The man dreams of his wife and others every day into a kiss!Taoist calculation: you will die tonight, you will undoubtedly die

This story took place during the Northern and Southern Dynasties, and Xiao Dao, the founding emperor of the South Qi, had a brave general, named Zhang Jun.This person is good at riding and shooting, fierce fighting, and from a bottom soldier, sitting on the position of the general step by step with countless war skills.Zhang Jun is greedy for others, but has won the trust of the emperor and regards it as a confidant.

Seeing this, some people can’t help but feel strange. The emperor likes to be greedy for money, and he is afraid that he is also a mediocre emperor.In fact, this is not the case. Looking at the ancient emperor, the favorite is this minister who has the ability and obvious weakness. Instead, he is most afraid of those courtiers who are neither greedy for money nor good, but they are greedy for power.

Therefore, Xiao Daocheng has no trust in Zhang Jun and gives him peace of mind to him. Zhang Jun did live up to expectations, and he could win every time.When Zhang Jun fought, he was very good at using strategies. He first shown that he was weak, and then pretended to surrender. After gaining the trust of the other party’s commander, he accidentally cracked it and tried it repeatedly.

Originally, such tactics would only be targeted at the enemy. However, in the subtle way, Zhang Jun’s confidence in his over -confidence in his ability has aroused the desire for the emperor’s power in his heart.If Xiao Daocheng is also used as a potential enemy, can one day be replaced by himself?As the ambition slowly expanded, Zhang Jun began to implement his own plan.

Zhang Jun was born in the Hanmen, and everything he was made by Xiao Dao, including a lot of wives and concubines in the family.It is strange to say that since Zhang Jun has the minds of conspiracy to usurp, he often has the same dream, dreaming of his wife and other men into caves.It was also paid one or two times, but she was tortured by such a dream. Zhang Jun couldn’t stand it, and even suspected that his wife was really out of the wall.

Zhang Jun was training soldiers in the mountains at this time. At this time, he was upset, and he drank alcohol to relieve boring all day. Once when he was drinking with his subordinates, he accidentally heard that there was a Taoist view nearby.Dreaming is very spiritual.When Zhang Jun’s heart was happy, he asked his subordinates to invite Danyangzi to the barracks to solve his dreams for his hexagrams.

Although Zhang Jun saw this priest’s face, he was glowing, and his body exuded the ingenuity of the fairy wind.Zhang Jun is a rough person, and he doesn’t say much about it. After a few words, he told Danyangzi about his mind.Danyangzi closed his eyes slightly, and his right hand began to calculate.

After a long time, Danyangzi suddenly opened his eyes and said, "General, this dream is very weird! If you want to completely solve the dream, you must know who the Mrs. Zun enters the cave with whom in the dream.If you are the person who knows each other, I’m afraid you will be in trouble! "

After listening to the words of Danyangzi, Zhang Jun began to fall into meditation, but no matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t remember who was married to his wife, so he said, "I really didn’t see the appearance of the person in the dream.Seems to know me! "Suddenly, his eyes turned, as if thinking of something, patted his hand, and then said," I remember, once I saw the person’s foot on the soles of the person in the dream.The mark! "

Danyangzi was shocked and sat up suddenly, saying very seriously: "General, the poor advise you to say a word, Mrs. Zun may have been out of the wall.You will die! "Zhang Jun didn’t take it for granted, and laughed:" Is the Taoist a little thelarmist? But just a dream, how can it be related to life? Besides, what evidence has the evidence of Taoism proved that I will be in trouble?"

Danyangzi had no expression, and only said one sentence: "The opportunity cannot be leaked! If the general says that the poverty says, it will be based on the advice of the poor.! "Danyangzi finished speaking and strode away.After Danyangzi left, Zhang Jun became more and more doubtful. He was not worried about his life, but he suspected that his wife really came out of the wall. After all, he led his troops all day and was often not at home.

Thinking of this, Zhang Jun couldn’t help the skepticism in his heart. He flew into the horse and went to the horse. The military camp was not too far away from the capital. He came back in about an hour.When he returned home, Zhang Junma rushed to his wife’s room non -stop, and he was with a strange man.

Seeing this scene, Zhang Jun was furious. Moreover, he was born in a general. Where can he endure this kind of thing? Without saying a word, he pulled out the sharp sword in his waist and killed the two on the spot.When Zhang Jun planned to leave, a team of banned forces suddenly rushed out of the door and surrounded him.

These embargo were all the emperor’s relatives. Zhang Jun did not dare to resist, and had to leave his weapon to capture.Perhaps in his opinion, he was just returning to Beijing without permission. It was a few words to be reprimanded by the emperor, but Zhang Jun Wanwan did not expect that the emperor ordered to execute him, and he didn’t even have a chance to shout.

Of course, Zhang Jun’s charges must be there, because his wife is the emperor’s cousin, isn’t it the crime of killing the king of the emperor?In fact, this is just an excuse. The real reason is that the emperor knows the ambition of Zhang Junye’s imperial power.Zhang Jun’s wife also has another identity, that is, the undercover of the emperor Xiao Daocheng, responsible for monitoring Zhang Jun for him.

Zhang Jun has a problem. Every time he has a heart, he always speaks through a dream, but he doesn’t know it himself.Therefore, he wanted to be the emperor’s conspiracy and strategy, which was known by Xiao Daocheng. How could Xiao Daocheng tolerate such a big threat?Besides, he trusted Zhang Jun so much, he dared to choose to betray, so Xiao Daocheng remained unswervingly removed Zhang Jun.

Danyangzi may calculate Zhang Jun’s situation, but he dare not bluntly, he can only remind Zhang Jun in a way that cannot be leaked.However, Zhang Jun was stunned by his power. If he could be contentment and less ambitious, maybe he could get a good end and have to say that this is a lesson.

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