolved around drug transfer, and even lost humanity for drug use.

(4) Infectious diseases: Varicic injection of drugs brings infectious complications to abusers. The most common is purulent infection and hepatitis B, and worrying AIDS problems.In addition, drug use can also damage the nervous system and immune system, and it is easy to infect various diseases.

Harm of society

(1) Harm to the family: Once a drug with drugs appear in the family, the family will not be a home.While self -destruction, drug users also destroyed their families, causing their families to fall into a difficult situation of economic bankruptcy, discrete relatives, and even family ruin.

(2) The huge damage to social productivity: drug use first caused physical diseases and affect production. Secondly, it caused huge losses and waste of social wealth. At the same time, drug activities also caused environmental deterioration and reduced human living space.

(3) Drug activities disrupt social order: Drug activities have exacerbated various illegal and criminal activities, disrupting social security, and bringing great threats to social stability.

The harm of the mechanism of the human body

At present, the most popular and most harmful drugs are heroin, and heroin is an opioid drug.In normal people’s brain and some organs, endogenous opioid peptides and opioid receptors exist.Under normal circumstances, endogenous opioid peptides act on opioid receptors and regulate people’s emotions and behaviors.

Sleeping, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms.The pain of this abstinence response, in turn promoted the drug users to maintain the state of drugs in order to avoid this pain.

Ice poisoning and rippling sparls are the center of excitement in the pharmacological effect, destroying the nerve center of the person.Now there are criminals saying that methamphetamine does not make the body addicted.Lure adolescents to go astray.This view is absolutely wrong.Young people must be determined to resolutely resist.The ending of the drug abusers is mostly the ruin or being locked into the detoxification center.

Cherish life and stay away from drugs.

(Comprehensive from Shaanxi Municipal Express, Surging News)

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