The HCG value is doubled. There are brown secretions at 7 weeks of pregnancy. Is it a warning?So scared, can children still be kept?

The last time the aunt was on the 25th. This time it should be on the 23rd. After waiting for a week, my aunt still did not come to report. Usually my aunt’s special law was never on time!So I came to the hospital with her husband, measured the urine, and the report showed positive. I repeatedly confirmed to the doctor that they were pregnant, and told us to review it one week later.

I am very happy. After all, I have been married for two years, and I finally have my own baby. I am really happy.Thanks to the doctor, after getting out of the hospital, my husband hurriedly called the family to report the goodbye, and then it was immersed in the joy of happiness a week later!

But today I guess I guess, I was stupid, progesterone 50, HCG297.The doctor said that the data was not good, and two days later came to see the double situation of HCG.However, don’t worry too much, progesterone data does not have much to do with high or low. As long as the situation is good, the baby is okay!

Nowadays, my heart is full of worry and worry. My husband is comforting me. Don’t think about it. These two days will be good at resting, and the data will definitely get better. Our baby is not so fragile!

I spent two days trembling for two days, this time HCG528, looking at this not high value, I have some uneasiness.Sure enough, the doctor just said the report just: It’s not good. After 24 hours, come to see the situation again. By the way, do the B -ultrasound and confirm whether it is an ectopic pregnancy.

On the way home, my heart seemed to be tied with a heavy stone to make me breathless. My husband kept talking to me and wanted to disperse my attention.I have never believed in God and Buddha, but this time I have been silently praying in my heart, from Guanyin to Buddha, from the West to the East, all I know Da Luo gods have been thought to me hundreds of times one by one, I hope they can bless my babyThere is nothing to do, I really don’t want to lose her.

After 24 hours of torment, it may be compassionate, and HCG turned into 2278, and Yin Chao also ruled out the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.My husband and I are so happy. The doctor still said faintly: "If there is abdominal pain, bleed, immediately seek medical treatment, wait for the precautions. At 8 weeks, come to see the fetal heart buds."

But today I found that there are brown secretions in the toilet, so scared. What is going on?Is this a threatened abortion?Can my child still be kept?

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