The man had a relationship with the mother and daughter, and after both the mother and daughter were pregnant, the 2 corpse and 4 life tragedies were caused.

"Wife, you listen to me, it is really not that I am willing to have a relationship with my daughter."

"You are a beast and got pregnant, and I have made my daughter’s stomach bigger. I have to kill you today."

In a warehouse in Huangshan, a woman with a pregnant and standing stomach carried a hoe and waved continuously.

A man kept dodging and kept asking for mercy in his mouth, but he still couldn’t resist the violent offensive of the woman, and finally fell into a pool of blood.

However, the woman didn’t mean to stop, as if to vent her inner anger, she still hit the man’s body at a time, until the man’s flesh and blood was blurred, and he had no life.

In the end, the woman went to the hospital to kill the fetus in the belly and staggered to the Huangshan Public Security Bureau to surrender.A big case, with the women’s mouth jumping, surfaced.

Wang Jiaying was born in a rural family in Huangshan. Although the family is in rural areas, the economic conditions are not poor. Compared with residents in other regions, they are also slightly rich.

Under the introduction of the media in the village, Wang Jiaying met with the first husband Xu Peng. The two people Langcai’s appearance, after meeting, quickly had a relationship.

However, the economic conditions of the Wang Jiaying’s family can be regarded as good, and the conditions of Xu Peng’s family can be said to be very poor.

At first, Wang Jiaying’s family strongly opposed the family affairs, thinking that the family’s family was very different. After the two children were together, they might have disputes due to economic reasons.

However, Wang Jiaying strongly persuaded his parents. Xu Peng looked very honest, and life would definitely be solid, and comforted his parents. He could deal with things in life.

In the end, the parents did not have the time to overcome their daughters, and they could only recognize this family affairs.After the parents of both sides met, they quickly finalized the date of marriage.

After getting married, Xu Peng had a proof of his father -in -law and mother -in -law that at the beginning, Wang Jiaying’s choice was not wrong. He started the work of greedy black all day. In order to make more money, he reduced the economic pressure in some families.

In the long run, Wang Jiaying and Xu Peng cooperated together, and they started to work hard in the early days, and gradually began to have some savings in their hands.Gradually, both of them were not satisfied with working under the fence.

One night, Wang Jiaying and her husband were lying on the bed. After a long -term talk, they finally decided to set up their own factories, opened a fire paper factory, and became the boss.

But both people used to work for others. How can there be experience in being a boss?Although the factory can operate normally, things have been produced, but the sales problems have not been resolved.

After careful consideration, the two decided to cooperate in division of labor, and Wang Jiaying was responsible for the production and management of the factory. Xu Peng went to find sales outside and contacted manufacturers who needed to buy fire paper.

It is said that men and women do not work hard. In the long run, the factories built by the couple have become more and more profitable, the road is wider, and the profits come.Gradually, the two became famous in the town, and the business became more and more popular.

Soon after, the two gave birth to a new life. The arrival of thousands of money added a touch of color to the original happy family.However, it is impossible to think that this has become a turning point in the fate of the family.

As the business in the family became more and more popular, the savings of the two were more and more, but Xu Peng was getting late and late, and sometimes there was a strange breath on his body.

At first, Wang Jiaying thought that this was because the husband pulled the sponsor outside and found the wine bureau that had to go through the sales channel.

The previous husband was honest and honest, especially every time I took a shower at home, I saw my eyes light.

However, now the husband has no feeling for himself, and even when he takes the initiative to ask his husband, Xu Peng will turn his head to sleep on the grounds of tiredness for a day.

Wang Jiaying’s heart was more and more doubtful. After seeing her husband go to the bath once, after all, he didn’t hold his curiosity and began to find his husband’s mobile phone.

I didn’t want to chat in the chat content in her husband’s mobile phone, confirming Wang Jiaying’s inner conjecture, and sure enough, he was derailed.

However, what Wang Jiaying didn’t expect was that her husband was not only derailed, but also had a family and that woman, and a son.

Wang Jiaying, who was unable to bear this result, immediately rushed into the bathroom and asked her husband why he did it.However, Xu Peng’s expression was calm, as if he had thought of the current scene a long time ago.Wang Jiaying cried in front of him, but indifferent.

The last two people took the legal procedure to determine the divorce.During the court trial, the children and the fire paper yard were sentenced to Wang Jiaying.

After divorcing Xu Peng, Wang Jiaying soon broke away from passive emotions.She understands that in this world, only by relying on herself can she go more for a long time.

Every day Wang Jiaying got up early and greedy, maintaining the operation of the factory.However, after all, a person’s energy is limited. A factory has entangled Wang Jiaying to get rid of himself, let alone find out to find sales.

Seeing her mother’s painful and tired expression every day, her daughter Xu Zhenzhen was very bad in her heart.In order to help his mother, Xu Zhenzhen took the initiative to propose to pick up the workshop so that the mother can rest assured and find the sales of fire paper outside.

