The Japanese "Tips" of the Japanese are 16 times that of milk and a pound of 4 yuan. Eat more

Hello everyone, I am Qing Mu.In addition to his career in his life, Qin Shihuang’s life was the most discussion than his dedication to "longevity".And now, people want to live for a long time.

The life span of a person has a lot to do with the diet, and the Japanese "longevity secrets" have been discovered!Iron is 16 times milk, 4 yuan per catty, but few people eat


As a vegetable that can be eaten all year round, spinach has a very rich nutritional element, which is helpful to human health, and has a variety of ways to eat. It is also very simple to do home.

Recommended dishes 1: Cold spinach

Prepare ingredients: spinach, fine fans, carrots, peanuts, garlic, millet pepper

1. Put the fine fans into a larger bowl, and then soak in warm water for about ten minutes.Put the spinach into the water, clean it several times, clean it cleanly and put it in the pot for later use.

2. After the fans are soaked, you can cut it with scissors 2 to 3 sections.Cut the carrots into thin filaments, prepare more garlic, cut into minced garlic, and cut millet pepper into sections for sections.

3. Prepare a small basin, put half a spoonful of refined salt, half a spoonful of sugar, then add half a spoonful of rice vinegar, half a spoonful of raw soy sauce, add a little sesame oil, and stir well.

4. Add a large amount of water to the pot. After the water is boiled, the fans are put into it for ten seconds.Then put half a spoonful of salt in the pan and simmer the clean spinach.

Immediately remove it in one minute, put the carrot wire in it, and remove it for about ten seconds.

5. Put the spinach that you just caught in the cold water, dry the water after the whole head beam, and then cut it.

6. Put all the ingredients into a pot, then pour some peanut rice, put a large amount of minced garlic and millet pepper, pour a spoonful of hot water, and fry the fragrance.Then put the adjusted juice in it and stir well.

Recommended dishes 2: Spinach and egg cake

Prepare ingredients: spinach, three eggs

1. Prepare a pot of ten water, add a little edible salt and edible oil after opening, then put the spinach into the water, remove the cold water, and then cut it into foaming.

2. Spring the two eggs, stir well in the edible salt, stir well, stir into a batter, and then put the spinach into it.

3. Because spinach contains a certain amount of water, during the stirring process, it can be well integrated with the batter, and there is no need to put excess water.

4. After adjusting, prepare a flat pot to brush the oil, pour the spinach batter that you just prepared into it, pave the eggs, and then apply it evenly. You need to put a small amount of salt in the eggs.

5. Turn it over one side after setting, and then cook it on both sides.

Recommended dish three: mushroom fried spinach

Prepare ingredients: mushrooms, spinach, green onion white slices, ginger slices, garlic slices, red dried pepper

1. Remove the prepared mushrooms, cut the mushroom head into two halves, and clean it with water.

2. Boil the water in the pot. After the water is boiled, put the mushrooms into the water and simmer the water. Remove it in about one minute. Then put it in cold water. After the cold water is passed, remove the water with your hand to squeeze the water.

3. Put the oil in the pan and get the onion, ginger, garlic and dried chili pepper into it, stir -fry the aroma in low heat, pour in the onion ginger, dried pepper, fry the flavor, pour the spinach into it, and fry the high heat.

4. After spinach is broken, put the mushrooms, pour the mushrooms, stir -fry the salt, oyster sauce, chicken powder and pepper, stir -fry evenly, add water starch, start the fire and start collecting the juice, collect the juiceAfter that, you can install it.

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