The husband witnessed the whole process with his own eyes. The newlywed pregnant woman was raped by four people for 8 hours.

2013, May 14.There was a terrible criminal case in Feixian, Shandong.There are two corpses in the cave, and the flesh is blurred, and even the complete bones cannot be found. During their lifetime, they must suffer from inhumane torture.The most hateful is the diagnosis of forensic doctors.The iron chain marks appeared on the neck of the male corpse, and the skull was hit by a crack.Forensic doctors speculate that the male corpse suffocated and died before his lifetime, and was crushed after death.What kind of psychological perverts are so cruel?

In a remote small countryside in Feixian, Shandong, there are often cases of theft.The culprit of theft is four young people, and people in the countryside will close their doors to avoid losses themselves.These people were looking for their goals, and found Sun Gang and Li Hong’s husband’s house. Because they were just married, many things were relatively new. These people had stolen this house before and took thousands of cash.The second theft seemed to be extremely skilled. First, cut the camera’s line. Seeing that there was a dog in the yard, knocked on the head of the dog with an iron stick.The dog fell instantly, and there was a blood stain in the yard.

Solve all obstacles.Following the smooth wall, there was a lifting of someone below and smoothly over the wall.Successfully entered the yard to turn the box and push the cabinet to seek the property you want.Some of them saw the wedding photos on the wall, and the beasts rose, and they wanted to have a cricket.And these little puzzles were closed, hiding in the dark and waiting for the couple’s arrival.

The boy was called Sun Gang as a chef at the local restaurant. After getting married, he went home to get a snack stall for his wife.The girl is Li Hong, a famous beauty in Shili and Eight Township. Those who come to the door before they get married can step on the threshold. The appearance is very sweet and beautiful.Li Hong looked down on those who came to relatives, but Sun Gang was like, and he fancy Sun Gang’s solidity.The two were very loving after getting married, and they became pregnant soon.In order to share the pressure for Sun Gang, even if you are pregnant, you will help do something that he can do.In the evening, the two were intended to go home after receiving the heart, and they were very happy on the road because they sold a few hundred dollars today.As everyone knows, there are four devils in the family waiting for two people.

His wife Li Hong opened the door first, and he did not know that four demons were waiting for them.Li Hong turned on the lamp in the room and saw four people standing in front of him holding a dagger, scaring his legs and fell directly to the ground.Her husband, Sun Gang, heard an abnormal noise in the room, and walked towards the room while shouting his wife, and saw four gangsters holding a dagger.As a man, Sun Gang understood that this was a robbery in the room.Pick up the wine bottle on the table and fight with the gangsters.When the gangsters saw Sun Gang picked up the bottle and raised the dagger, the five people were deadlocked. Sun Gang sent a person first and hit one of them with the wine bottle.But the defeat of the crowd eventually failed.Sun Gang understood that this group of people was undoubtedly for money, so he said what he wanted.The gangster found a bank card from the room, and came to Sun Gang, grabbing Sun Gang’s hair and asked the bank card password.Sun Gang stared at the gangster’s eyes and said he didn’t know.

The fierce gangsters understand that there is no useful value from Sun Gang’s mouth, including bank card passwords.This group of evil gangsters put the direction of the crime on his wife.

The gangsters smiled at Sun Gangxie, and then walked straight to his wife.And his wife was pregnant, and Sun Gang understood that this group of people was cruel and evil, and would definitely do something to his wife.Then he wanted to work hard to break free of restraint, and then rescued his wife. Sun Gang was desperate, but the uniforms of the two were powerless.The gangsters laughed at Sun Gang while walking towards the pregnant wife.Sun Gang saw the gangster first cursing. At this time, Sun Gang was very painful. Seeing his lover, his wife was hurt but powerless.Now you can only struggle the restraint of the gangsters, ask for mercy, and ask these gangsters to let themselves go.Gradually Sun Gang was exhausted in the break free of restraint and shouting.The brutal behavior of the gangsters has just begun.

