The man raped his brothers and daughters several times to get pregnant.

The daughter of a good brother!Because she is an intellectual obstacle, she does not know resistance.

A few times to violate their friends and daughters to get pregnant, the man chose to take the initiative to compensate, and delusions from sin

How can this be punished?

This is the case in this case. A name named Shan, a certain name, is a good brother who grew up in a village since he was a child. The relationship is not ordinary.

Shan Mou has always regarded Sun as his good brother.However, it was unexpected that this good brother turned out to be a losing class, and he also played his daughter’s idea in the future.

Shanmou has a 13 -year -old daughter, but Tian Gong is not beautiful. He is born with congenital intelligence and defects. The 13 -year -old girl is only 5 -year -old IQ.

As the saying goes, God opens a window and will lock you a door, but the fate of this little girl is indeed so bumpy.

She is precocious in her body, so that she is still very beautiful from the appearance of her body, which is also the object of her pursuit of many boys.It was because the mature body laid a foreshadowing for her future bitter life.

However, Shanmou’s own mother was sick and needed to take care of them. His wife needs to work. No one cares about her baby daughter.For this reason, Shan Mou was very distressed.

Suddenly he thought that he had a good brother here, so he asked Sun if he could take care of his daughter for a while.

Sun Mou had this meaning. After listening, he couldn’t wait to agree to his request, and set up a "military order" for his good brothers to say that he must be a daughter -in -law.Shan Mou was relieved when he heard it, thinking that his daughter would definitely not suffer under the care of his good brothers, and he would definitely be raised by his good brothers.

But will things really look like what you think?Is this really a good decision?Obviously not.

In fact, Shanmou’s family situation and Sun’s family are similar, but Sun’s wife is not around. For a long time, there is no campaign between husband and wife, making Sun’s life more and more lonely, and more and more needed.

This time, he was just like his heart, because he knew that his good brother and daughter’s IQ was particularly low and his figure was particularly mature.

He wanted to see if he could solve his own problems for two days. Shan Mou brought his daughter Lingling to his brother Su’s home, which could make Sun be happy.

But because Shanmou was still there, Sun Mou could not be revealed. After Shanmou left, Sun began his own plan.

He was afraid that Lingling was really a fool, whether it was someone else said that he was an intellectual obstacle. If she resisted this, she would also cause a lot of trouble for herself.

He tentatively put his salted pig’s hands on Lingling’s body and pretended to do some inspections. Seeing Lingling did not resist these things, he began to boldly. No matter how big Lingling, Lingling, was not very resistant.And it is very cooperative.

In this way, Sun Mou could no longer help the thoughts in his heart and implemented his demon thought to Lingling’s body. All smooth Lingling did not resist, but just thought that his uncle was helping himself for inspection.

Later, after Sun Mou was afraid of Lingling to say, he lied to Lingling that this was a check that could not tell others.Then he was just like himself and his wife. Without a trace of guilt, he went directly in the kitchen to cook for the two of them.

Because his desire needs to be satisfied, Lingling is just a fool who doesn’t know anything. He is not invading his niece like a person many times.

In this way, over time, this incident can’t be concealed. After a few months, when eating at night, Lingling eats very little, and she vomits when she eats, and she is particularly uncomfortable to see her.Looking, this makes Lingling’s mother very strange, because the food in her home is very sanitary. With doubts, Lingling’s mother took her to the hospital to see the doctor.

At the beginning, it was checked that it was pregnancy. How could this mother believe that her daughter was only 13 years old. The doctor asked them to take a film, and when the results came out, after the results came out, the mother was dumbfounded.His daughter was pregnant, and her mother couldn’t accept this result at all.

Later, when Ling Ling’s mother calmed down, she thought that there was definitely a problem, so she began to ask Lingling herself, but Lingling couldn’t say.Later, her mother patiently guided Lingling to say the whole process of checking the body, and told her mother the things of Sun Mou’s dryness, and her mother was extremely angry when she heard it.

After taking her daughter back home, I told Shan Mou to all the stupid things that the daughter was pregnant and the good brother of Shan Mou.Shan Mou could not believe that his good brother could do such a thing. He also thought that he was a good person and could take care of his daughter. He believed it wrong and replaced the anger.

He discussed with his wife for a while, and decided not to let this bad guy better. He must let this scum be subject to legal sanctions and to justice for his daughter.

After the alarm, the police learned that the object that Sun had violated was still a 13 -year -old minor.

Later, the police also immediately sent the police to arrest the criminal who raped the minor.

At first, Sun Mou killed him and said that he had not raped Lingling, but the police had already guessed that he would justify it. The police asked him to verify DNA. In the face of evidence of Tiebi Mountain, Sun also acknowledged that he raped minors to rape minors.fact.

Since then, Sun’s criminal has finally been the law and received the punishment he deserved.

In this case, the defendant repeatedly raped his friend’s daughter and caused his pregnancy, which seriously infringed the personal rights and interests of the victims, and the social harm was obvious.

According to Article 236 of my country’s Criminal Law

The rape criminal act of adults should be identified as a crime of rape and constitutes criminal responsibility.In this case, men’s behavior is in line with the qualitative standards of criminal law on rape crimes.

Principles of rape crimes

According to Article 236 of my country’s Criminal Law, if a crime of rape, it should be imprisoned for three years and less than ten years.During sentencing, factors such as the defendant’s criminal circumstances, social harm, the degree of harm of the victim, and the performance of the defendant’s honesty are required.

Therefore, the defendant shall bear the criminal responsibility stipulated in the criminal law.

The defendant took the initiative to compensate the victim after the crime, trying to use it to get his sins.However, compensation can not be used as a required condition for alleviating criminal liability, and it can only be used as a reference factor in sentencing.

The compensation behavior should be evaluated on the basis of the establishment of the criminal facts, and it should not simply weigh it with the criminal behavior.

When judging, the court shall adhere to the principles of justice, reasonable, and applicable.

Therefore, the court’s judgment of the defendant’s crime of rape and punishment was reasonable and legal.

The general application principle of criminal law

The general application principle of criminal law requires anyone to be treated the same in criminal acts, whether they take the initiative to compensate or express regrets.

The purpose of criminal law is to protect social order and people’s rights, and we cannot weaken the law because of individual behaviors.

For such behaviors, we must severely crack down and protect minors.Avoid such things, such behavior is too large to the shadow caused by minors. For minors education, it is cultivated by parents, schools, society, and the country.More and more harmonious.

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