The man marries a beautiful wife, the mother -in -law suddenly became pregnant, her daughter: Dad died long ago, who is this

There is an ordinary farmhouse in Huizhou County. The main family surnames Chi. The old man of Chi Laohan has a son named Chi Jiayu under his knees. Xiao Jiayu is just ten years old this year.Likes.

Chi Laohan is a honest crop Han who lives with farming. Although the days at home are not too rich, the family lives in harmony and lives warm and peaceful.

However, there is an unexpected situation. In the winter, the Chi Laohan couple unfortunately became seriously ill and died. Chi Jiayu lost his parents and became an unreliable orphan in the blink of an eye.

When the folks saw Chi Jiayu, they were so pitiful, so they made up a little money to help Bichu’s parents burial, but what about his future life?The neighbor’s lady moved to the heart of the concealment, introduced Chi Jiayu to her nephew’s shop, and became a elementary school apprentice. Although she had no work money, she could have at least eating.

After Chi Jiayu came to the shop, people were also light and very diligent. They did n’t need the boss to order to scan the floor and clean the courtyard. When they saw things, the shopkeeper met and was very happy.

As Chi Jiayu gradually grew up, the shopkeeper began to teach him some business doors and intended to cultivate him. Chi Jiayu’s brain was flexible, his mouth was sweet, and he was diligent, so he quickly started to do business.

Time flies, ten years have passed, Chi Jiayu has become a handsome and handsome son. The shopkeeper promoted him as a shopkeeper.

Two years later, the shopkeeper was getting older, and his body was not as good as before. He had the idea of returning to his hometown for pensions. The shopkeeper left the shop under his knees and left the shop to Chi Jiayu.Chi Jiayu is naturally grateful.

After Chi Jiayu took over the store, he worked hard to take care of the business of the shop. Chi Jiayu had an idea and did not follow the old method of the old shopkeeper.Soon the business of the store became more and more prosperous. Chi Jiayu made a lot of money and became one of the most riches in the county.

One day in the early spring of this year, Chi Jiayu went to the neighboring county to talk about a big sale. He talked very smoothly. Chi Jiayu was in a good mood. He walked slowly on his way home and hummed a small song while walking.

When I just walked to Cuiping Mountain, suddenly there was a shout from a distance, standing, don’t run, you stand for me!

When he heard the shout, Chi Jiayu was stunned and looked at him, which scared him. I saw two women running panicked and running here, and there were more than a dozen strong men behind him.

The two women ran in front of Chi Jiayu panickedly, begging hard, elder brother, rescued us.

Chi Jiayu quickly asked, what happened, why did they catch you?

The two women cried and said that they were all gambling thugs. If you want to catch us to the Qinglou, big brother, you will do it well and save us.

When Chi Jiayu heard this, she stood up and stood up, and she dared to rob the people in the day of light.

Chi Jiayu protected the two women behind him and said, rest assured, there is me, no one can hurt you.

As soon as the words fell, the strong man behind him had arrived. Chi Jiayu drank and stood up, what do you want to do!

A black -faced man scolded, stinky boy, less gossip, and awareness.

Chi Jiayu was not afraid, and he scolded it hard, and I was still sure.

The black -faced big man stared at Chi Jiayu, saying, yo, there is really one who is not afraid of death, which onion, which garlic, we caught her, what about you?

Chi Jiayu opened his eyes, drinking, and lingering, do you dare to rob a good woman, and do you have the king?

The black -faced man laughed and returned, the boy, do you know who she is? Her husband owes the gambling debt of our casino, and the two of them have sold their mother and daughter to us. We caught her back to debt.What’s the matter, roll out, otherwise teach you to look good!If you say it, you have to do it.

Chi Jiayu heard this, and stunned in his heart, tightening, turned his face and asked the woman behind him. Is this the case?

A slightly older return of a woman behind her indeed is true.

Chi Jiayu sighed and asked, what about your husband and others?

The woman replied that my husband couldn’t afford the gambling debt, and they were forced to make no way. They had already invested in the river and cried.

Chi Jiayu sighed, and couldn’t help but feel sad. He returned to ask the black -faced big man. How much silver did they owe you?

The black -faced man is a stun, oh, you can still pay back the money for them, tell you, they owe three or two silver in the casino, say that they will be lent, and they shake in front of Chi Jiayu. That meansYour kid, you can’t afford it at all.

