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Notification of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the health management and medical service guarantee of pregnant women and children’s health management and medical services, comprehensive issues [2022] No. 120 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, and Xinjiang production and construction corps to respond to new types of coronary virus pneumonia.Leading group, headquarters):

In order to implement the "Notice on Further Optimizing and Implementing the Prevention and Control Measures of the New Crown Pneumonia’s Epidemic Elberry" (joint defense joint control mechanism [2022] No. 113), the State Council ’s joint prevention and control mechanism of the State CouncilMedical service guarantee work, effectively maintain the safety of maternal and infants, and protect the safety and physical health of maternal and children to the greatest extent. According to the overall arrangement of the epidemic prevention and control, the following work requirements are now proposed:

1. Strengthen health education guidance

All localities should guide medical institutions to strengthen the health education and consultation of pregnant women and child caregivers through WeChat, APP, telephone, video, online pregnant women schools, etc., and guide pregnant women and children’s families for health monitoring and daily protection.When maternal and children go out or wear masks when they go to public places, wear N95 masks when they go to medical institutions, and they are not enough for personnel gathering and space -closed places. When home or in the office, they often ventilate, keep the air circulation, master the correct way of washing hands, go out to return home home to return home homeWash your hands carefully.All localities must actively carry out "Internet+Maternal and Child Health" services, make full use of the form of high -risk pregnant women’s project management, infant nurturing guidance guidance, etc. for full use of APP, WeChat mini -programs and other forms.The institution can use fetal heart guardians, cichlid jaundice detectors and other wearable devices to provide health monitoring and management for maternal and newborn, and effectively reduce the risk of the masses to the hospital and cross -infection.

2. Strengthen active service follow -up

All localities should combine maternal and children’s system management to guide the community to further find out the situation of maternal mothers and children 0-6 years old in the area, establish a list of personnel lists and key groups, formulate health and safety guarantee plans, guide pregnant women to take the initiative to the community in a timely manner to the community in time to the communityIt is reported to get the consultation service in time.Guide the delivery institutions with a close contact with women who built or checked in this institution, and inform the emergency contact information in order to communicate in time in time.Focusing on pregnant women in the week and above, we will learn more about the isolation status and health status of each maternal maternal, and provide health management consulting and guidance services to mothers in various ways, strengthen psychological support, and soothe psychological pressure on maternal mothers.County maternal and child health care institutions should guide grass -roots medical and health institutions to jointly evaluate the "five -color management" of pregnancy risk as orange, red and purple, as well as pregnant women and the gestational weekly and above 37 weeks or above.High -risk newborns conduct key inspections, active services and follow -up management.

Third, guarantee normal medical services

All localities should promote the establishment of a docking mechanism for communities and specialized medical institutions, do a good job of service connection, ensure that the channels are unblocked and responded in a timely manner, and provided medical treatment for medical mothers, children, etc.Maintenance institutions at all levels should maintain continuous operation. Without the consent of the health and health departments of the county level and above, they must not stop giving birth services without authorization.Some maternal assistance institutions are temporarily closed, and the maternal maternal maternal women who have built and closed before closing are transferred to the emergency delivery agencies determined by various places to receive production inspections and hospital delivery.Maternal and children’s health care institutions at all levels must strive to strengthen the guidance and support of maternal health care and children’s health care in primary medical and health institutions, and do everything possible to ensure the needs of maternal and child medical care services during the epidemic.Medicine is important in the diagnosis and treatment of new coronary pneumonia in women and children.

4. Ensure that the green channel is smooth

Medical institutions at all levels should maintain unblocking maternal and emergency emergency green channels for maternals and children, strictly implement the first consultation system and emergency and severe rescue system, properly dispose of patients with patients with severe critical illness, and to produce maternal mothers, dangerous pregnant women, and critical severe births.Patients who need emergency and first aid for children, children, etc., should give positive treatment while doing well, and shall not refuse, push or delay the treatment on the grounds of epidemic prevention and control.The specific treatment process of emergency patients shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant requirements of the epidemic prevention and control medical management.The dangerous pregnant maternal and newborn treatment centers at all levels should effectively play the "bottom" guarantee role of the safety and severe treatment of maternal and infants.Real -help institutions at all levels should improve the screening process and emergency plan of pregnant women’s admission to the hospital, guide pregnant women to receive nucleic acid testing in appropriate time, and prepare for hospitalization in advance.

