The harm of ejaculation in vitro, clear

Today is Valentine’s Day. Let’s talk about a shy topic.Not much to say, cut into the topic.

Many people choose the way "Endogenesis".In this way, contraception is not reliable, and it hurts the body.


In vitro ejaculation, as the name suggests, in sexual life, when ejaculation is about to ejaculate, artificial interruptions are made, and semen is ejaculated to a way of partner.

In this way, the contraceptive failure rate is high. There are two reasons. We know that when ejaculation occurs at the orgasm, before that, it is necessary to make artificial interrupt sexual intercourse. In this most critical sprint stage, men may not be able to control themselves;

Furthermore, in the process of sexual intercourse, due to sexual excitement, a small part of the semen will flow into the vagina with the contraction of the vollarization tube. Although the semen is small, it contains high vitality sperm and is easy to conceive.


Speaking of this,

We realize,

In this event,

There are always some small machines to create "surprises" inadvertently,

Make you caught off guard, regret it!

So, it is painful,

If you decide to go back, choose to use a condom,

After all, people are currently high -permeasia and the most convenient way for contraception.

This sad story is the beginning. Endogenesis is not only unable to succeed in contraception, but it will also harm the male body, and even affect its partner.

Pick up the small bench and sit in the front row

Listen to me

Endogencousness hazards


Ejaculation dysfunction

The whole process of sex life is a series of tense and orderly chain reactions of the male reproductive system and multiple system organs throughout the body. In vitro ejaculation needs to suddenly interrupt sex, men cannot sprint in the vagina, and the original smooth chain reaction is forced to interrupt, Men’s cortex and lumbosacral ejaculation center function disorders occur. In the long run, there may be dysfunctional dysfunction, such as retrograde ejaculation, no ejaculation, premature ejaculation, etc.


Reduction orgasm feel reduced

The psychological and physiological stimulus in sexual activities will cause a series of physiological reactions, especially when there will be mental tension, accelerated heartbeat, and increased blood pressure when climax is approaching.Even a negative impact on psychology, so it is prone to occur in sexual weakness and may have reduced or lack of orgasm feelings.

In addition, at the level of sexual reactions, men and women are different, and women’s reactions are relatively slow. At this time, interrupt sexual intercourse, the woman may not have sexual satisfaction, which may cause sexual life discord and affect the relationship between husband and wife.

In vitro radio essence, it is possible to trigger male "tolerance without ejaculation". Over time, long -term congestion of sexual organs cannot be ejaculated in time, which will make the seminal vesicles extensive and continuously congested and slower.Can induce seminal vesiculitis and prostatitis.

Since there are so many influences, we must resolutely say NO to "in vitro ejaculation". If the above -mentioned relevant situation occurs, do not panic, go to a regular hospital orrology or urology in time.

At the same time, pay attention to a healthy diet, exercise properly, and maintain a good mentality. I believe that the condition will soon improve.

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