Chi Jiayu took a look at it and looked at it. He said, saying that the money, I repaid for them, said that they opened the bags, took out three hundred or two silvers, handed it to the black -faced big man, and took it!

The black -faced man took the silver and smiled with satisfaction, yo, there is a good person like you in the world, hey, saying that the brothers under the hand are ready to go back.The woman, saying that today you are lucky and meet a good person. Otherwise, you have to ask you to look good, go, brother, go back, say one step and go away.

Seeing the black -faced big man gone, the two women hurriedly kneeled down and drew their heads. Thank you for your life -saving grace. Chi Jiayu hurriedly helped them and asked, who is your last name and where do you live? What is going on?

The older woman said the details. It turned out that she was Gui Yan. The young woman next to her named Qinglian was her daughter. Originally, their family lived comfortably and comfortable, but Gui Yan’s husband was gambling.Not only did he lose all the property in the home, but even the land and houses lost.

In the end, Gui Yan’s husband blushed and took the debt of the two of their mother and daughter. The owner of the casino sent them to catch them and sold them in the Qinglou. Gui Yan took her daughter out. Today, I was fortunate to meet Chi Jiayu.Otherwise, it will be difficult to be innocent.

When Chi Jiayu heard this, he finally understood the ins and outs of the matter. He couldn’t help but feel sad. Look at the green lotus girl, but at the age of eighteen or nineteen, he had picturesque eyes and beautiful.Her mother, but only in her thirties, she is white and beautiful, and still exists.

Chi Jiayu asked, so what do you have now?

Gui Yan said with tears, big brother, we are now homeless, you can do it well, take us, and ask us to do anything, as long as there is a place to do.

When Chi Jiayu saw that their mother and daughter were really pitiful, they moved their compassion. Speaking, that’s okay, go back with me. In this way, Gui Yan took her daughter Qinglian to Chi Jiayu’s house.

Chi Jiayu arranged Gui Yan to make a kitchen mother in the kitchen, and Qinglian made an ordinary girl ring. After a period of time, Chi Jiayu gradually felt good about Qinglian. Gui Yan was happy after learning about it.Unexpectedly, if the daughter Qinglian can marry Chi Jiayu, then their lives in the future will not have a fall.

So under the strong match of Gui Yan, Chi Jiayu soon married Qinglian, and Gui Yan became logical to become Chi Jiayu’s mother -in -law.

After Chi Jiayu and Qinglian got married, the young couple were loving and loving, like glue and paint, and their lives were sweet and happy.

One day in the early spring of this year, Qinglian told Chi Jiayu that Xianggong, you see that the weather is fine today. I heard that the azalea of Longshan has bloomed. It is very beautiful. It is better to enjoy the flowers together.

Chi Jiayu saw that the business of the shop was not too busy. Besides, she didn’t accompany Qinglian to go out to play, so she agreed.

Chi Jiayu took his wife Qinglian, accompanied by the housekeeper Fanghai, and when he talked about this Fanghai, there was a history.

Many years ago, once Chi Jiayu went to the mountains to buy mountain goods, and saw a teenager sitting at the door wipe tears, and came forward to ask him, what happened?

The teenager told Chi Jiayu that his name was Fang Hai. His parents died, and his life was not settled. He had to go to the landlord’s house to let the cow, but the landlord bullied him as an orphan. He gave him a meal a day, and he was still porridge.

When Fang Hai grows up, he drinks a bowl of porridge every day. How can he eat full?

Chi Jiayu saw that he was a half -age child. He remembered that he had suffered a lot when he was a child. On Fang Hai, he seemed to see his shadow of the year, so he took him back to the shop and asked him to be an apprentice.

Fang Hai is very clever and diligent. Starting from a elementary school, he has been the housekeeper in the store. He has become Chi Jiayu’s left and right arm.Hai’s assistance, Chi Jiayu suddenly felt a lot easier.

Chi Jiayu and his wife Qinglian, as well as the housekeeper Fang Hai, brought kettles, dried fruits, and went to Longshan to enjoy flowers together.When the group came to Longshan, I saw that the rhododendrons of the mountains drove upright, and they were bright and beautiful.

The three of them walked while watching, and went to Houshan unknowingly. There was a gazebo on the mountainside. Several people happened to be a little tired, so they sat in the gazebo to rest.

Although the gazebo is not large, the location of the construction is very unique. The road on the left side of the gazebo is next to the path on the mountain. On the right is the deeper cliff.

