The junior daughter is pregnant first, and insists on giving birth to a child. What should I do?

"I have no face to see people! It’s better to die! I’m really shameful! This product has lost my ancestors’ eight -generation face!" My girlfriend Ah Hong cried and shed tears.It is telling me about her daughter’s affairs.Ahong’s daughter is currently only 21 years old and is going to school in a key university.Who knows that he has been in love two years ago.It is normal for children to fall in love with premature children now, and it is not unusual at all.The problem is that this girl is still pregnant.The most serious thing is that this girl is pregnant and does not want to kill the child. She insists that she will terminate her studies and give birth to the child.

Ahong’s couple are naturally angry, and the two sons are bitter and persuaded to invalidate. There was no way to call me to persuade her (because I looked at her daughter grew up).But this girl is really 说, and she can’t listen to it.In the end, Ahong had to throw a ruthless words: without listening to persuasion, she cut off her relationship with her, and she had never given birth to a daughter like her.Who knew that the girl did not show weakness and shouted, "I am the master of my life! I am an adult, why do you arrange my life?"Getting off the oppression and exploitation slaves that are said.

Hard -worked hard to pull the child, watching her daughter admitted to a good university.When the child was admitted to college a few years ago, Ahong was very happy. Everyone came to congratulate.I feel that I have been so angry, and the child who has a good way to give her parents has a long face!Speaking of this child is very obedient since childhood, and he has basically not been worried about his parents in his studies. He has always been in a key university in the first year.Ahong was really happy and proud at that time!

Ahong plans to let her children stay in school after graduation and be a university teacher.I even thought that I would let my daughter take the postgraduate test doctors in the future and settle in the United States to settle there. In the future, she may go to the United States to enjoy a blessing with her daughter.The following words were said to others, and I heard from others’ mouths.

Therefore, Ahong’s two are highly hoped to her daughter. Now that her daughter does this, it is the same as they are!That’s the life of both of them!Not to mention that Ahong is difficult to accept, and I can’t accept it.The current children are really difficult to discipline!I can’t accept how a girl who has been very good since childhood becomes like this.It seems that both of her parents and I have become sticks and interfered with the wicked of her marriage and love!

Everyone said what to do with this tricky thing?

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