The sensible daughter moved Wang Jiaying’s cold heart.The factory to her daughter is to exercise her daughter on the one hand, and on the other hand, they are forced to be helpless.

After leaving her daughter simply and familiar with the operating process of the factory, Wang Jiaying packed her luggage out to contact the supplier.

Every day, Wang Jiaying will use the public phone to contact the daughter in the factory. After learning that the factory’s operation is all settled, Wang Jiaying also completely let go.

However, how can a 19 -year -old girl not be careless?It was a small mistake that caused the mother and daughter to run hardships.

In contact with Wang Jiaying with the supplier, using the last savings in his hand, he purchased a large number of factory raw materials -bamboo lines, and after stacking it in the factory’s warehouse, because Xu Zhenzhen accidentally ignited the bamboo hemp, which caused the bamboo hemp to ignite the workers, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, which led to the resulting in, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, which led to the resulting in, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, resulting in the lead, which led to the resulting.Wang Jiaying’s dream of resting in Dongshan was completely shattered.

Wang Jiaying, who got the news, quickly rushed home, watching the ashes full of warehouses, stunned. For a while, he didn’t know what was good.

Xu Zhenzhen cried beside him, knowing that he had caused a devastating disaster for his family.However, Wang Jiaying did not scold her daughter, but was dismissed by all workers on the spot. She was brave and bears all the debts of the factory.

After that, Wang Jiaying’s factory was burned into ashes by a fire, becoming a local discussion after dinner.Someone was gloating, and some regretted it.

Soon, a man came to the factory to find the news and found Wang Jiaying. He wanted to cooperate with Wang Jiaying and use the ashes fired by bamboo to grow konjac.This person is Liu Kaihe.

At first, when Wang Jiaying thought that Liu Kaihe came to make fun of her, he was very angry, but when Liu Kaihe talked about the details of the cooperation and the future prospects, Wang Jiaying was completely moved.

Liu Kaihe promised that as long as Wang Jiaying was willing to use the ashes to plant konjac, even if there was no principal now, he could lend to Wang Jiaying for free.Under the premise of all this, as long as Wang Jiaying is required to be planted successfully, he can only sell konjac to himself.

Adhering to the mentality of dead horses as a living horse doctor, Wang Jiaying promised Liu Kaihe to say this.Sure enough, when using the ashes burned by bamboo hemp to plant konjac, the planting effect is significant, not only the fruit output is large, but also the quality is good.

After two people’s cooperation, this time the planting of konjac has been fruitful and sold at a high price.With these funds, Wang Jiaying not only repaid all the debt, but also left some savings in his hands.

Since then, Wang Jiaying has started to communicate with Liu Kaihe.The two people cooperated and re -created a new factory, but the direction of production has changed. From the original production of fire paper to production and konjac -related products.

After two years of labor, Liu Kaihe reclaimed all his principal, and Wang Jiaying also revenue more than 20,000 yuan.Life is booming, Wang Jiaying is full of energy.

The eighth day of the lunar month is the 42nd birthday of Wang Jiaying.On this day, Liu Kaihe prepared a birthday gift for Wang Jiaying early, customized a cake, and made a full table.

In this wine bureau, the two talked about trivial matters in life.Wang Jiaying learned through chat that Liu Kaihe’s marriage life was not happy. Although the two still kept the relationship between husband and wife, they were already famous.

Liu Kaihe also filed a divorce to his wife before, but his wife did not agree and leave in order to occupy Liu Kaihe’s savings.This has also caused Liu Kaihe to have a wife now, but he has never had a substantial life.

"Think about the days at home, or you are comfortable with you."

Liu Kaihe drank while drinking. For more than ten years, his wife never made such a delicious meal for himself, nor was Wang Jiaying so comfortable.

After three patrols, both of them drank some, and Xu Zhenzhen also drank a few cups.After eating almost, Xu Zhenzhen proposed to send Liu Kaihe to the room with his mother to rest, but the suggestion was rejected by his mother.

"Girl, go to sleep in your advanced house, and I have something to talk about with your uncle."

However, the daughter’s response was beyond Wang Jiaying’s expectations. Xu Zhenzhen insisted on sending Liu Kaihe to return to the room to rest. Although she didn’t know what her daughter thought, she didn’t think too much as a mother.

After scolding her daughter a few words, she pushed her daughter into the house.Then he turned to Liu Kaihe, drinking drinks one after another.After a while, Liu Kaihe was already a little drowsy.

"That, I’ll take you back to the room."

Wang Jiaying lifted Liu Kaihe to move towards the room little by little, and his huge breasts were tightly posted on Liu Kaihe’s arm.Liu Kaihe did not know what was red because of drinking alcohol.

In the room, the two never had any cover and let go of themselves completely.Wang Jiaying was closely attached to Liu Kaihe’s body. Liu Kaihe’s hand kept walking on Wang Jiaying. At the last moment, Wang Jiaying closed the door.

Xu Zhenzhen did not fall asleep when he returned to the room. Thinking of Liu Kaihe’s help to himself and his mother during this time, his heart was moved for a while.In the years of spending time with Liu Kaihe, Xu Zhenzhen has gradually been attracted by Liu Kaihe, and the mature and stable atmosphere.