Qinglian took out the handkerchief and wiped the sweat on his face, suddenly a blast of wind, blowing away Qinglian’s handkerchief, Qinglian shouted in a hurry, oops, my handkerchief, my handkerchief.

Fang Hai hurried back. Mrs. Shao Mo was anxious. I went to pick up the handkerchief to help you pick it up.

Qinglian took out the kettle and handed it to Chi Jiayu. He said softly, Xianggong, thirsty, drink some water.

Chi Jiayu took over the kettle and drank a few sips of water. In a moment, she felt dizzy and her head was a little stunned. Chi Jiayu thought it was tired, so she didn’t care too much.

Fang Hai picked up the handkerchief and walked back. I just walked to the side of the gazebo. I saw Chi Jiayu shaking and Qinglian walked to the edge of the cliff, and said something while watching the scene.

Fang Hai screamed, the protagonist, beware, the words fell, Chi Jiayu fell down the cliff, Fang Hai was scared and rushed to the edge of the cliff.Wherever there is a figure.

Looking at Qinglian was so scared that the whole person was stunned, and when the whole person came, he would have shouted, Xianggong, Xianggong, but there was no ding response under the cliff.

Fang Hai hurriedly rushed towards the cliff, seeking the trace of Chi Jiayu as if crazy.

Fang Hai kept finding late at night, and finally found a dying Chi Jiayu under a pine tree at the bottom of the cliff. Fang Hai had too late to think about it. He ran to Chi Jiayu and ran to the city.

After some treatment of the doctor, Chi Jiayu finally kept his life, but his legs broke and could only sit on the wheelchair.

Although Chi Jiayu couldn’t walk anymore, Qinglian was not separated from him, and tried his best to serve the husband. As for the business of the store, he was handed over to Fang Hai to deal with it. After all, Fang Hai followed Chi Jiayu.For so many years, he is the person he trusts most.

It has passed more than a year. This day is the Mid -Autumn Festival. Chi Jiayu and his wife Qinglian, and mother -in -law Gui Yan, sitting together to eat together. At this time, a bowl of pork rib soup was on the rag.Suddenly put down the tableware, and trot all the way to the door to disgust. Chi Jiayu calmed down, as if nothing happened, continued to eat, and then looked at Qinglian’s face.Extremely unnatural.

After a few days, that night, Qinglian went outside to buy some daily necessities. After returning home and putting down things, she was about to return to the house. Suddenly, she saw a figure slipping in from the back door.

When the Qinglian was on the teachings, he thought about it. Who was this? He was sneaky, so he followed him, and saw the shadow flash into his mother’s house quickly.

Qinglian quietly hid outside the window and overheard, and only heard my mother Gui Yan say that since I have already conceived your flesh, don’t think about running away. So what about Chi Jiayu and my daughter Qinglian?

At this time, a man said that Chi Jiayu’s business is completely controlled by me. Chi Jiayu is already a waste, afraid of him, kill him, and it is easier to kill him. As for your daughter,Just look at it.

When I heard this, Qinglian was horrified. She heard that the man speaking was not someone else, it was the housekeeper Fang Hai.

Qinglian held his breath, and was afraid of being discovered by the people in the house, stomped, and quietly returned to his room.

After a few days, a young and mighty man in the house. Chi Jiayu said that this was his nephew Chi Yong, and Chi Jiayu wrote to him. Chi Jiayu heard that there was a golden dragon in the suburbs of the city.Temple, I heard that the bodhisattva of the temple is very spiritual, and I want nephew Chi Yong to take himself to Jinlong Temple for a while to burn incense and pray for blessings. I hope that my body can recover.Essence

In this way, Chi Jiayu entrusted the family’s affairs to Qinglian and Fang Hai, and Chi Yong took it to Jinlong Temple.

After Chi Jiayu left, Qinglian and her mother could not come out at the back door of the back house, and Fang Hai tried her best to take care of the business of the shop. Although it was a kind of harmony on the surface, it was undercurrent in the back.

More than a month passed. That night, at the end of the month, Gui Yan arranged a table of family banquets to call Fang Hai for dinner together. Fang Hai was flattered.There are Fang Buan sitting together to eat together.

At this time, a bowl of catfish soup was on the Yahuan end, and the fragrance was overflowing. Fang Hai had a bowl of Gui Yan and Qinglian. Qinglian looked at the catfish soup in front of him, and did not drink it immediately, but went straight up.Staring at Gui Yan.