The gangsters first tied their pregnant wives in their hands and feet, and then made a tool for crime, toothpick rope plastic bags.The brutal gangsters first hit the stomach of the pregnant woman with force, which was half an hour.At this time, the blood of his wife was full of this bedroom.It is a great probability that the children in the stomach can no longer be saved.Sun Gang kneeled down and begged for mercy, but at this time, the forgiveness seemed to be weak. The gangsters not only did not stop the criminal act, but trampled the man’s dignity on the ground.The gangsters do all of this more excitedly.Torture is to know that this is only a pregnant woman who is only three months pregnant.These brutal behaviors are just a foreplay, the most brutal is behind.Immediately after these people, they began to take turns sexual assault, and the sexual assaults of the four people have grown for several hours.After completing a few hours of sexual assault, his wife was lying in bed weakly.

I thought that these gangsters could leave, but the shameless gangsters asked Sun Gang to make meals and named it for red roasted meat.Of course, Sun Gang could not compromise, and after raising his wife, he threatened to eat braised pork.This is naked laughed at Sun Gang’s incompetence, but the four gangsters said, "We will leave after getting the bank card password after getting full and drinking." Will this group of gangsters really leave after eating and drinking?Is this group of people really credible?Sun Gang entered the kitchen and made the four people with braised pork. He also prepared beer and prayed for leaving his home.Credit is told to others. This group of brutal gangsters is not people at all, and does not talk about credit.The four gangsters forced Sun Gang to the pillar, and then Sun Gang watched the process of infringing his wife. At this time, Sun Gang was not as good as death, but he was powerless.Now Sun Gang had to slowly pray for the four gangsters to leave.

The four gangsters continued to invade their wives after eating and drinking.The painful sorrow echoed the entire room.Slowly wetting became hoarse, but the gangster didn’t mean to stop at all. At this time, his wife’s eyes were full of despair.The torture lasted for eight hours, and the sound of mourning and forgiveness lasted for eight hours.After all, Sun Gang and his wife thought that he would usher in his dawn, but he faced hell.The two gangsters took a total of 11,000 yuan with a bank card.After taking out the money, the group of gangsters chose to kill the couple. First, they took out a wire and tightened the two people around the neck because the strength of the two was too powerful to pull the wires.I saw a dog chain in the yard, and then wrapped the dog chain around the neck. The strength of the four people held the chain for up to ten minutes. Putting it in the position of the person, there was no breath before putting the chain.One of them was afraid that she would not die, and later found the hammer to smash the head.

It is even more cruel to his wife.Put your head directly holding the plastic bag, and the hands and feet are tied until he exhausted the last point of oxygen suffocation and died.The four gangsters refused to let go.Then they burned the cigarette butt to the bodies to dispel various abnormal behaviors.The picture is bloody.

Satisfied with the abnormal psychology of the four gangsters, he decided to throw a corpse to clean the scene.Learn to throw the corpse from the TV series.Find a place and throw the corpse here.Some soils and stones are buried on it.Sprinkle some dry soil around.Forge scene.Back to the scene, pack the sheets of the crime, and clean the floor by yourself.

This group of people think that they can be seamless, this is just the blind self -confidence of these people.Because a gangster was splashed with blood, he took off his pants and threw it to the scene of the corpse, but he forgot to take out the things in the pants.Attentive police found a minimum guarantee card from their pockets.Through the investigation, this subsistence allowance was an old man, and the old man had lost his ability to move.So the police investigated from the surroundings of this card.It was found in the survey that the son of this card owner disappeared.Police speculate that it is likely to be absconded.The police immediately deployed and arrested it at a bus station.After subsequent interrogation, the other three were arrested.

The biggest of these four gangsters is only 24 years old and the youngest is still a minor.In the good years of youth, it has embarked on the road of illegal crimes.We must be in the red line of the law and respect the law, not to challenge the law.

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