The male cat has been sterilized, but the female cat is pregnant after half a month.

For cat -raising shovel officers, this period of time must not be very good, because spring is the peak season for cats.After the estrus, the cat’s temperament will change a lot, which makes the shovel officer a headache, so the sterilization operation of the pet hospital becomes busy.

There are two cats at home in the shoveling officer, a male cat Garfi and a female cat puppet. The shoveling officer originally raised two cats to make them accompany each other.EssenceSo he first performed sterilization surgery for the male cat.

However, the male cat has obviously had a sterilization surgery. He thought it would be safe. Unexpectedly, after half a month, the female cat was still pregnant, and the shoveling officer wondered: Isn’t it clean?

When a woman ran to question the doctor, the doctor’s explanation was that the male cat had fertility within 45 days after the male cat was sterilized.After listening to this explanation, the shoveling officer was completely cold, why not say it early!

Hey, since you have no intention of inserting willows, you can only accept it silently and be ready to welcome a new life.And what is the cubs that the puppet cats and Garfield combined, it is really curious.

However, the veterinarian Xiaoming believes that the shovel officer can also calm down a little. After all, the general value of the creatures of cats is still high, even mixed -race will not be too bad, just like a string of cats above.At least very special.

Or is a skewed cat like this, who says it is not beautiful or not, even better than some varieties of cats?

Even if you have this very characteristic cat, you don’t have to be too embarrassed. Maybe it will be hot someday?"Advanced Faces" are now popular.

Veterinary Science Popularity: If there is a plan to give birth to his own cat, it is recommended to choose the "object" of the cat. The basic requirement is definitely the same variety. Although we do not exclude the skewers, we still avoid the responsible attitude.Use different varieties to match.

Before bringing cats to breed, in addition to figure out the basic situation of the other party, you have to discuss with the other party how to charge, and some are paid to the breeding, and some require some cubs.Avoid unnecessary trouble in the future.

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