The harm caused by the flow of people is far from what you think

Red Net Moment News August 16th (correspondent Jiang Yan) was pregnant again. The wheat (pseudonym) concealed his parents and came to this remote clinic for the third time.When the wheat is officially married and prepares, she finds that it seems that she can’t be pregnant.

Stories like "wheat" are actually staged every day. In fact, most women who have abortion surgery are helpless. Some women do not conduct scientific and effective contraception, or shame to consult the hospital for consultation.When you have to say goodbye to the small life, how to choose a safe and effective way of people is the most concerned on everyone.

Although the abortion surgery is not long, the damage and risks it may encounter require the need to avoid the most of the diagnosis and treatment with its standardized diagnosis and treatment.

1. The irregular flow surgery is endless after surgery. Here we draw the points for all women:

Be sure to choose a regular hospital;

The reason why we choose a regular hospital and a qualified doctor is because the painless abortion has certain requirements for anesthesia and doctors.

Painless abortion requires systemic venous anesthesia, so "painless" will also face risks. Choosing a professional anesthesiologist and hospitals with emergency response ability will be safer.

2. Choose a qualified doctor for surgical operations;

Painless abortion is not every doctor who can do it.State regulations must have a high -age attending physician and above titles to perform abortion surgery.The situation in the palace through the B -ultrasound during the operation can effectively reduce the chance of the sequelae of the surgery.

3. Preoperative examination should be done, and you must keep in mind.

Accidental pregnancy will not only cause psychological pressure and economic losses to patients, but more importantly, seriously affect women’s reproductive health, reduce women’s reproductive function, and even cause infertility.

In this regard, Hunan Women’s and Children’s Hospital formally implemented PAC (post -abortion care) public welfare projects, helping women to increase scientific contraceptive knowledge through popular science and education, and reduce the rate of repetitive accidents.

At present, 12 professional nurses have been certified by PAC consultants in the hospital. Before conducting pre -operation examination, they will use one -to -one consultation to help analyze the causes of accidental pregnancy and take correct and efficient contraceptive measures after guidance.I hope that everyone will understand the correct contraceptive method. Do n’t have a chance. Boys must also be responsible for their partners. If there is no need for pregnancy, we must take contraceptive measures.

Spacious and bright gynecological clinic.

What is the painless abortion at Strawberry Hospital?The entire surgery includes disinfection and anesthesia, with a process of about 20-30 minutes.After the surgery, the nurse was returned to the separate postoperative recovery room with a wheelchair, and uterine recovery treatment was performed in time.It will also provide postoperative conditioning meals. It will be fully recovered by anesthesia to ensure that there is no discomfort to leave the hospital.

The inevitable flow of abortion surgery will cause some harm to the body, and painlessness does not mean no harm.In order to minimize the damage, it is necessary to pay attention to the conditioning after surgery to help the body better recover.To this end, Strawberry Hospital will provide two old uterine recovery services in the future to help the uterus recover as early as the beginning.

"People flow today, work tomorrow" and "I will finish lying at home for two days".After abortion, the endometrium will last for 1-2 weeks of vaginal bleeding. If you do not pay attention, it may cause inflammation of various reproductive systems such as endometritis and fallopian tubeitis.If it is an irregular surgical operation, it is more likely to bring serious consequences, such as uterine cavity adhesion, menstrual disorders, infertility, ovarian dysfunction and other problems.

What are the precautions after abortion surgery?

1. Pay attention to rest and personal hygiene;

2. Adjust your diet, strengthen nutritional intake, and supplement high protein and vitamins;

3. Ban sexual life before menstruation is clean;

4. Pay attention to the recovery of the uterus to prevent the uterus from recovering the old and bad.

In this regard, Hunan Women’s and Children’s Hospital will regulate the body around postoperative cultivation, postoperative rehabilitation treatment, postoperative nutritional diet conditioning, and use traditional Chinese medicine and other professional knowledge to help recover.There are also services such as postoperative medical beauty, postoperative small confinement, surgical expert name, and nutrition package upgrade to meet personalized needs.

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