Although he knew that his mother was interested in Liu Kaihe and had a large age difference with Liu Kaihe, Xu Zhenzhen was still reluctant to give up his restlessness in his heart.

It may be a bit of drinking at night. Wang Jiaying got up and was going to go to the toilet.But at the moment when the door was about to open, a slumped voice came into the ears.

The sound of humming haha constantly echoed in my mind.Xu Zhenzhen, who was in adolescence, certainly knew what it was, and instantly red ears.

With the squeezing and impact sound of the wooden board on the bed, Xu Zhenzhen was upset.Then closed the door of the room, wrapped himself tightly with the quilt, and fell asleep.

The next day, Wang Jiaying got up early to make meals, which was much richer than usual.Xu Zhenzhen looked at Liu Kaihe, who was mixed around her mother, and was full of jealousy.

As the factory needs to expand sales, Wang Jiaying packed up early on the second day and went to the supplier to negotiate.Because of the needs of the factory, Liu Kaihe organized a meal with several other dealers at night.

"Mom doesn’t know when to come back. In the evening, Uncle Liu has a wine bureau, and you don’t know when to go home. You go to bed early at night."

Simply explained her daughter’s two sentences, and Wang Jiaying rushed to the station with the box. I didn’t know that a thought was quietly generated in Xu Zhenzhen’s heart.

Although Xu Zhenzhen was reluctant to love his mother on the surface, he was full of expectations.After returning home, after finishing the clothes, quietly waiting for the night of night.

Near the early morning, Liu Kaihe returned to Wang Jiaying’s home from the outside.Pushing open the door, a woman was lying on the bed.Liu Kaihe, who had been conscious, thought that Wang Jiaying was waiting for himself to come back.

After the last night of passion, Liu Kaihe was not too shy, and climbing into the bed was a fierce fight.Xu Zhenzhen struggled to endure, and did not make a sound as much as possible to avoid Liu Kaihe discovered abnormalities.

In the early morning of the next day, Liu Kaihe woke up and found that Xu Zhenzhen was naked around him, and he was sleepy instantly.Compared with Liu Kaihe’s panic, Xu Zhenzhen was wearing clothes calmly and slowly left the room.

In the face of Liu Kaihe’s apology, Xu Zhenzhen did not blame it, but instead comforted Liu Kaihe as a matter of this matter.As everyone knows, just this night’s passion was pregnant.

In the fall of 1996, Wang Jiaying checked her pregnancy. Although it was outside, she still couldn’t wait to tell Liu Kaihe the news.

Liu Kaihe was very happy after hearing it. He picked up Wang Jiaying back that day and set up a few table banquets to celebrate.When everyone was so high, she did not find that Xu Zhenzhen frowned.

"Mom, I’m pregnant!"

"Pregnant? Who’s?"

"My father’s."

After a few days, the careful Wang Jiaying gradually discovered that the original lively daughter was frowning all day.But under the constant questioning of Wang Jiaying, Xu Zhenzhen finally told the pregnancy.

After Wang Jiaying heard, the whole person’s head was bursting.Who had thought of thinking that a happy life was about to start, but now he encountered such a thing.

The biological daughter was stomachable by her man, and when these things were placed, they were quite bursting.Under the anger, Wang Jiaying picked up his hoe and found Liu Kaihe, who worked in the warehouse.

"What’s wrong? Wang Jiaying."

"What’s wrong? You ask me what’s wrong with me?"

Looking at Wang Jiaying, who was angry, Liu Kaihe suddenly couldn’t touch his mind.Seeing Liu Kaihe until now, he still pretended to be stupid in front of himself. Wang Jiaying was even more angry in his heart. He raised his hoe and smashed Liu Kaihe’s head and yelled.

When Liu Kaihe understood, Wang Jiaying came from Xu Zhenzhen.Kneeling on the ground instantly, he kept his slap, explaining to Wang Jiaying that he was confused for a while.

But how can Wang Jiaying be heard?Liu Kaihe gradually lost his breath and became blurred in the Wang Jiaying again and again.

After hearing the news, Xu Zhenzhen, who was in a hurry, just saw the scene in front of him, and was stunned.After a while, Xu Zhenzhen explained to Wang Jiaying that all this thing was willing.

While Wang Jiaying was in a hurry, Xu Zhenzhen picked up the pesticide that Liu Kaihe stayed on the table and drank it.

When Wang Jiaying reacted and sent Xu Zhenzhen to the hospital, he was unable to return to heaven. Although he was fully rescued by the doctor, Xu Zhenzhen still failed to recover his life due to the high pesticide composition.

Wang Jiaying, who lost everything, sat dumbly on the side of the road.I tried my best to break into such a large family business. In the end, because I did not inspect for a while, everything disappeared.

The next day, Wang Jiaying fell off the fetus in the abdomen, and then surrendered to the police station.According to national law, Wang Jiaying was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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