The indigenous people by the sea teach you how to eat cool seafood in summer

In the season of eating seafood again in summer. As a seaside, what can teach you how to better choose high -quality seafood, and how to eat seafood in summer to cut less.

The best way to cook seafood is steamed?

That’s right, if you are a resident of inland areas, you must go to the beach to travel, or when you eat seafood at home, the most affordable is steamed seafood.Because steamed seafood does not seem to have any technical content at all, big crabs, throw the prawns into the pot, add some onion ginger and garlic, and leave the pan for 10 minutes.Nothing is added, it is completely comparable to the craftsmanship of spicy crayfish.

But as a native seaside person telling you, in fact, steamed seafood is the most commonly eaten by the beach.Why is it the best to eat steamed?First of all, the seafood that can be steamed generally represents that the seafood is very fresh. The fresh seafood cannot be steamed. The seafood is not fresh and there will be odor. Steaming cannot cover any taste.The most primitive taste, umami and sweetness, let you eat the true taste, so if you eat seafood in summer, I recommend you to try steaming.Don’t always be spicy and fried.

How to cook steamed seafood?If you do it at home, I recommend using home appliances such as steaming ovens to cook. The steaming oven baking sheet is large enough. You can put a lot of seafood at one time. It is easy to take care of it after the end.

Pay attention to fresh pickled seafood:

In summer, there is a type of person who especially likes to eat raw pickled seafood. This method of eating is called delicious poison. Although raw marinated seafood is unique, it does not mean that everyone can accept or be suitable for raw pickled seafood.

Whether it is homemade pickled seafood or buying raw pickled seafood, on the one hand, it is to confirm whether seafood is alive, and it is necessary to confirm whether seafood is suitable for raw food. Eat seafood should be processed in time to avoid secondary eating poisoning after not fresh.

If homemade pickled seafood, or storage raw pickled seafood, it is recommended to choose a refrigerator with a vacuum fresh -keeping function. This technology has a separate storage space in the refrigerator. The space not only keeps fresh at low temperature, but also has the effect of vacuum preservation.Ensure the freshness of seafood and reduce the risk of food poisoning.

It is best to buy seafood to check the price first:

For those who do not eat seafood often, they always think that seafood on the beach is very cheap. Like cabbage, it is eaten 100 per capita. In fact, we live on the beach. In fact, many seafoodMany people think that they often eat tens of dollars a pound by the sea.Over 100 per capita.At this time, some people feel that they are pitted, but they really have no pit.

Therefore, it is best to check the price on the Internet before buying seafood, or go to the seafood market to ask the price clearly. What seafood is optimistic about the prices of their own prices and which can be accepted, and which can be accepted.


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