5. Optimize the medical treatment process

Maternal and children’s health care institutions at all levels shall, in accordance with the requirements of the "Notice on Further Optimizing the Medical Service Process" (Joint Defense and Control Mechanism Comprehensive [2022] No. 114), check the consultation platform, show on -site, etc.The test results of maternal and children’s 48 -hour kernel acidic acid can be exempted from nucleic acid inspection for infants under 3 years of age, and only check the accompanying staff nucleic acid.It is necessary to further optimize the outpatient consultation process, divide out the outpatient area into nucleic acid -positive diagnosis and treatment areas and nucleic acid negative diagnosis and treatment areas.The maternal and child health care institutions that set up hot kidneys shall further optimize the process in accordance with the requirements of the "Regulations on the Setting Management of Hot Cores", strengthen personnel equipment, and effectively strengthen the management of the hot ruling clinic.It is necessary to promote smart maternal and children’s services such as clinics, reservation hospitalization, clinic settlement, mobile payment, online inquiry and push inspection results, reduce the number of times of the masses, and strive to shorten patients waiting for the stay in the hospital.We must strive to provide "one -stop" convenient services in outpatient clinics, ultrasound examination, fetal heart monitoring, blood collection, urine test and other links to reduce the cross -flow of people in the hospital.

6. Strict hospitalization safety management

Maternal and children’s health care institutions at all levels should conduct nucleic acid testing on patients admitted, and after admission, nucleic acid testing or antigen detection is performed.It is necessary to focus on children and neonatal children and neonatal children, complicated childcare, postoperative children with poor basic conditions, and poor children with poor basic conditions, and maternal maternal and children patients who have not completed the vaccination of new crown virus vaccines (especially children under 3 years old)., Continue to strengthen monitoring. Once the nucleic acid detection is positive, pay close attention to changes in the condition and make every effort to strengthen medical treatment.It is necessary to arrange relatively independent areas (hospitals, buildings, buildings, wards or ward) to treat nucleic acid -positive patients, and medical staff are relatively fixed.Strictly implement the requirements for closed management of the ward area, strictly implement the non -visual vision and non -necessary accompaniment. Those who need to be accompanied should be arranged for a fixed companion and implemented a full management in the ward.Management and courtyard sense prevention and control.It is necessary to regulate the settlement of the transitional ward (or transitional ward) and isolation. For emergency patients who need to be hospitalized but have no nucleic acid test results, they should first treat them in the transitional ward (or transitional ward), and childbirth in isolation.After confirmation of the results of the nucleic acid detection, transfer to the corresponding ward.

7. Caring for patients and medical staff

All localities should actively use 5G and other technologies to carry out remote visits of newborn intensive care rooms and other departments, strengthen communication with parents, and alleviate parents’ tension and anxiety.Maternal and children’s health care institutions at all levels should strengthen all -person training, guide all medical staff to strictly regulate the implementation of infection prevention and control measures, and provide suitable and sufficient protective supplies according to the exposure risk and launching diagnosis and treatment operations.Personnel practice is safe.According to work needs, the organization conducts nucleic acid testing or antigen detection of medical staff in the institution, and in principle, medical staff in key departments and parts of the childbirth room, neonatal department, operating room and other key departments and parts.It is necessary to closely monitor the operation of the outpatient emergency department and the usage of beds, combine the health status of medical staff, coordinate human resources, optimize the group marshal, and orderly on duty, and ensure that medical staff get a reasonable rest.

8. Do a good job of medical resource reserves

Maternal and children’s health care institutions at all levels should strengthen the construction of key departments such as severe medical medicine and anesthesia, improve key facilities such as negative pressure delivery rooms, severe care rooms, etc., with instruments and equipment such as emergency first aid, severe treatment, inspection and testing, etc.Consumption, drugs, protection equipment, disinfection supplies reserve, and prepare sufficient antigen test agents.Pay attention to the unique advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, and reserve suitable Chinese medicines and appropriate amounts of Chinese medicinal materials.Establish a list of material reserves and implement dynamic reserves of materials and equipment.The State Council responded to the new type of coronary virus pneumonia.

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