The Japanese T league shouted to defeat the national table tennis.

In just one day, the Japanese table tennis celebrity Fukuhara Ai returned strongly. As a council attended this new status platform, the Japanese T league was shouted; then the Chinese table tennis Grand Slam winner "Demon King" Li Xiaoxia was the nationwide table tennis.The platform of the ball championship, regardless of 8 months of pregnancy, supports the national table tennis

The Japanese T -League is a new table tennis event created by Japan. It is known as the participation of the world’s top master.The T -League opened 3 million yuan to invite Malone, Zhang Jike, Ding Ning, Liu Shiwen and others, but has not received a reply so far; and Fukuhara Ai also claims that one of the purpose is to improve Japanese table tennis players in October.The strength of the young Japanese table tennis is also looking forward to the hope of a top table tennis league for young Japanese table tennis players, but the real ultimate goal is: to make the T league a development place to defeat Chinese table tennis players!

For Fukuhara Ai and the T -League’s shouting, Guoping did not respond any response, but in the same way, the 2018 National Table Tennis Championship was also held in Anshan, Liaoning. This time, a well -known pregnant woman came. SheIt’s Li Xiaoxia

Li Xiaoxia, after Zhang Yining’s retirement, took over the mantle of the "Great Devil" with the Grand Slam winner. She announced her retirement in January 2017. In August, she announced that she had a marriage certificate with the head coach of Liaoning Men’s Table Tennis.A whole year, everyone discovered that Li Xiaoxia is about to be a mother!

Anshan is also Li Xiaoxia’s hometown. She is also waiting for delivery in Anshan’s house. At present, she has been pregnant for 8 months, and there are 40 days. This is the National Championship. On the one hand, it is a platform for her husband and on the other hand.And she also accepted everyone’s blessings on Weibo for the first time

Fukuhara Ai was once defeated by Li Xiaoxia’s men. Fukuhara Ai returned to temper Japanese players to defeat Guoping at the Tokyo Olympics. The appearance of Li Xiaoxia is the biggest deterrent to Japanese table tennis.

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