The leakage of urine during pregnancy can be relieved, don’t be ashamed!

After pregnancy, many expectant mothers will have embarrassing phenomenon such as frequent urination and leakage.A lot of wet panties after a laughed or sneezing are embarrassing.When I was frequent and leaking at home, I was troublesome when I went out. It was okay during the day. I ran every evening and I really wanted to sleep directly in the bathroom.

How many expectant mothers are to endure the hidden hiddenness of frequent urination and leakage of urine during pregnancy? Frequent urination and leakage during pregnancy. How do expectant mothers respond?

Nearly 90 % of expectant mothers often run toilets during pregnancy

Frequent urination during pregnancy is mostly the "disaster" caused by pregnancy.Hua Lady often hears a complaint of pregnant women around her. The number of urinations after pregnancy is increased. Usually, it is okay to go out or attend important meetings. If you go out, you can not find the toilet at any time.Seating, urinate, and after pain, it is even harder to be affectionate if it is leaked.

The influence of frequent urination during pregnancy has endlessly affected the daily lives of mothers. From the results of the survey, nearly 90 % of expectant mothers will have frequent urination, so expectant mothers do not have to make a fuss about this.

What I have to mention is that for frequent urination during pregnancy, many expectant mothers will fall into some misunderstandings, such as urination and not drinking water to avoid going to the toilet.The urination time is too long, which will affect the bladder function, and drinking less water is very unfavorable for babies and expectant mothers.Expectant mothers should drink more than 1600ml of water every day.

70 % of expectant mothers have a leakage of urine after pregnancy

I leaking urine during pregnancy, also known as "urinary incontinence", generally appears in the late pregnancy and postpartum, and the third trimester. As the uterus continues to increase compression to the bladder, when the abdominal pressure increases (such as cough, sneezing, laughing, etc.), there will beUrine overflow, this phenomenon is normal.

Of course, leakage of urine is okay at home. If you are in a company or when you go out, leakage is really a cup.I don’t want to talk to my friends every time I am happy to run to the toilet when laughing? Moms mothers may wish to pay more attention from daily life. To strengthen the exercise of pelvic muscles can effectively reduce the occurrence of embarrassing things.Anal lifting training is an effective way to exercise pelvic muscles.The specific method can be lifted up like a stool, then relaxed, then relaxed, and then lifted it up.It can be carried out on the stand, sitting, and line. Each anal movement exercise is about 50 times, which can last for 5-10 minutes.

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