Gui Yan glanced at Qinglian, pouted and smiled, and didn’t say much. He lifted the soup bowl, leaned his neck, and drank the catfish soup clean.

After seeing Gui Yan finished drinking the catfish soup, Qinglian took up the soup bowl and drank a few mouthfuls.

Suddenly, Gui Yan twitched and planted to the ground, covering her stomach pain in pain, and rolled in pain, pointing at Fang Hai, scolded in amazement, Wang Ba egg, you, you, you are so vicious, if you finish the words, you will not finish the words.I died absolutely.

Qinglian smiled contempt, and said to Gui Yan’s body, since you are ruthless, you blame me, you don’t know, Fang Hai has been bought by me long ago.Zi, said with a smile with Fang Hai, he was contented.

But I didn’t wait for Qinglian to be proud for a long time. Suddenly, I suddenly felt abdominal pain like twisted, as if there were thousands of sharp knives, and stabbed in the abdomen.

Qinglian was shocked, looked at Fang Hai in shock, and then looked at Fang Haipi’s smile and laughed. She looked at her coldly, as if watching a stranger who did not know.

Qinglian covered her stomach tightly and pointed at Fang Hai. Douda’s sweaty beads flowed down the neck. You, you, the later words, could no longer say it.

Fang Hai sneered, stretched out his palm, and saw that in his palm, he hid a thumb -sized pill, and stuck it tightly with a paste to the palm of his hand.

Fang Hai stared at Qinglian and said, I knew that you were suspicious. When I gave you soup just now, I secretly sprinkled the cream in the medicine bag into the soup.One hand.

As soon as the words fell, Gui Yan, who had just died just now, stood up from the ground, looked at the painful Qinglian in front of her, laughed and laughed.You are still far away.

Qinglian couldn’t support it anymore. A black blood sprayed out of her mouth, fell to the ground and twitched a few times, and never moved again.

Gui Yan held Fanghai and called it affectionately. My little baby, thanks to you this time, finally got rid of this confidant. From now on, the big family business of the Chi family is the two of us.La.

As soon as Gui Yan’s words fell, suddenly there was a burst of drinking outside the door. Dreaming during the day, Gui Yan and Fang Hai were scared and unhappy.The gangster rushed in.

Gui Yan was so scared that she was dull when she boarded it, and the whole person was scared.

Chi Yong opened his eyes and stared at Gui Yan. Speaking, Xiao Taoxiang, I didn’t expect it, you have today.

Gui Yan heard Chi Yong shouting her name, looking at Chi Yong in a mistake, surprised, you, who are you?

Chi Jiayu said coldly, let me tell you, his name is Chi Yong, but he is not my nephew, but the county’s catcher is fast. When he heard this, Gui Yan’s eyes showed a trace.Farled, he lowered his head in an instant.

It turned out that Chi Yong was a good friend of Chi Jiayu for many years. When Chi Yong had a hard life in the early years, Chi Jiayu once rescued him, so the two became good friends with liver and gallbladder.

Chi Jiayu harvested Gui Yan’s mother and daughter, and later married Qinglian. During the wedding banquet, Chi Yong came to Chi Jiayu’s house as a guest, and once saw Gui Yan’s mother and daughter.

Chi Yong was in a bad job in the gate, arrested the case all day long, and arrested the murder. Those who were treacherous and evil people, after passing from him, he could touch the eight or nine.

As soon as Chi Yong saw Gui Yan’s mother and daughter, he found that they were not a good generation, and there was a spirit of evil in his eyes, so he reminded Chi Jiayu that for Gui Yan’s mother and daughter, be careful and had to be guarded.

However, Chi Jiayu did not take it seriously. Since the cliff was injured at that time, Chi Jiayu paid attention to Gui Yan’s mother and daughter at all times. When eating that day, when he saw Gui Yan’s retching, he knew she knew that she wasPregnant.

Gui Yan’s husband died long ago. Who is the child in her belly? The adulterer must be hidden in the house. Chi Jiayu understood in his heart, but he didn’t say anything on his mouth.

Chi Yong learned that Chi Jiayu was injured after falling down the cliff and complained that Chi Jiayu had not listened to him and was poisoned by adulterers, but he also sighed Chi Jiayu’s experience.

When Chi Jiayu told Chi Yong that Gui Yan was suddenly pregnant, there must be strangeness in it. Chi Yong was shocked after he knew it, so he advised Chi Jiayu that you could not live at home. Be careful that they were to poison you.

