The man had a relationship with the mother and daughter, which caused the mother and daughter to be pregnant.

Zhang and her husband operated a small paper factory business with her husband, and had a happy life. Soon after, Zhang gave birth to his daughter Zhenzhen, and the business of the small paper factory was getting better and better.

But shortly after, Zhang found that her husband was derailed, so Zhang made up his mind to divorce Yu, because Yu was the wrong party, and the small paper factories and daughters in the family belonged to Zhang.After the divorce, Zhang worked hard and depended on his daughter.

In order to expand the business, Zhang also purchased a lot of bamboo hemp, but who knew suddenly that a fire burned the entire paper factory, and Zhang Mou’s hard work over the years has gone.

When Zhang was desperate, Wang who planted konjac came here. Wang felt that he could use ashes to plant konjac. The ashes were a good fertilizer. Wang said that he could cooperate together.

After listening to it, Zhang felt a bit incredible, but he still cooperated with Wang. The longer the time, the more tacit the two, and the sparks of love slowly became the palace of marriage.After the two were married, Wang was like a biological daughter, but Zhenzhen was deeply attracted by the stepfather and had different feelings.

One day, when Zhang went to talk about cooperation in the field, he kept Wang and Zhenzhen at home. After Wang returned home, it was late at night. He saw a person lying on the bed, thinking that his wife came back, and happened with Zhenzhen.A relationship.As soon as he woke up, Wang was scared. He quickly apologized to Zhenzhen, but Zhenzhen’s response was calm, saying that he would not tell his mother.

Who knows that after Zhang returned, he told Wang that he was pregnant. Both were particularly happy.People, drink pesticide and commit suicide.

However, Zhang had been furious about the incident. He was anxious to hold his hoe to kill Wang. Zhang killed his husband, his daughter died, and Zhang Mou had a lower mood.

Zhang, who had nothing, came to the police station to surrender to truthfully confess the crimes he committed.Zhang’s behavior has constituted the crime of intentional homicide.

Zhang’s behavior constituted the crime of intentional homicide.

Intentional homicide must be intentional to kill others on a subjective consciousness, and it is also divided into direct intentional and indirect intentional intentional.

In this case, all the incentives were that Wang had a relationship with Zhenzhen and became pregnant. This was the direct cause of Zhang Mou’s impulse to kill.

Zhang Mou’s heart became angry, and he picked up his hoe and killed Wang. This behavior was intentionally done by Zhang.And as an adult, Zhang has his own clear subjective judgment, and knows that it may cause great harm to Wang, but she still does such behavior.

Zhang’s behavior is the intentional killing of subjective consciousness, and Zhang made it clear that he would have serious consequences that he would have caused him. Zhang’s behavior infringed Wang’s right to life.

In this case, Zhang’s killing of Wang Mou constituted intentional homicide.

Settlement of intentional homicide is judged based on the severity of the crime.

After Zhang killed Wang, he woke up and surrendered to the police station. Zhang’s surrender behavior was correct, but surrender did not mean that he could avoid punishment. This kind of surrender also reflected Zhang’s regret.

Zhang’s behavior also gave everyone a lesson. When she was emotionally impulsive, she committed unforgivable crimes and had a great impact on society.

In today’s society, the law is the best weapon to maintain social fairness and justice. At the same time, in order to avoid this kind of thing, we should attract aspects and strengthen the study of legal knowledge. Do not know the law and commit laws.

Establish a correct outlook on morality and healthy psychological state.

Does the relationship between Wang and Zhenzhen constitute a rape?

According to the provisions of the Criminal Law, the perpetrators forcibly violated the wishes of others and forcibly violated or sexually rape.

In this case, when the actor Wang had a relationship with Zhenzhen, he mistakenly regarded Zhenzhen as his wife Zhang, and Zhenzhen had no resistance throughout the process, and Zhenzhen was very sober, indicating that he was voluntary.

And Zhenzhen is 18 years old and is an actor with independent thinking ability. He admires his stepfather and is willing to have sex with him. Then Zhenzhen should bear the consequences.

Therefore, Zhang Mou and Zhenzhen did not have a strong violation of Wang, but confessed that they were wrong, and Zhenzhen did not resist, and did not violate Zhenzhen’s wishes.

Although Zhang’s behavior does not constitute a crime of rape, he does not have to take responsibility for it.

However, Zhang’s behavior violated social and custom and violated the moral bottom line.

This case also tells us that we must do cautiously, and do not cause irreparable tragedy for a moment of impulse.

I also hope that everyone can establish the correct moral and world outlook, strive to improve their legal awareness, and use legal weapons to protect themselves.

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