The Internet passed on "female employees worked overtime overnight to cause miscarriage". Is it a work injury?Is it worthwhile to work?

"Born to be a person, we are bloody and emotional life."


On June 28, a tweet was circulated on the Internet. The content showed that during the preparation time of a certain central enterprise company, a female employee worked for two consecutive nights regardless of the dissuasion.Essence

The screenshot of the article showed that the female employee was then taken to the hospital for medical insurance, but the fetus in the abdomen still did not keep it.

Source: Red Star News

According to reports, the company’s leaders also advised her to take a good rest while the female employee was in the hospital.However, female employees still can’t work.

Even if she was lying on the hospital bed, she was still anxious about her work.

The female employee asked her husband to send the bid to the hospital, and she was lying on the bed and the school trial.

Her husband helped hold the book, reviewed for an hour and half an hour, and modified multiple errors.

In the end, ensure that the project is opened on time and successfully won the bid, but the children in the belly failed to keep it.

Suspected a company tweet

Seeing such a job, netizens shouted "Inner Cross -ceiling".

A friend of the same post said, "The benchmark is larger than life, it can be understood." He said:

"Let me declare that we have a bid to make such an ratio. Just a bid is hundreds of millions. If we make a mistake, the abandonment will be passed in this life."

This is a bit exaggerated, but it can also see its importance.

However, many people do not buy it, saying that "although life is not easy, but not to be dead, let alone praise suffering!"

Someone asked: Is there a injury due to work due to work?

The lawyer said: In the working hours and the abortion of the workplace, the pregnant female workers need to confirm whether there is a causal relationship between the abortion and the performance of the work through medical appraisal.

According to the "Regulations on Work Injury Insurance", the working hours are aborted, and the following situations belong to work injuries:

1. In the company’s stipulated working hours and workplace, due to accidents at work, it is caused by accident damage;

2. Before and after working hours to prepare or end up in the workplace, it is caused by accident damage and abortion;

3. In the prescribed working hours and workplaces, abortion caused by accidents such as violence due to performance duties, due to occupational diseases, cause abortion;

4. During the work of work.Due to the damage or accidents caused by work reasons.

In this incident, although the work content of the female employee is within the prescribed work time, she voluntarily actively work overtime. In the hospital, the leader also arranged for her to rest with peace of mind.

Therefore, whether you can be a work injury, you have to be determined by professionals.

Dedicated?Or outrageous?Many people say they do not need such positive energy.

"She Xiaojia is for everyone"!The post -70s and post -80s generations are almost infiltrated in such news.

For example, dragging the disease to overcome the difficulties, his father died without a funeral, his wife did not accompany him, and his son was sick and ignored.It is a shortage of regrets to loved ones, but contributions to career.It seems to be understood as a unit and a sacrifice for career.

However, we are born with human life.Respecting parents and raising wives and children, this is a simple and simple truth!

Some people say that there is any way to live a better life.

Is it worthwhile to work?

Friends, how do you think of this?Can you understand this female employee’s approach?


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