So Chi Yong pretended to be Chi Jiayu’s nephew, and he pretended to take him to the Jinlong Temple to burn incense. In fact, he was protecting him and avoiding adulterers.

After Chi Yong arranged Chi Jiayu properly, he started to investigate the details of Gui Yan’s mother and daughter. Soon there was a clue. A few miles away from the county seat, there was a Fuyuan County.There are two women of green buildings, one named Xiao Taoxiang, and the other is Cuilian, who poisoned their guests and snatched the guests’ silver two.

Chi Yong followed up, and then inquired about the appearance characteristics of the two women’s appearance, and finally determined that the mother and daughter of Gui Yan accepted by Chi Jiayu must be an absconding murderer.

Chi Yong took Gui Yan and Fang Hai to the county’s lobby. Before he waited for his sentence, Gui Yan explained honestly.

It turned out that Gui Yan was indeed Xiaotaoxiang. The dead green lotus was her sister Cuilian. They were originally women in Qinglou, selling laughing for a living.

Once Xiaotaoxiang received a guest, an old man in his fifties. Inadvertently, Xiaotao Xiang found that there were hundreds of two silver in the money bag of this old man, and he was greedy.

But Xiao Taoxiang did not dare to do it alone, so he called his sister Cuilian. The two poisoned the old man in his partnership, snatched his silver, and ran away in a panic.

The two women were so inconvenient. In order not to doubt people, they were commensurate as their mother and daughter.

The two people worked together, but I always felt that this was not a long -term plan, and I had to think about a long -term plan.

After some inspiration, the two stared at Chi Jiayu. Chi Jiayu was not only the premier wealthy of the county seat, but also to be kind, good at their hearts, kindness and simplicity. This is exactly the good object of them.

Xiao Taoxiang took a lot of money to invite a few strong men and played a good show in partnership, just to deceive Chi Jiayu. Xiaotao Xiang made up his own bitter life.Ghost words.

Xiao Taoxiang came to Chi Jiayu’s house. After holding the heel, he conspired to frame Chi Jiayu with Cuilian and conspired his family property.

On that day, Cuilian pretended to be on the mountain to enjoy flowers. In fact, she had premeditated. Cuilian mixed the sweat medicine into the kettle and handed it to Chi Jiayu to drink.In unclear, Cuilian hypocritical said that the scenery on the edge of the cliff was more beautiful. He brought Chi Jiayu to the edge of the cliff. Chi Jiayu stood unstable, and then fell down the cliff. Fortunately, he was blocked by the pine tree.Life.

Xiaotao Xiang was born with nature, but when he was in his thirties, how could he be able to bear loneliness, and soon hooked with the young and vibrant Fang Hai.

After Xiao Taoxiang found that he was pregnant, he was a little worried that once he was discovered by Chi Jiayu, he was not easy to end, so he urged Fang Hai to quickly do it.

Of course, Cuilian will not let Chi Jiayu’s family property fall into Xiaotaoxiang’s hands easily, so he spent a lot of money to buy Fang Hai, and promised that as long as he removed Xiaotaoxiang and Chi Jiayu, he would be the owner of the Chi family in the future.However, Fang Hai was a second or five, and on the surface, he agreed to Cuilian, but secretly revealed Cuilian’s plan to Xiaotaoxiang.

Xiao Taoxiang is also a ruthless role. Where can I take care of any sisters’ friendship?

Just as Xiaotaoxiang and Fang Hai thought that when they were successful, when they were proud, they unexpectedly their conspiracy and tricks were long been seen by Chi Jiayu and Chi Yong.people.

In the end, Fang Hai was sentenced to a decision, and Xiaotao Xiang was sentenced to three thousand miles. She was pregnant in her conception. The county magistrate opened the law. After she was allowed to give birth to a child, she went to serve in prison.

After this disaster, Chi Jiayu finally realized it. As the saying goes, the heart of harm is indispensable, and the heart of preventing people is indispensable. This is true.I don’t know how I was recruited.

Chi Yong later found an old way living in the mountains in the mountains. He took the doctor Chi Jiayu’s legs. He was finally able to stand up and walk slowly. Although it was not as convenient as before, he finally bid farewell to the wheelchair and could walk by himself.

After a few years, Chi Jiayu Jing people introduced that they married an ordinary farm woman. Although the woman’s appearance is ordinary, the girl is honest and honest, and she has taken care of Chi Jiayu’s life.After getting married, I raised a child and a daughter.

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