The hemorrhoids explosion during pregnancy, teach you five tricks difficulties

Xiaoyuan, 28, did not expect, because the inconspicuous hemorrhoids made her meet with the baby in the belly for 3 months in advance. It was surprise and worried.Originally, I knew that I had hemorrhoids, and because I had no symptoms in normal times, I didn’t pay much attention. After conceived the baby, the hemorrhoids began to work hard from time to time. Fortunately, the forbearance passed, but in JulyEggs are unbearable in the anal edge, and many methods are not effective. In the end, you can only choose surgery.The pain after surgery was quickly relieved, but the fetus was not kept, and the premature birth occurred.

First, why are pregnant women a high incidence of hemorrhoids?

The main reason is as follows:

1. Increase pelvic blood capacity.At 6 weeks of pregnancy, the circulation of the peripherals began to increase, and the increase in 32 weeks reached 1400ml.The blood flow of the pelvic cavity increased by about 25 %.

2. The role of sex hormones.E aogene and relaxin during pregnancy promote vascular dilation and tissue relaxation.Estrogen is 25-40 times higher than usual.Estrogen acts on the one hand on anal cushion estrogen receptor or flat muscle of the blood vessels, causing venous plexus to expand and congested.On the other hand, it acts on the smooth muscles of the intestinal wall, causing its relaxation, a decrease in peristalsis, and constipation.

3. Fetal compression.The uterus is located on the front of the rectum, and some people’s rectal compression of the rectum will affect the bowel movement.When the little guy in the uterus is getting bigger and bigger, the pressure on the rectum and the anus below the uterus is getting greater, and the local vein return will become more and more difficult.

If there is a hemorrhoids, almost all pregnant women will have different degrees of hemorrhoids to worsen or attack under these three reasons.

2. What are the hazards of hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

1. Strong pain

The occurrence of hemorrhoids in pregnant women refers to external hemorrhoid edema, or thrombosis or even embedded hemorrhoids. The pain is severe and difficult to bear.The continuous stimulation of pain may cause abortion in the early stage, and premature birth may occur in the later stage.

2. Continuous bleeding

Seriously cause anemia.It may cause fetal malnutrition and other diseases.

3. Rehabilitation difficulty

You cannot use the right medicine, the pelvic pressure is too large, and the recovery will be very slow.

Third, what are the taboos of hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

1. Avoid spicy food and drinking.Capsuzone and alcohol are the most important chemicals that induce hemorrhoids.

2, diarrhea, constipation and cough should be treated in time.

3. Reasonable selection.Many hemorrhoid drugs contain ingredients that may affect the development of the fetus. In the instructions, it should be avoided in the description of the disable or use of pregnant women.

4. Careful surgery.The fear of surgery and tension, the pain of the during the operation and postoperative defecation can cause abortion of the fetus.Therefore, the hemorrhoids of pregnant women generally have to consider surgical treatment without considering surgery.

4. What should I do if I have hemorrhoids?

1. Take a bath in warm water to reduce exercise and lie flat

This may be the best "prescription" for treating hemorrhoids in pregnant women, although there is no medicine.Take a bath 1 or 2 times a day, 2 to 3 minutes each time.If the month is too big and the squat is difficult, you can lie on the side.

2. Prevention and treatment constipation

Lactan and Kaisalu are the best powerful weapons.Cructer is used for dry stools and no kind, and Kaisu cannot be discharged.

3. Choose safety drugs

Mai Zhi Ling is a plant extract, which is relatively safe, which can improve microcirculation and swelling and pain.Golden ointment has a very good effect on exterior painting, all of which are Chinese medicine components, and external effects have a small impact on the fetus.Compound glue acid lipids can stop bleeding.

4. Traditional Chinese medicine sitting bath

Gangue Sophisticated 30g, 30g of cork, 15g of alum, 15g of dried lotus leaves, 5g of peppercorns, 10g of salt, fried water, once a day, 3 to 5 minutes each time.

5. Surgery

For severe hemorrhage or large thrombosis or incarceration hemorrhoids.If spray bleeding occurs, it can be treated with hardening agent.Thromes can be stripped.The choice of surgery follows the problem, the surgical time is short, and the trauma is small.

In daily life, how should women who are pregnant and women during pregnancy prevent hemorrhoids?

For women who are preparing for pregnancy, if they have had symptoms of hemorrhoids before, they should go to the hospital for examination to evaluate whether the hemorrhoids need to be treated before pregnancy.

The following measures should be taken to prevent.Don’t read books during your stools, don’t squat for a long time or too hard.Eat more vegetables and fruits to prevent constipation.Avoid sedentary, standing for a long time, and long -term.Time to treat inflammation around the intestinal and anus.Avoid the intake of excessive pepper and alcohol, sit in warm water, change the underwear frequently.Do anal health exercises and self -massage.Then wash the anus once, then press the tip of your right finger to press the anus edge, gently push the anus up, and shrink the anus at the same time, and then relax, so repeat 30 times.You can also do anal lifting exercise for half an hour daily or rub the anus directly with your index finger.

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