The lower abdomen hurts all day?Is there a smell of leucorrhea?What will it lead to infertile ovarian inflammation?

"The small belly is always faintly painful. The doctor said it was ovarian? What is going on?"

"Reading the king deeply, you can’t give birth to your baby?"

"Can ovarian inflammation repeat for several years, can it be cured?"

What are the symptoms of ovarian inflammation?Is it inflamed?Should this product be checked and should I treat it?

The dry goods of the train are here!This is a deep reading of the Jun Chashi, visiting patients, and painting animation.

The data goes!

Ovarian inflammation occurs in women of childbearing age.In our country, around the age of 20-35 is the peak age of the disease. The young ladies and sisters who take the wind and waves should pay attention to it.

What exactly is ovarian inflammation?

Ovarian inflammation is a type of pelvic inflammatory disease. It is an inflammatory disease caused by pathogens into the ovarian.Ovarian inflammation rarely occurs alone, most of which occur at the same time as tubalitis.

Definition is abstract?Look at the symptoms!

"The small belly is like hanging something, and it is painful all day long!"

Lower abdominal pain is a typical symptom of ovarian inflammation, manifested as persistent hidden pain, and worsening after labor or sexual intercourse.

"A whole day, soft and sour, just stunned!"

Fever is also a typical symptom of ovarian inflammation. It can be accompanied by symptoms such as cold war, headache, and loss of appetite.

"Periodontal pain, but I can’t discharge when I want to stool."

Anal swelling is a typical symptom of ovarian inflammation, manifested as anal pain in the anus and has foreign body sensation.

"The underwear is stinky and sticky, for fear that others will smell it, the baby is bitter!"

Increasing leucorrhea is also a typical symptom of ovarianitis. The leucorrhea is pale yellow and pus, and some can be seen.

"Oh my god! How can I bleed without signing?

Irregular vaginal bleeding is also a typical symptom of ovarian inflammation.The amount is small, the dripping is not clean, and generally does not exceed the menstrual flow.

"Aunt has been here for 10 days, there is no meaning yet, heaven!"

The increase in menstruation and extension of menstrual period are also typical symptoms of ovarian inflammation.

"Read the king deeply, this is the ability? It seems not terrible!"

Very stupid and naive, isn’t it?The harm goes!

"I’m afraid he will go home, it hurts every time, what should I do?"

Patients with ovarian inflammation will increase abdominal pain after sexual intercourse, affecting the life of husband and wife.

"I can’t be pregnant for five years, can I still be a mother?"

The worst harm of ovarian inflammation is infertility.Ovarian inflammation may be destroyed by ovarian function, so that it cannot ovulate normally, and of course, it cannot be pregnant.

"Read the king deeply, can this ovarian inflammation be cured?"

Deep Reading Jun can tell you that as long as scientific treatment, it can generally be cured through drugs.

There are also troublesome things. The love of ovarian inflammation is repeated. As soon as the medication is used, the symptoms will be reduced, but within a few months, it will come again.

Deep reading of Jun emphasized that the treatment of ovarian inflammation must follow the doctor’s advice and treat the process!

During the treatment, some younger sisters saw that the symptoms improved, and they thought that they were sick.The result of a wayward operation is that bacteria produce drug resistance. It is difficult to want to do it on the Internet!

"Read the king deeply, what is the ovarian? What is the use? How can it be inflamed?"

"What caused this ovarian inflammation? Does it have anything to do with that?"

"Why do you get infertility with ovarian inflammation?"

Wow, the question is one after another, but reading the spirit of Deep Reading Jun likes you the spirit of breaking the casserole to ask for the end!

In the next episode, I will take you to reveal the answer!Wait for Deep Reading Jun!Mi Mi!

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