The man spent 2000 ligation, his wife was pregnant a year later, and the hospital was sued the hospital to court.

“2 2023”

Can men still get pregnant after ligation?Recently, the Xiamen Huli Court announced such a case.

In December 2019, a man in Xiamen had a ligation surgery in a local hospital, and finally spent more than 2,000 yuan. Who knew that in early 2021, his wife found that she was pregnant. Later, the couple discussed and considered.Do artificial abortion.

However, the man believed that the hospital had a certain responsibility, because this accident not only hurt his wife, but also caused losses, and then the hospital was brought to court.

The man said that the doctor only told him that he had to contracence within three months after the operation. After that, he didn’t need it. Who knew that this accident occurred, and the man thought the hospital should compensate.

During the court trial, the hospital gave an explanation that the man performed by the man in 2019 was reviewed once in May 2020. At that time, the review report showed that the man had semen retained.

The doctor told that it would take 3-6 months, and it would be completely clean after 10 ejaculation.In the end, the hospital also stated that the efficiency of ligation and ligation is not 100 %, and it may heal two years after the operation.

Although the hospital explained clearly, a problem found during the court trial, that is, at the time of the operation, the hospital only verbally informed the risk and postoperative precautions of the men’s surgery, and did not provide the consent of the surgery of the men’s signature.

Finally, the court tried that because the hospital could not prove the obligation to fulfill the notification, the man did not contracence after surgery, which led to the men’s wife’s pregnancy and abortion. The hospital infringed the health of the man and his wife.Wife 9718.32 yuan.

Through this case, it is learned that there is a risk even if it is smaller.The man also caused his wife to become pregnant after ligation, which belonged to the hospital’s responsibility.

However, some netizens questioned that if the child’s child is not a man?What to do.Although the man did not doubt his wife, he did not rule out such a situation. Naturally, if there is such a situation, it is not the responsibility of the hospital.

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