The heart is really big!The man was drunk with a pregnant wife?Intersection

For a while

Do you find it when everyone goes out

On the main sections of urban areas and rural areas

The police lights flickered, and many traffic police are gathered on the road

There seems to be a big deal to happen!


Traffic police Shu Ji is carried out

Hundred days of summer rectification

Exposure table

At 22 pm on July 23, when the Yangshan Traffic Police launched a rectification operation on Jiangbin Road, it was inspected and found that a small passenger car driver’s face was flushed with alcohol.100ml, belongs to the driving after alcohol.Surprisingly, the driver of the drunk driver actually carried a pregnant wife on the car!

It is understood that the driver just accompanied his wife back to his mother’s family to visit relatives. He drank two glasses of beer when he was happy during the meeting. He felt that he was clear and sober, and would not affect the driver.The traffic police was found on the way.

Police on duty were punished by a driver’s license for 12 points for the illegal act of driving the driver after drinking the driver.

At 11:00 pm on July 25, when the Foan Traffic Police set up a card check in the Xiakeng section of Longnan, the provincial Highway 252, he found that a car suddenly stagnated when he was close to the vehicle point.The duty staff immediately stepped forward and stopped, and then conducted the driver of the car, Chen Mou’s exhalation of alcohol test. The test results were 55mg/100ml, which was driving after alcohol.

According to Chen’s self -report, he dinner with the employees in the county seat that night, and drank two bottles of beer during the period.After the wine was full, he found the driver for the employees, but he was lucky to drive on the road. He didn’t expect to meet the traffic police.

Police on duty were punished by a driver’s license for 12 points and a fine of 2,000 yuan for the illegal act of driving after the drunk driving.

On the evening of July 25, when the fresh traffic police launched a night investigation operation in the section of the Budikeng Village Committee in Sankeng Town, they found that a two -wheeled motorcycle driver who did not wear a safety helmet was not wearing a safety helmet.Test, the test results are 41mg/100ml, which is driving after alcohol.

It is understood that at 19 o’clock that night, the driver Li had drank a cup of half of about 150 ml of bulk rice wine at home alone at home. He felt very sober and facilitated to drive out at 21:00 that night. Unexpectedly, he was seized by the police officer.After further inspection, it was found that Li did not obtain a motor vehicle driving license and was driving without a license.

Police on duty were punished by a two -wheeled motorcycle with a second -wheeled motorcycle that drove without a license, drunk driving, and driving the driver’s unlicensed motor vehicle sign.

Shu Yan emphasized again

Drive without drinking, drinking and not driving

This is not only a slogan, but also an iron law!

In order to prevent traffic accidents in summer drunk driving and enhance the awareness of driving for safety after drinking, the Fogang Traffic Police entered the barbecue stalls and restaurants in the area to carry out refusal to promote drunk driving publicity.

Propaganda police, according to the case of the real alcohol accident in the jurisdiction, explain the hazards of driving to the catering operator in detail, ask the operator to remind guests to not drive a motor vehicle after drinking, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of traffic violations of driving after alcohol.Life and property are safe, and posted "Refusing Drunk Driving" publicity posters in obvious positions.

Traffic police reminder

Please do not think about trying the way to try the way

Consciously abide by traffic regulations

Safe and civilized travel

Work together to create a safe and unobstructed traffic environment

△ Source: Traffic Administration of the Ministry of Public Security

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