The increase in leucorrhea is the signal of cervicitis?Experts answered questions for you

Cervicitis is one of the common gynecological diseases. As the name suggests, it is a disease of women’s cervix. Cervicitis is more common in women of childbearing age. Cervical damage and pathogen invasion, including inflammation of cervical vulva and cervical mucosal inflammation.Cervix is the key part of the primary primary of the genitalia to enter the upper reproductive tract, but the cervix itself is relatively weak, so cervicitis diseases are more common in life. So how to identify and prevent cervicitis?

Patients must clearly realize that cervicitis is not terrible. As long as you understand its symptoms and understand the cause of cervicitis, it can effectively prevent it.There are many factors that cause cervicitis. At present, these are the most important: frequent or unclean sexual life, habitual abortion, high concentration of acidic or alkaline washing fluid rinse vagina, foreign body in the vagina, and childbirth.Bacteria invade the cervix, causing cervicitis.

Cervicitis is divided into two types: acute cervicitis and chronic cervicitis. Acute cervicitis is mainly manifested as an increase in vaginal secretions and mucus purulent. Vaginal discharge stimulation can cause itching and burning sensation of the vulva.Generally, there are many patients with chronic cervicitis. They are mainly manifested in leucorrhea. They are sticky mucus or purulent mucus. Sometimes they can be accompanied by bloodshot or clip.Occasionally, the stimulation of the secretion causes itching discomfort in the vulva.

It is worth noting that chronic cervicitis can be asymptomatic. Sometimes the increase in leucorrhea is the only symptom. The color is pale yellow, sometimes with bloodshot or contact bleeding.Therefore, do not ignore it when this happens, and go to the hospital to check the condition in time.

Although cervicitis is a common disease of gynecology, the harm is not small. Chronic cervicitis can easily lead to infertility. When chronic cervicitis develops to the middle and severe conditions, the cervical alternate will increase significantly, sticky, and large amounts of white blood cells.At this time, it affects the sperm to reach the uterus through the vagina, which affects conception.In addition, deep stimulation of chronic cervicitis may also occur in deep stimulation, which can cause polyps, laceration, vertical, and cysts.

Regarding the increase in leucorrhea alone, it is still relatively one -sided for judging cervicitis. The correct approach is to go to a regular hospital for examination and treatment. It is recommended that married women should make cervical coating at least once a year.

In addition, patients with cervicitis should pay attention to sexual hygiene, eliminate extramarital sex and menstrual behavior, and effectively take contraceptive measures to avoid abortion and induction of labor cause cervical damage. After childbirth, cervix rupture should be sutured in time to avoid infection with the cervix.inflammation.After diagnosis of cervicitis, patients must actively cooperate with doctors for treatment, treat cervicitis as soon as possible, and restore a healthy life as soon as possible.

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