The man couldn’t have birth, and the wife gave birth to a child after derailment. My wife: I am for you

I married her for 17 years, the child is not mine,

What else do you say?

He did not have birth, and I was for him.

The name of the man in the picture is Xiao Xie. He and his wife were introduced by people. The couple have lived for 17 years, and the two have also operated a small shop, but the two have no children in the past few years.How do you work hard, you still have not pregnant.

So Xiao Xie’s wife was secretly with a man who secretly introduced her husband with her husband. What made people unexpected was that Xiao Chen was pregnant before it was before.

When Xiaoxie knew that his wife was pregnant, he was particularly excited. The relationship between the two was getting better and better. Soon the two also had a cute little cotton jacket, but the life of the family was very happy. Who knows that the child is getting moreThe bigger, the change.

The child is getting bigger and bigger, and the neighbors nearby start to say three or four, which means that the daughter is not like him. At first, Xiao Xie didn’t care about it. Later, when he saw the child getting bigger and bigger, he remembered what the neighbor said.

So Xiao Xie took the parent -child identification with the child, the identification results came out, the child was biological, and Xiao Xie saw that this result was also a five -thunder!

Knowing the truth, he watched his former daughter getting more and less pleasing to the eye, and often lost his temper on his daughter, and sometimes even hit his daughter.

The two couples are also contradictory because of this. My wife also threatened that I am also for your good. I have never had a child. You are anxious. Now I give you a child. You should be happy.

For the words of his wife, Xiao Xie really made Xiao Xie angry and hate, so the wife proposed a divorce, but his wife did not agree. Xiao Xie also sued the court. Now Xiao Xie also got the court’s divorce judgment.

Now that the two have divorced, a divorce book of a paper has also ended the 17 -year life of the two people, but the old house judged to the woman was in the hands of the woman.So that the wife could not return, and now the mother and daughter can only rent a house in a remote place.

In order to understand the reason for the matter, the mediator followed Xiao Chen to his ex -husband. When he saw his ex -wife over, Xiao Xie showed that it was very indifferent.

When the mediation staff occupied their mother and daughter’s house, Xiao Xie also said the reason.

It turned out that Xiao Xie borrowed 200,000 to buy a house before the divorce, but he mentioned when he did not sue for divorce, but the court distributed the new house as a husband and wife’s common property.

So after the judgment, the old house returned to his wife, and the new house returned to Xiao Xie, which means that Xiao Xie asked to bear the arrears of this 200,000.

Now let him let him carry this 200,000 200,000 arrears. He is unwilling, and he wants his ex -wife to bear part of the arrears.Can be returned to her.

If the ex -wife does not agree, he will consume it with her.

As for her ex -wife, she would not help back, and the house would come over. If he never let go, she would go to legal procedures to protect her rights and interests.

I have to say that the world of thousands of worlds is strange. Xiao Chen’s approach is really inappropriate. He should not carry a child with her husband and others, and come back to let her husband take over the game.

No matter which man knows, he will not accept his wife to do such a thing.

Now that the two people today, regardless of their feelings for more than ten years, they have negotiated this matter, and those two people can only solve the front and back of the law.

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