The house must brush the Thai drama, marriage first and then love, the farmer couple sweet pets can’t stop

Savadica, which is the Thai drama in February?Of course, "Imported Daughter -in -law" starring MIN and Mik, also known as "My Overbearing Bride".Another time I saw the name of the drama, I knew that Gao Tianhuan’s drama with a small words of Mary Su, who did not need to move, was really a must -have for home travel and relaxation. There was no way.Brush!

Mik played DON in the play, with rich rich second generation, inherited the farm left by his grandfather.But at the same time, there are additional conditions, because the male lead once had a ex -girlfriend who died, which led the male lead to close the heart.In order to let the male lead find happiness, the additional conditions are that the male lead must marry and have children within one year, otherwise the inheritance of the farm will be transferred to others.

MIN plays LISA in the play, with a little nerve, and the small and kind Bai Fumei inside the small pepper.On the parties of the school hegemony, on the part of graduation, I was so arrogant to buy all the drinks, but when I swipped the card, I learned that all their bank cards were frozen. His father owed debts. He fell from the cloud overnight and returned to Thailand’s house.

The united front of the male mother and the male and female girl began to worry about the male lead’s lifelong events.Coincidentally, because the heroine who was drunk at home, the female lead ran into the men’s toilet, and she met the male lead who was hiding from the relatives.People bully.

As a result, the male lead and the good person did it at the end, opened the room, and took care of the female lead gentleman. As a result, the female lead’s wine was not good.The male lead asked the aunt to take care of the heroine, and then left.

After the wine woke up, the heroine mistakenly thought that she was bullied by the male lead, and rushed to the male lead’s farm. When I saw the male lead not asking for three seven twenty -one, he kicked his feet, scratched when he got started, and shouted while shouting.To destroy the male lead, the scene is sweet and ambiguous.

Knowing that a girl was looking for the male lead and mother who came to find her son’s account, rushed in the happiness, and saw the heroine overjoyed.It turned out that the two had met for a long time. The male lead was snatched the bag while traveling abroad.

The male lead mother’s abacus hit the female lead.After learning that the hostess had debt, he led the bodyguard to play domineering and helped the female lead to solve the debt of 10 million baht. I hope that the heroine will consider marrying her son.

After being rejected by the son and the heroine, the heart was born, which made the kind heroine promise to marry the male lead.The rhythm of the plot was fast, and the two people in the first episode held a wedding.At the wedding, the female lead drank the wine as a thirst in front of the guest, and the male lead shocked his chin.

On the second day after marriage, the heroine asked the male lead to sign an unequal treaty.To pay yourself monthly, there is no touch except for public places, otherwise a fine of 80,000 baht is fined once.Facing the unequal treaty, the male lead started the process of training his wife, such as cleaning the cattle shed, cleaning the farm, etc., and the name of the name is my wife.Pets funny everyday.

The male lead’s poisonous tongue does not allow the female lead, and there is also a girlfriend who died between the two. In the later period, there are also farmers and couples ride bicycles to play dog food.The heroine’s high sweet drama, this drama is really pink bubbles, and it is super funny. You must chase it!

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